2017 BC Cup round 7 - Stevie Smith Memorial Race at Mt Washington, BC

(2017 Dunbar Cycles Summer Series, Round 4)

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

26 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st17Mark WALLACE 10008172636Duncan, BC3:25.881-
bookmark2nd8Matthew BEER 10006941140North Vancouver, BC3:31.5725.69s
bookmark3rd10Garrett MACINTOSH Calgary, AB3:38.97313.09s
 4th24Mckay VEZINA Newbury Park, CA, USA3:40.14414.26s
 5th5Rhys ELLIS 10014599187Whistler, BCZEP Racing3:40.78514.90s
 6th18Yoann BARELLI Whistler, BC3:42.88617.00s
 7th4Braeden ONCIUL 10012665655Rossland, BCWreckless Racing3:43.10717.22s
 8th25Jake INNES 10059570007Victoria, BCMarty's Mountain Cycle3:43.16817.28s
 9th1Chris KOVARIK 10003840473Whistler, BC3:45.83919.95s
 10th20Henry FITZGERALD 10009831033West Vancouver, BCNORCO Factory Racing3:48.651022.77s
 11th15Nic RODGERS 10009644410Cobble Hill, BC3:50.261124.38s
 12th26Daniel SHAW North Vancouver, BC3:50.461224.58s
 13th9Ken FAUBERT 10010036955Coquitlam, BCDunbar Cycles3:50.891325.01s
 14th2Brandon DOUGLAS 10060599924Williams Lake, BC3:52.081426.20s
 15th11Anthony EVANS 10013006569Peachland, BCSovereign Cycle3:53.321527.44s
 16th3Adam WOODHOUSE 10010037359Anmore, BCC4 Norco Racing3:57.041631.16s
 17th22Dean TENNANT 10005881012Victoria, BCDunbar Cycles3:58.661732.78s
 18th6Levi HARAPNUIK 10014599692North Vancouver, BC4:09.841843.96s
 19th23Dakota BOYER Calgary, ABZEP Racing4:10.161944.28s
 20th19Trevor THEW 10013161971Duncan, BCDunbar Cycles4:10.542044.66s
 21st12Jayden GISBORNE 10059974474Ladysmith, BC4:13.152147.27s
 22nd29Cory BRUNELLE Williams Lake, BCRed Shreds4:14.462248.58s
 23rd16Hayden GENOUD Calgary, ABDerailed Sports / KHMR4:15.622349.74s
 24th14Reid WESTREN Calgary, ABgraviti driven / Intense4:28.55241:02.67
 13Cody MACARTHUR 10003901707Duncan, BCDunbar CyclesDNS
 21Ali CHAPPLE 10059679434Chilliwack, BCFVMBADNS

UCI: 13-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

19 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st92Jack LINNELL 10063492746Pemberton, BC4:34.281-
bookmark2nd96Haydyn WYNTER 10062991275Squamish, BC4:39.3125.03s
bookmark3rd84Ben CASWELL 10061913060North Vancouver, BCC4 Norco Racing4:42.8838.60s
 4th91Ian LEHTON 10051998347Courtenay, BCTrail Bicycles4:49.22414.94s
 5th82Aiden GREANYA 10058475119Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING4:50.45516.17s
 6th94Chance MOORE 10063586615Langley, BC4:53.88619.60s
 7th89Jackson GOLDSTONE 10053812449Squamish, BC4:55.15720.87s
 8th88John GALBRAITH 10052132935Langley, BCEscape Velocity PB Fortius4:57.99823.71s
 9th86Samuell ENGLISH 10065283913Pemberton, BC5:09.91935.63s
 10th90Connor HALLAS 10055351012Sooke, BC5:17.751043.47s
 11th99Taylor MUNDEN 10059413086Kamloops, BC5:17.951143.67s
 12th87Grady FOCHUK 10063452128150 Mile House, BC5:27.191252.91s
 13th93Kian MERRINGER 10062159806Rossland, BC5:27.921353.64s
 14th97Luke FRY 10065933712Fort Langley, BC5:47.11141:12.83
 15th83Aidan BORTHWICK 10059194636Delta, BCC4 Norco Racing6:04.95151:30.67
 16th98Emlyn PACHOLUK Duncan, BC6:46.53162:12.25
 95Jacob WING 10058578189St. Albert, ABDRIFT RACINGDNS
 85Ryder EAGLETON 10063098985Rossland, BCDNS
 81Hayden ZABLOTNY 10063636428Vernon, BCSilver Star Bike ParkDNS

UCI: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st158Mark ALLISON New Westminster, BC4:14.881-
bookmark2nd150Caleb HARAPNUIK 10016173116North Vancouver, BC4:24.96210.08s
bookmark3rd159Brandon JOHNSON 10060645794Campbell River, BC4:36.07321.19s
 4th157Nicholas BARREAU 10063651784Brackendale, BCOTC Racing4:46.05431.17s
 5th153Aurelien PROSPER Squamish, BC4:46.32531.44s
 6th69Abdellaziz ZOUAOUI Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles4:52.99638.11s
 7th151Josh DE LA SALLE ° 10039950832Whitehorse, YT4:53.80738.92s
 8th152Leo BRANDROLD 10062703915Squamish, BC5:05.67850.79s
 9th154Sebastian BANNEWITZ Nanaimo, BCRC Germania Weibenburg5:06.56951.68s
 10th156Cameron HALLIDAY 10062468485Fort Langley, BC5:07.431052.55s
 11th155Cam QUADRELLI 10015305166Langley, BC5:21.26111:06.38

° Rider racing out of category

UCI: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st182Jeff BEESTON (end) Courtenay, BCTrail Bicycles4:15.391-
bookmark2nd183Ash SOUTHERN 10063641983Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing4:23.6728.28s
bookmark3rd181Greg FRANSON 10053140725New Westminster, BC4:54.22338.83s

UCI: 40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st161Arden GREANYA 10058475018Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING4:40.971-
bookmark2nd164Tim SEAWARD 10062075839Williams Lake, BCTeam Darkhorse4:44.3923.42s
bookmark3rd165Kevin FOWLIE 10059701662Port Moody, BCRippers Lounge Racing4:47.7136.74s
 4th162Colin YARROW 10063252266North Vancouver, BCTeam Darkhorse4:48.9247.95s
 5th163Darren LARSON 10055646961Port Moody, BCRippers Lounge Racing4:54.82513.85s
 6th167Brett CARELS 10048444915Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing6:17.3661:36.39
 7Rob VENABLES 10008874268Vancouver, BCDunbar CyclesDNS
 168Dave PFAFFENBERGER 10040387649Victoria, BCDNS
 166Ryan KUHN 10061987327Rossland, BCDNS

UCI: 50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st190Don VAN EESTEREN Brackendale, BCRippers Lounge Racing4:23.681-
bookmark2nd193Michael MOONEY 10060952154North Vancouver, BCTeam Darkhorse4:49.60225.92s
bookmark3rd192Pete ZABLOTNY 10004330729Vernon, BCSilver Star Bike Park4:55.65331.97s
 4th191John NIHSNER 10059414096Golden, BC4:56.29432.61s
 194Mike WALLACE 10054994637North Vancouver, BCDNS

Expert: 15-16 boys  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st67Lucas CRUZ 19951902761Pemberton, BC3:40.691-
bookmark2nd71Ethan SHANDRO North Vancouver, BCTrek BC Devo3:53.41212.72s
bookmark3rd65Justin CLEMENTS 10058463294Calgary, ABCalgary Cycle / DRIFT RACING4:01.03320.34s
 4th70Neve ABRAHAM 10051735740Pemberton, BCStrand Training Development Team4:04.68423.99s
 5th73Emmett HANCOCK 10063652693Kelowna, BC4:24.79544.10s
 6th72Logan MERRINGER 10062159705Rossland, BC4:30.77650.08s
 7th68Dylan FYSH 10051467675Cochrane, AB4:36.23755.54s
 8th66Seth SHERLOCK 10050754929Whistler, BC6:41.6783:00.98

Expert: 17-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st39Kendall MCLEAN 10058887064Victoria, BC3:45.691-
bookmark2nd44Ben WALLACE 10054994738Whistler, BC3:48.7523.06s
bookmark3rd40Jacob STEFIUK 10011238240North Vancouver, BCC4 Norco Racing3:50.8735.18s
 4th36Keegan FRY 10059879902Rossland, BCInstinct Killer Ski Co.4:00.11414.42s
 5th38John WALKER 10011238139Duncan, BC4:02.82517.13s
 6th37Josh DZIWENKA 10016173621Victoria, BC4:04.04618.35s
 7th43Joshua FULTZ-VEINOTTE Canmore, AB4:15.98730.29s
 8th42Cole MOONEY 10016173318North Vancouver, BC4:16.77831.08s
 9th41Daniel FROESE 10058769553North Vancouver, BCC4 Norco Racing4:27.26941.57s
 10th47Spencer COLETTI 10063693719Prince George, BC4:45.561059.87s
 11th45Ewan MACKAY UK7:35.52113:49.83
 48Ruben GUIBERT 10051735942Mount Currie, BCDNF

Sport: 15-16 boys  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st112Patrick LAFFEY 10061031812Qualicum Beach, BC4:30.141-
bookmark2nd111Colton SEAWARD 10062076041Williams Lake, BCTeam Darkhorse5:01.20231.06s
bookmark3rd117Devon FABIO 10054708081Port Moody, BCC4 Norco Racing5:08.55338.41s
 4th122Gavin LAROCQUE Redwood Meadows, AB5:18.82448.68s
 5th116Kahleb BOSSON Grande Cache, AB5:22.92552.78s
 6th115Jack SABO 10063522250Castlegar, BC5:23.72653.58s
 7th119Alexander CHA (1) Calgary, AB5:30.5871:00.44
 8th118Finn MANN 10065317154Vancouver, BC5:50.0081:19.86
 9th121Levi WHITMAN 10063961881Kamloops, BCDistrict Bicycle Company5:59.7191:29.57
 10th113Graham ZASTRE 10064732730Richmond, BCC4 Norco Racing6:17.64101:47.50
 11th110Noah BLAIR 10060710866Victoria, BC7:49.78113:19.64
 114Steven MEIER 10054342212Langley, BCDNS
 120Marco AUFSCHNAITER 10062926106Blue River, BCDNS

Sport: 17-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st136Felix ABRAHAM 10051735841Pemberton, BCStrand Training Development Team4:10.111-
bookmark2nd130Zemery FOSTER 10055848641Whistler, BCZEP Racing4:24.82214.71s
bookmark3rd139Jacob MURRAY 10060303466Brackendale, BC4:32.22322.11s
 4th134Wilson THOMPSON 10054370908Williams Lake, BC4:45.47435.36s
 5th137Rylan DYCK Calgary, ABRMCC4:59.98549.87s
 6th133Steven BOBYN 10063653303Kelowna, BC5:04.23654.12s
 7th132Sam HOWE Jasper, ABZEP Racing5:05.35755.24s
 8th131Aaron SIXSMITH 19959714493Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING5:11.0181:00.90
 9th138Brayden STAFFORD 10063513863Prince George, BC5:19.8591:09.74
 10th135Mason SEAWARD 10062075940Williams Lake, BC5:28.52101:18.41
 140Connor HAGGARTY 10062991477Kamloops, BCDNS

13-16 boys  dialpad Finish spread

10 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st226Cole STINSON Black Creek, BC5:09.761-
bookmark2nd233Calum BARR Courtenay, BC5:19.6029.84s
bookmark3rd230Jason KLOPFSTEIN Surrey, BC5:41.59331.83s
 4th228Kyle MITCHELL Powell River, BC6:25.2441:15.48
 5th234Logan MCMULLEN Comox, BC6:31.0351:21.27
 6th227Felix RAUH Courtenay, BC6:32.3161:22.55
 7th231Elijah BARRON Cobble Hill, BC8:28.6473:18.88
 232Connor NETTLETON Comox, BCDNS
 229Nicolas TRESSEL Courtenay, BCDNS
 242Elijah KRAUSE Richmond, BCDNS

17-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

24 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st212Harry ARMSTRONG Squamish, BC4:03.001-
bookmark2nd205Spencer WIGHT Whistler, BC4:11.4028.40s
bookmark3rd197Jeff ANDERSON Nanaimo, BC4:32.98329.98s
 4th201Colin THOMSON Victoria, BC4:42.01439.01s
 5th206Nicola LACHOWSKI Brussels, Belgium4:43.07540.07s
 6th199Grant LESTOCK-KAY Victoria, BCCowichan Cycles4:44.29641.29s
 7th207James ROLFE Duncan, BC4:45.92742.92s
 8th219Keegan HOLME Victoria, BC4:47.99844.99s
 9th202Spencer HARTLAND Comox, BC4:48.98945.98s
 10th213Nicholas BOHLE North Vancouver, BC4:49.371046.37s
 11th203Jordan ROMANIUK North Vancouver, BC5:05.42111:02.42
 12th200Peter TONGUE Courtenay, BCMount Washington Lift Ops5:10.87121:07.87
 13th210Anthony KING (u30) High River, ABRidleys Cycle5:23.36131:20.36
 14th208Braeden CAPNERHURST Nanaimo, BC5:37.86141:34.86
 15th215Sheldon BRUNT Parksville, BC5:47.88151:44.88
 16th220Tyson GOEBEL Campbell River, BC5:49.82161:46.82
 17th214Sebastian LANGMANN Courtenay, BCMountain City Cycles6:23.32172:20.32
 18th204Joe WARAWA West Vancouver, BC6:26.17182:23.17
 19th216Owen STEVENS Comox, BC7:12.53193:09.53
 20th198Mike ANDERSON Nanaimo, BC10:04.51206:01.51
 217Marcello MARTELLA Nanoose Bay, BCDNS
 209Jeff AUSTIN Victoria, BCDNS
 211Colton DAVIES Victoria, BCDNS
 218Noah MA Williams Lake, BCDNS

30+ men  dialpad Finish spread

10 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st259Ken DOSKOTCH Vancouver, BC4:35.001-
bookmark2nd252Louis MADDIFORD Ucluelet, BC4:50.69215.69s
bookmark3rd258Mark GLIEGE Sooke, BC4:50.89315.89s
 4th250Charles RENAUD-ROY Whistler, BCZEP Racing5:03.72428.72s
 5th251Zac SMITH West Vancouver, BC5:43.6551:08.65
 6th260Tom PIETROWSKI Whistler, BC6:26.1861:51.18
 7th255Steve WONG Vancouver, BC7:05.8972:30.89
 254Chris VATER Nanaimo, BCDNS
 253Andrew MITCHELL Victoria, BCDunbar CyclesDNS
 256Darren BEARCLAW BCRed BullDNS

Pre-runner men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st298Jon MOZELL 10059048934North Vancouver, BC5:16.831-
bookmark2nd297Henry SHERRY Victoria, BCNolan Riding / Trek Pro City Racing5:24.1527.32s
bookmark3rd296Tegan CRUZ 10051476062Pemberton, BC6:00.35343.52s
 299Dylan MARINO Whistler, BCDNS



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st32Claire BUCHAR 10003378109Whistler, BC4:31.751-
bookmark2nd34Georgia ASTLE 10010032758Whistler, BCKovarik Racing / MEC4:50.72218.97s
bookmark3rd33Laurie CITYNSKI 10063162643Vancouver, BC5:16.73344.98s
 4th31Stephanie DENROCHE 10010899851Whistler, BCZEP Racing5:30.84459.09s

UCI: 15-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st55Piper ALLMAN 10060293463Whistler, BC4:56.391-
bookmark2nd60Aleda TORONITZ 10055352123Brentwood Bay, BC5:08.20211.81s
bookmark3rd59Gabby KEEN 10059846556Port Moody, BC5:32.81336.42s
 4th56Bailey GOLDSTONE 10053812348Squamish, BC5:36.33439.94s
 5th57Madison SKRYPNEK Calgary, ABZEP Racing6:40.6151:44.22
 6th58Samara KUHN 10061987226Rossland, BC7:02.6862:06.29

UCI: 30+ women

1 competitor found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st185Caroline ROUSSELLE 10063460010Rossland, BC5:45.581-

17-29 women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st225Christine LYNCH Nanaimo, BC6:03.971-
bookmark2nd221Ash KELLY Vancouver, BC7:08.4221:04.45

30+ women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found
PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
bookmark1st262Leanne JOHNSTON North Vancouver, BCD & O Suspension6:47.541-
bookmark2nd261Tia STEELE Parksville, BC8:30.7021:43.16
Leatt DBX 4.0 helmet
Leatt DBX 4.0 helmet
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