iXS DH at Rotorua

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

62 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st16Jack MOIR 2:55.61-
emoji_events2nd3Mick HANNAH 2:58.022.4s
emoji_events3rd19Elliot JACKSON 2:58.432.8s
 4th5Bernard KERR 2:59.043.4s
 5th11Joe SMITH (elt) 2:59.353.7s
 6th1Troy BROSNAN 3:00.064.4s
 7th51Austin WARREN 3:00.675.0s
 8th24Keegan WRIGHT 3:01.786.1s
 9th10Mark WALLACE 3:01.996.3s
 10th6Brendan FAIRCLOUGH 3:02.1106.5s
 11th4Laurie GREENLAND 3:03.0117.4s
 12th26Charlie HARRISON 3:03.3127.7s
 13th21Dean LUCAS 3:03.9138.3s
 14th9Marcelo GUTIÉRREZ VILLEGAS 3:04.0148.4s
 15th2Loïc BRUNI 3:04.1158.5s
 16th79Peter BETHELL 3:04.2168.6s
 17th15David TRUMMER 3:05.4179.8s
 18th22Fabien BAREL 3:06.51810.9s
 19th78Jake NEWELL 3:06.61911.0s
 20th27Oliver ZWAR 3:07.12011.5s
 21st41Cole LUCAS 3:07.22111.6s
 22nd7George BRANNIGAN 3:07.82212.2s
 23rd8Brook MACDONALD 3:08.52312.9s
 24th38Jackson FREW 3:10.32414.7s
 25th34Louis HAMILTON 3:10.42514.8s
 26th80Jack HUMPHRIES 3:10.52614.9s
 26th32Dakotah NORTON 3:10.52614.9s
 28th103Jimi RAMSAY 3:10.82815.2s
 29th42Remy MORTON 3:11.22915.6s
 30th76Kieran BENNETT 3:11.33015.7s
 31st28Reece WILSON 3:13.73118.1s
 32nd43Allan COOKE 3:15.73220.1s
 32nd82Joel TUNBRIDGE 3:15.73220.1s
 34th40Henry FITZGERALD 3:17.33421.7s
 35th37Sean MCCARROLL 3:17.83522.2s
 36th12Rupert CHAPMAN 3:18.93623.3s
 37th84Matt LAWTON 3:24.23728.6s
 38th33Mitch ROPELATO 3:24.33828.7s
 40th29Kiran MACKINNON 3:24.74029.1s
 41st93Julian STEINER 3:25.14129.5s
 42nd107Sky DUNN-SARVIS 3:27.54231.9s
 43rd91Temarii BUILLARD 3:27.84332.2s
 44th108Craig MUNRO 3:30.44434.8s
 45th99Pascal ENGEL 3:32.34536.7s
 46th102Tom MATTHEWS 3:32.64637.0s
 47th106Michael WILLIS 3:35.24739.6s
 48th20Eddie MASTERS 3:46.34850.7s
 49th77Jackson DAVIS 3:49.94954.3s
 50th94Florian KULIKE 3:52.65057.0s
 51st97Jonas LINNEMANN 4:02.7511:07.1
 52nd90Popo ARIOYOSEJATI 4:18.3521:22.7
 53rd98Rafaelo INFANTE 4:57.9532:02.3
 54th81Benjamin DESPRÉS-MORIN 5:56.3543:00.7
 55th52Sean BELL 6:24.5553:28.9
 56th92Christoph Felix SCHNETTLER 13:35.75610:40.1
 57th85Ben KARALUS 1h01:53.45758:57.8
 105Brendan REGAN DNF
 13Markus PEKOLL DNF
 31Andreas KOLB DNF

13-16 boys  dialpad Finish spread

37 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st901Finn PARSONS 3:18.41-
emoji_events2nd902Ethan SHANDRO 3:20.722.3s
emoji_events3rd903Alex BARKE 3:25.737.3s
emoji_events3rd906Blake ROSS 3:25.737.3s
 5th904Ethan CORNEY 3:32.2513.8s
 6th908Finn HAWKESBY-BROWNE 3:33.8615.4s
 7th936Guy JOHNSTON 3:34.0715.6s
 8th907Isaac EWEN 3:44.2825.8s
 9th913Thomas POOLEY 3:52.0933.6s
 10th910Jordan FERNANDEZ 3:52.41034.0s
 11th920Mathis AITA 3:56.71138.3s
 12th975Cameron MARSHALL 4:01.21242.8s
 13th931James HARVEY 4:03.01344.6s
 14th927Ronan JORDAN 4:03.21444.8s
 15th914Mitchell GOODMAN 4:03.41545.0s
 16th938Toby CARR 4:08.61650.2s
 17th919Albe SNEP 4:09.61751.2s
 18th939Taylor TOPP 4:09.91851.5s
 19th959Lachlan STEVENS-MCNAB 4:12.81954.4s
 20th960Toby MEEK 4:15.42057.0s
 21st932Connor THOMSON 4:30.4211:12.0
 22nd911Dylan REID 4:38.0221:19.6
 23rd915Keiton MACDONALD 4:38.8231:20.4
 24th916Ryan MANEY 4:41.6241:23.2
 25th941Brandon LOWTHER 4:43.9251:25.5
 26th912Flynn HENDERSON 4:46.3261:27.9
 27th917Mischa WOLSTENCROFT 4:48.0271:29.6
 28th933Ben SKINNER 4:53.8281:35.4
 29th935Jaden KAEMPFE 4:57.7291:39.3
 30th937Connor BOWES 5:56.2302:37.8
 31st942Matthew DALE 6:00.0312:41.6
 32nd929Jack SCHREUDER 6:44.3323:25.9
 33rd928Flynn RUSS 6:55.3333:36.9
 34th934Thomas PIENAAR 8:51.4345:33.0
 35th918Fergus DUNCAN 10:56.3357:37.9
 940Marcus ROSS DNF

17-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

40 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st301Finn ILES 3:01.71-
emoji_events2nd312Josh OXENHAM 3:14.2212.5s
emoji_events3rd303Benjamin ZWAR KVIST 3:19.1317.4s
 4th318Sam ROBBIE 3:19.5417.8s
 5th314Charlie MAKEA 3:19.6517.9s
 6th305Patrick BUTLER 3:20.6618.9s
 7th307Trevor BOLDI 3:22.0720.3s
 8th306Anthony POULSON 3:23.8822.1s
 9th316Nils HEINIGER 3:25.3923.6s
 10th317Billy MEACLEM 3:26.51024.8s
 11th321Ben O BRIEN 3:28.11126.4s
 12th304Baxter MAIWALD 3:29.21227.5s
 13th315Bryce HEATHCOTE 3:30.01328.3s
 14th313Liam BETHELL 3:31.21429.5s
 15th324Hamish MCLEOD 3:36.41534.7s
 16th347Tyler SMITH 3:36.61634.9s
 17th326Pahraz AL PARISI 3:41.31739.6s
 18th337Dion LUITEN 3:42.81841.1s
 19th333Max HIDES 3:47.41945.7s
 20th323Marshall GARDNER 3:50.62048.9s
 21st360William MACDERMID 3:51.72150.0s
 22nd328Matthew BEGG 3:52.62250.9s
 23rd350Mason WESTWOOD 3:57.92356.2s
 24th329James CARLEY 3:59.62457.9s
 25th327Reif ANDREWS 3:59.82558.1s
 26th322Matthew COCKS 4:03.4261:01.7
 27th349Blake VINSON 4:05.5271:03.8
 28th338Daniel MACKEY 4:07.3281:05.6
 29th341Joel O'CONNOR 4:08.9291:07.2
 30th344Adam RIINI 4:14.6301:12.9
 31st336Keegan LINDSAY 4:16.1311:14.4
 32nd330Ryan CROOKS 4:18.4321:16.7
 33rd331Hugh DONOVAN 4:18.9331:17.2
 34th342Cam PAGE 4:20.4341:18.7
 35th340Chris MEAD 4:27.0351:25.3
 36th348Keith THORBURN 4:40.6361:38.9
 37th332Patrick HALE 4:51.0371:49.3
 38th345Blake ROUNTREE 5:02.1382:00.4
 39th334Daniel HOFMANN 5:30.9392:29.2
 40th339George MCCARROLL 5:35.4402:33.7

19-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

29 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st401David MCMILLAN 3:12.11-
emoji_events2nd421Michael MELLES 3:20.628.5s
emoji_events3rd403Kurt MCDONALD 3:21.439.3s
emoji_events3rd83Tyler BROOKER 3:21.439.3s
 5th407Carl JONES 3:27.8515.7s
 6th411Carson RAYNER 3:30.3618.2s
 6th406Michael DALLY 3:30.3618.2s
 8th413Max PEARSON 3:32.0819.9s
 9th420Caelab DRUMMOND 3:33.0920.9s
 10th457Dave DU PLESSIS 3:33.11021.0s
 11th458Dane NIMMO 3:34.21122.1s
 12th415Anton WEATHERLY 3:37.51225.4s
 13th408Ryan HUNT 3:38.81326.7s
 14th419Bradley SLOANE 3:42.31430.2s
 15th404Michael EVANS 3:45.21533.1s
 16th405Matt CABLE 3:49.61637.5s
 17th422Jordan BLANQUET 3:51.81739.7s
 18th424John DALLY 3:52.11840.0s
 19th428Jourdan LETHBRIDGE 3:54.51942.4s
 20th462Manuel BERTHOMIER 3:54.72042.6s
 21st412Cameron DODD 3:56.42144.3s
 22nd423Christian FREEMAN 3:57.42245.3s
 23rd426Jonathan KENT 3:58.02345.9s
 24th414Obi EICHHORN 3:59.22447.1s
 25th459Obed MOFFITT 4:00.12548.0s
 26th460Nick HOLLOWS 4:03.12651.0s
 27th429Edouard BABIN 4:03.62751.5s
 28th461Ben RAITT 4:04.92852.8s
 29th425Craig TOMSETT 4:20.7291:08.6

40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st471Daniel GANNAWAY 4:10.01-
emoji_events2nd472Justin GLAVISH 4:16.226.2s
emoji_events3rd468Paul SIMKIN 4:27.1317.1s
 4th469Edd JAMES 4:40.6430.6s
 5th474Eric FOSCHIANO 5:19.951:09.9
 6th475Nick BOWES 5:29.461:19.4
 7th470Didier HERVE 5:31.671:21.6



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st201Tracey HANNAH 3:32.11-
emoji_events2nd202Emilie SIEGENTHALER 3:38.326.2s
emoji_events3rd205Casey BROWN 3:45.8313.7s
 4th208Vaea VERBEECK 3:49.2417.1s
 5th203Miranda MILLER 3:51.2519.1s
 6th500Jill KINTNER 3:51.9619.8s
 7th207Georgia ASTLE 4:02.6730.5s
 8th204Mariana SALAZAR 4:05.9833.8s
 9th219Amanda MONK 4:23.6951.5s
 10th220Jonna JOHNSEN 4:52.4101:20.3
 11th209Danielle BEECROFT 12:04.7118:32.6

13-16 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st970Nikki CLARKE 6:44.71-

17-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st115Shania RAWSON 4:14.41-
emoji_events2nd503Skye FOLLAS 4:52.2237.8s

19+ women  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st676Sarah FOX 4:53.61-
emoji_events2nd506Cati PEARSON 4:55.722.1s
emoji_events3rd505Ashley BOND 4:57.133.5s
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Misspent Summers: DH & Enduro yearbooks
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