2010 Fluidride Cup round 1 at Whistler, BC

30th May 2010

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The original results are available at http://fluidride.com/2010/06/03/whistler-wrap-upandy-trans-video-coming-soon/

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Pro men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

27 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark145Tyler GORZ CAN19890415Coquitlam, BC, CANCBR / Pinkbike.com go to site3:11.44 (2)3:03.94 (1)-
bookmark272Kenny SMITH CAN19840109Whistler, BC, CANDakine / Evil Bikes / SRAM3:08.67 (1)3:05.39 (2)1.45s
bookmark366Luciano WORL 162267Woodinville, WA, USAAtomLab / Corsir / Marzocchi3:18.35 (5)3:09.16 (3)5.22s
bookmark437Kevin BARTKOWSKI 61802Whistler, BC, CAN3:14.40 (3)3:09.22 (4)5.28s
bookmark573Ken FAUBERT CAN19890603Coquitlam, BC, CANDunbar CyclesDNF3:10.24 (5)6.30s
bookmark670Nick TUTTLE 182596Snoquamie, WA, USAGHY3:24.63 (11)3:13.00 (6)9.06s
bookmark746Ewan FAFARD CAN19830531Maple Ridge, BC, CANIndependent3:30.00 (17)3:13.92 (7)9.98s
bookmark841David CAMP 186468Coquitlam, BC, CAN3:19.25 (6)3:14.57 (8)10.63s
bookmark940Stephen MATTHEWS 61280Calgary, AB, CANcalgorycycleonline.com go to site3:16.19 (4)3:15.50 (9)11.56s
bookmark1039Bryden RIGETS 61495N. Vancouver, BC, CANCCN / Intense / Suspensionwerx / velocity3:22.20 (10)3:18.65 (10)14.71s
bookmark1143Adam MANTLE CAN19840511Whistler, BC, CANDunbar Cycles / Sombrio3:21.73 (9)3:18.75 (11)14.81s
bookmark1251Dylan FORBES 68525St Johns, NL, CANFreeride MS3:27.91 (16)3:19.21 (12)15.27s
bookmark1362Charlie SPONSEL 230753Port Alberni, BC, CANEvil Bikes6:11.68 (24)3:21.22 (13)17.28s
bookmark1457Michael THOMAS (elt) 187985Portland, OR, USAMorewood Bikes3:41.47 (22)3:21.32 (14)17.38s
bookmark1544Aaron DOBIE CAN19900103Vancouver, BC, CANDunbar Cycles3:26.23 (15)3:21.76 (15)17.82s
bookmark1632Tyler GNITT 61435Kamloops, BC, CANFullBoar3:21.07 (8)3:22.92 (16)18.98s
bookmark1760Kyle THOMAS 262613Issauah, WA, USAAlpinestars / Evil Bikes3:19.38 (7)3:23.07 (17)19.13s
bookmark1875Jeff HUNTER CAN19850920N. Vancouver, BC, CAN3:31.46 (18)3:23.72 (18)19.78s
bookmark1963Keith THOMPSON 35447Issaquest, WA, USAWheel Sport EAST3:39.09 (21)3:25.28 (19)21.34s
bookmark2058Phillip WIERING 228668Beavertown, OR, USAEvil Bikes / Maxxis3:44.86 (23)3:27.86 (20)23.92s
bookmark2142Rob VENABLES CAN19741231Vancouver, BC, CANDunbar Cycles3:25.77 (14)3:28.85 (21)24.91s
bookmark2274Tristan OLK 60921N. Vancouver, BC, CANSteed CyclesDNF3:29.21 (22)25.27s
bookmark2364Josh STARK 245787Carnation, WA, USACove / Downhill Zone Racing3:34.12 (20)3:31.27 (23)27.33s
bookmark24999Dan SKOGLAND Cove3:34.09 (24)30.15s
bookmark2559Colin TOBIN 280742Bellingham, WA, USATransition Racing3:31.55 (19)3:34.63 (25)30.69s
bookmark47Evan GILSDORF 247503Sammamish, WA, USADownhill Zone Racing / Elka Suspension3:25.37 (12)DNF
bookmark35Shane GAYTON 61665AUS3:25.56 (13)DNF

Cat 1: 15-18 boys  dialpad View finish spread NEW

26 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1289Nick GEDDES 61310Whistler, BC, CANNorcoDNS3:04.21 (1)-
bookmark2338Tyler ALLISON 61275Whistler, BC, CANNike6 / TrekDNS3:11.82 (2)7.61s
bookmark3258Chayse MARSHALL 61394Kamloops, BC, CANfull boar bike store / Knolly Bikes / sun peak resort3:22.55 (4)3:13.48 (3)9.27s
bookmark4372Brennan WALSTROM 60050Vancouver, BC, CANCove / Ogio / raceface,spy,elka,alpine stars3:27.00 (5)3:14.91 (4)10.70s
bookmark5375Jordan GOSTELI 60864Squamish, BC, CANCycling BC / Dincus / MMR3:29.66 (7)3:19.44 (5)15.23s
bookmark6380Owen SCULLY CAN19940617Squamish, BC, CANMMR3:34.06 (11)3:21.50 (6)17.29s
bookmark7474Justin DALE 61008Vancouver, BC, CANDunbar Cycles3:33.79 (10)3:23.48 (7)19.27s
bookmark8368Brian GUSE 262456Fall City, WA, USAEvil Bikes / Smith3:32.76 (9)3:23.74 (8)19.53s
bookmark9349Andrew WIDMAN 293148Bellingham, WA, USAFanatik Bike Co.3:38.91 (15)3:26.93 (9)22.72s
bookmark10281Jonathan ALLYN 310191Kent, WA, USABig Tree Bikes3:04.50 (1)3:28.50 (10)24.29s
bookmark11369Adam RANSAVAGE 292601North Bend, OR, USAEvil Bikes3:37.22 (13)3:29.55 (11)25.34s
bookmark12477Todd CASTONGUAY 60235Aldergrove, BC, CANTransition Bikes3:34.74 (12)3:30.28 (12)26.07s
bookmark13370Kip SHORTREED 60936Banshee / Cycling BC / MMR / Trident3:38.63 (14)3:32.56 (13)28.35s
bookmark14255Brian MULLEN 278779Bellingham, WA, USADropNZone.com go to site / Transition Bikes3:27.19 (6)3:36.92 (14)32.71s
bookmark15335Wood SKINNER 294580Herminston, OR, USA661 / Sunline3:42.12 (16)3:44.07 (15)39.86s
bookmark16346Carson JORDON Delta, BC, CANMad March Racing / NemaDNS3:44.79 (16)40.58s
bookmark17356Rhys EWING 286964Eugene, OR, USADownhill Coalition / Life Cycle3:48.34 (18)3:51.23 (17)47.02s
bookmark18355Jack HILL 293720Eugene, OR, USADownhill Coalition4:14.34 (19)3:56.17 (18)51.96s
bookmark19376Jordan TIMMER CAN19920420Maple Ridge, BC, CANMaple Ridge / MMR / Momentum SportsDNS4:00.34 (19)56.13s
bookmark2034Colin MCADOO 281395Portland, OR, USAFox / McAdoo / Schwalbe / Shimano / SRH4:44.54 (20)4:00.55 (20)56.34s
bookmark21366Al RAINES 61074Courtenay, BC, CANMCL RacingDNS4:02.75 (21)58.54s
bookmark22259Kevin LITTLEFIELD 311006Auburn, WA, USA661 / Big Tree Bikes / SDG / Sunline3:30.40 (8)5:23.07 (22)2:18.86
bookmark23340Shane WISE 309928Everson, WA, USAFanatik Bike Co.3:46.04 (17)6:50.57 (23)3:46.36
bookmark297Max HORNER 61276Whistler, BC, CANBrysonracingclan.com go to site3:14.17 (2)DNF
bookmark406Nick GRIMM 61533N.vancouver, BC, CANBryson Racing Clan3:22.07 (3)DNF
bookmark284Mason SOWDON 278782Anacortes, WA, USADNZ / Syndrom RacingDNSDNS

Cat 1: 19-29 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

18 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1263Ian MORRISON Whistler, BC, CANAdidas / Evolution Whistler3:20.84 (1)-
bookmark2287Gregory VOSS 608868GERBikesports-online-racing team3:24.57 (2)3.73s
bookmark3388Kevin KING CAN19810106Vancouver, BC, CANDunbar Cycles3:25.49 (3)4.65s
bookmark3293Evan PALMER 277862Bellingham, WA, USADropNZone.com go to site3:25.49 (3)4.65s
bookmark5254Tory KLONIUS 295120Olympia, WA, USABlur Optics / Sunline / Western Riders3:27.33 (5)6.49s
bookmark6330Dan DIEDRICKSEN 61011Whistler, BC, CAN3:29.68 (6)8.84s
bookmark7271Thomas DI LITTA Poleymieux, FRAQ Bikes / UCHAV3:30.64 (7)9.80s
bookmark8475Ben PORTEOUS 61070Vancouver, BC, CANDunbar Cycles3:33.92 (8)13.08s
bookmark9342Taylor BLOY CAN19811107Maple Ridge, BC, CANThe Hayes bicycle group3:38.01 (9)17.17s
bookmark10264Norman THOMPSON CAN19890106W.vancouver, BC, CAN3:43.88 (10)23.04s
bookmark11290Leo BRANDROLD CAN19910106Garibaldi Hgh., BC, CAN3:50.67 (11)29.83s
bookmark12365Clinton GOULD 60556Brackendale, BC, CAN3:52.98 (12)32.14s
bookmark13278Patrick FUNK 230741Portland, OR, USATeam-RoBot3:56.59 (13)35.75s
bookmark14261Alex ZBARAZKY 283841Mountlake Terrace, WA, USA661 / DWB / Recycles Cycles4:02.31 (14)41.47s
bookmark15339Evan CHOLTCO-DEVLIN 208536Evil Bikes / R & D4:03.15 (15)42.31s
bookmark403Jimmy VUKELICH 285213Coquitlam, BC, CANSlo To The BoneDNF
bookmark292Florent CARREYRON 61431FRADNF
bookmark401Justin JOHNSON 61049Milner, BC, CANVELOCITY CYCLESDNS

Cat 1: 30-39 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

8 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1467Mark BUNYAN Squamish, BC, CANMad March Racing3:24.81 (1)-
bookmark2371Tyler EARNHEART 293240Bellingham, WA, USA3:26.10 (2)1.29s
bookmark3408Matt PATTERSON 231152Snoqualmie, WA, USADirt Corps / Gregg's Cycles / Nema / Trek3:27.84 (3)3.03s
bookmark448D'arcy O'CONNOR CAN19790712Burnaby, BC, CANRocky Mtn Bicyles3:41.98 (4)17.17s
bookmark5357Max MILLER 281440Portland, OR, USApow gloves3:42.29 (5)17.48s
bookmark6226Jeff REES 93452Spokane, WA, USAThe Bike Hub3:45.35 (6)20.54s
bookmark7390Nicholas FRANZEN 139671Seattle, WA, USADWB4:00.94 (7)36.13s
bookmark296R.D. WATTERS 286366Bellingham, WA, USAAzonic / Fanatik Bike Co. / Schwalbe / SDGDNF

Cat 1: 40+ men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

6 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1383Graham BEATTY Whistler, BC, CANHate & Discontent3:32.96 (1)-
bookmark2341Bryan GIOIA 61364Port Moody, BC, CAN3:36.54 (2)3.58s
bookmark3334Jerry SOUTHWORTH 283597Ravendale, WA, USAGHY / ODI3:56.74 (3)23.78s
bookmark4282Chris BENTLEY 199389Fall City, WA, USAFox / fsa / Michelin / Mtnsidebikes.com go to site / TAI4:04.44 (4)31.48s
bookmark5336Doug MINOR 191557Nine Miles Fall, WA, USABicycle Butler / Spokane4:16.42 (5)43.46s
bookmark279Mark BRENT 261906Seattle, WA, USAAwesomeland / Bones Over MetalDNS

Cat 2: 0-14 boys  dialpad View finish spread NEW

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1257Jack ILES 60879Whistler, BC, CANKona / POC4:54.01 (1)-
bookmark2410Ben JELINEK Maple Valley, WA, USA5:33.54 (2)39.53s

Cat 2: 15-18 boys  dialpad View finish spread NEW

24 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1362Zander GEDDES 61308Whistler, BC, CANC4 Racing4:19.89 (1)-
bookmark2344Lee JACKSON 60881Squamish, BC, CANC4 Racing4:24.37 (2)4.48s
bookmark3402Thomas ZONNEVELD CAN19920605Langley, BC, CANRace Face / Schwalbe4:29.77 (3)9.88s
bookmark4276Wyatt RIEGEL 60930Revelstoke, BC, CANSkookum Cycle and Ski4:40.48 (4)20.59s
bookmark5400Joe ESNOUF Victoria, BC, CANMarty's Mountain Cycle4:40.68 (5)20.79s
bookmark6347Noah BROUSSEAU Vernon, BC, CANRace Face / Rocky Mountain Cycles4:43.64 (6)23.75s
bookmark7391Eric WONG CAN19941005Delta, BC, CANDream Team4:46.20 (7)26.31s
bookmark8345Nikolas CLARKE Redmond, WA, USABig Tree Bikes4:51.41 (8)31.52s
bookmark9367Mitchell Ace HAYDEN Kamloops, BC, CANBanshee / Race Face / Royal / Smith4:51.50 (9)31.61s
bookmark10373Ryan VAN NOY Portland, OR, USA4:53.09 (10)33.20s
bookmark11386Dillon EMTMAN Kent, WA, USADad4:53.37 (11)33.48s
bookmark12379Alexander PFIFFNER Portland, OR, USA5:02.74 (12)42.85s
bookmark13348Alex BRAAKSMA Bellingham, WA, USA5:02.84 (13)42.95s
bookmark14275Sanders BROADLAND Olympia, WA, USASkant Bate Racing5:10.20 (14)50.31s
bookmark15333Travis MOROZ Black Diamond, WA, USABlack Diamond Family Racing5:13.08 (15)53.19s
bookmark16352William WORTHINGTON Portland, OR, USA5:13.13 (16)53.24s
bookmark17405Brin ALEXANDRE Whistler, BC, CANDad5:16.12 (17)56.23s
bookmark18404Devin CAPLIN Seattle, WA, USASteel MX5:16.78 (18)56.89s
bookmark19328Conner VEITCH Issaquah, WA, USABig Tree Bikes5:17.43 (19)57.54s
bookmark20351David BENNETT (u30) Portland, OR, USAM&D5:21.45 (20)1:01.56
bookmark21285Zach ZANDER 933777Maple Valley, WA, USATeam Tei5:29.15 (21)1:09.26
bookmark22473Pat SALES Vancouver, BC, CANJoe Sales Photographx5:35.10 (22)1:15.21
bookmark23361Brad KELLEY (u18) Enomclaw, WA, USA6615:45.32 (23)1:25.43
bookmark399Trevor THEW 60772Duncan, BC, CANPro City RacingDNS

Cat 2: 19-29 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

22 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1295Berend BOER AUSGarbonzo Bike & Bean / Valid Apparel4:19.32 (1)-
bookmark2329Paul STEVENS UKCove / Dincus4:21.23 (2)1.91s
bookmark3476Jesse BALLHAUSEN 60603Pemberton, BC, CAN4:29.51 (3)10.19s
bookmark4466Brent VAN FOSSEN Alamo, CA, USATeam Wolfpack4:30.01 (4)10.69s
bookmark5291Tobias LONFAT Ravoire, SUIDownhill spirit team4:31.50 (5)12.18s
bookmark6299Damon COMMERER NZL4:40.17 (6)20.85s
bookmark7470Dune CASU N. Vancouver, BC, CAN4:43.60 (7)24.28s
bookmark8273Eric AUCHMAN Lacey, WA, USASkank Bate Racing4:46.26 (8)26.94s
bookmark9298Ben HOFFMANN AUS4:47.02 (9)27.70s
bookmark10394Devin MCPHERSON N. Vancouver, BC, CANChico State Cycling4:48.23 (10)28.91s
bookmark11396Paul SALES Vancouver, BC, CANJoe Sales Photography4:48.65 (11)29.33s
bookmark12385Jack RUSSELL Portland, OR, USAPlunder4:53.29 (12)33.97s
bookmark13384Clinton OVERMAN 292852Bellingham, WA, USA4:54.92 (13)35.60s
bookmark14300Nolan RICHARDS Sammamish, WA, USA5:01.88 (14)42.56s
bookmark15469Alf BROCKETT GBR19880222Whistler, BC, USA5:02.71 (15)43.39s
bookmark16480Peter BUCKLEY 68987St John's, NL, CAN5:09.28 (16)49.96s
bookmark17353Nicholas FREEDMAN Seattle, WA, USA5:09.93 (17)50.61s
bookmark18393Alec BEATON N. Vancouver, BC, CANCarolyn5:16.52 (18)57.20s
bookmark19382Michael ANDERSON Bellingham, WA, USA5:17.85 (19)58.53s
bookmark20294Stacy KOHUT Whistler, BC, CANWheelchair - Frontrunner5:30.11 (20)1:10.79
bookmark21411Charles FORTIER Seattle, WA, USABetter Writing helps to get name right6:02.18 (21)1:42.86
bookmark343Kyle MARSH Marquette, MI, USADNS

Cat 2: 30-39 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

7 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1354Scott KEMP Shoreline, WA, USAfsa / Gravity Headquarters4:35.20 (1)-
bookmark2337Kim STURTS Seattle, WA, USA4:52.41 (2)17.21s
bookmark3256Andrew PICKERING Woodinville, WA, USADirty Bird Racing5:02.54 (3)27.34s
bookmark4286James SPLINTER 60763Pemberton, BC, CAN5:03.37 (4)28.17s
bookmark5274Andrew KNOTT Enumclaw, WA, USA5:05.11 (5)29.91s
bookmark6387Richard HANDSCHIN Seattle, WA, USA5:19.48 (6)44.28s
bookmark7364Jose CONTRERAS Renton, WA, USAThe Black Angels Armada5:42.42 (7)1:07.22

Cat 2: 40-49 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

7 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1407Pete JELINEK Maple Valley, WA, USAArby's5:05.73 (1)-
bookmark2374Adrian WHITFIELD Seattle, WA, USA5:15.12 (2)9.39s
bookmark3342Jim MCCRACKEN Snoqualmie, WA, USA5:16.48 (3)10.75s
bookmark4472Joe SALES Vancouver, BC, CANJoe Sales Photography5:17.38 (4)11.65s
bookmark5471Mike BIDDLECOMBE Kirkland, WA, USATeam TAI5:18.11 (5)12.38s
bookmark6280David THOMS 154077Seattle, WA, USA5:39.10 (6)33.37s
bookmark7283Daniel ALLYN 310190Kent, WA, USA6:22.58 (7)1:16.85

Cat 3: 0-14 boys  dialpad View finish spread NEW

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1277Nik DUNN 61458Fernie, BC, CANBike Base Fernie5:18.89 (1)-
bookmark2272Ryan MILLER (cat1) 310272Auburn, WA, USATAI5:48.09 (2)29.20s

Cat 3: 15-18 boys  dialpad View finish spread NEW

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1358Kyle STOJKE 61336Kamloops, BC, CAN4:56.37 (1)-
bookmark2389Calvin MCCORMACK Surrey, BC, CAN5:09.00 (2)12.63s
bookmark3409Nikolai JELINEK Maple Valley, WA, USA6:27.99 (3)1:31.62

Cat 3: 19-39 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1397Ian JOURNEY Burnaby, BC, CAN5:16.03 (1)-
bookmark2359Mike BOCKNER Bellevue, WA, USARecycled Cycles5:27.92 (2)11.89s
bookmark3398Dustin ROGERS Snoqualmie, WA, USA6:22.42 (3)1:06.39
bookmark4288Tyler ZIMMERMAN Mill Creek, WA, USA6:50.36 (4)1:34.33
bookmark350Ron CHANG Seattle, WA, USADSQ

Cat 3: 40+ men

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1378Robert BUCHAN C.c., TX, USA6:25.76 (1)-



Pro women  dialpad View finish spread NEW

7 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark138Danice UYESUGI 60955N. Vancouver, BC, CANCCN / Intense Canada / VELOCITY CYCLES3:47.64 (1)3:39.08 (1)-
bookmark271Katrina STRAND 60355Whistler, BC, CANOakley / TLD3:56.35 (2)3:45.49 (2)6.41s
bookmark361Seana WRIGHT 60563Port Albein, BC, CANOzzies Cycle / Rocky Mountain Cycles3:59.71 (3)3:50.71 (3)11.63s
bookmark450Keri MANCER 61399Whistler, BC, CANPOC / Whistler Bike Co4:05.46 (4)3:59.21 (4)20.13s
bookmark565Dawn CASHEN 60999Whistler, BC, CAN4:25.18 (5)4:04.91 (5)25.83s
bookmark628Jaime REES 228046Spokane, WA, USAThe Bike Hub4:45.15 (6)4:28.91 (6)49.83s
bookmark749Jaime HILL 60673Pemberton, BC, CANCCN / Rocky Mountain Cycles / Smith / TLDDNS4:39.57 (7)1:00.49

Cat 1 women  dialpad View finish spread NEW

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1381Holly FENIAK CAN19950717Sechett, BC, CANCove / Cycling BC3:34.32 (1)-
bookmark2468Lindsay TRIMBLE 61093Burnaby, BC, CANDunbar Cycles4:15.69 (2)41.37s
bookmark3360Karaleen GIOIA 60791Port Moody, BC, CAN4:29.69 (3)55.37s

Cat 2 women  dialpad View finish spread NEW

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1262Simmone LYONS Whistler, BC, CAN5:17.05 (1)-
bookmark2395Emily SLACO Gold Bridge, BC, CAN5:35.19 (2)18.14s
bookmark3331Yvonne GILLETTE Black Diamond, WA, USABlack Diamond Family Racing6:01.38 (3)44.33s

Cat 3: 0-18 girls  dialpad View finish spread NEW

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1363Sydney DESMARAIS Vernon, BC, CAN7:05.66 (1)-
bookmark2332Adrianna MOROZ Black Diamond, WA, USABlack Diamond Family Racing7:26.35 (2)20.69s

Cat 3 women

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1377Carolyn PRENTICE Kirkland, WA, USATAI6:08.37 (1)-