661 Mini DH at Chicksands

30th March 2008

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Pro-Am men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

11 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRun 1Run 2Run 3Best runDiff
13Nick GEOGHEGAN AW Cycles.co.uk go to site32.510s (1)30.986s (1)30.909s (1)30.909s-
35Nathan VIALS 34.131s (4)31.730s (3)31.511s (3)31.511s0.602s
413Rowan SORRELL South Wales Trail Centres33.040s (3)32.275s (4)31.694s (4)31.694s0.785s
56Steve TAYLOR 34.361s (5)33.631s (7)32.046s (5)32.046s1.137s
68Jordan GOULD 34.386s (6)32.657s (5)32.447s (6)32.447s1.538s
71Tom DOWIE 36.792s (8)33.545s (6)32.782s (7)32.782s1.873s
811Paul HEYES 36.792s (8)37.570s (10)33.033s (8)33.033s2.124s
912John WIREN 37.460s (11)36.194s (9)35.006s (9)35.006s4.097s
1010Mick RIDGWAY Dialled Bikes35.566s (7)35.165s (8)35.840s (10)35.165s4.256s
117Daniel BRAUND White Van Man Racing37.120s (10)44.517s (11)37.120s6.211s

10-18 boys  dialpad View finish spread NEW

55 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRun 1Run 2Run 3Best runDiff
1157Tom KNIGHT MTB-Bitz34.144s (1)32.842s (1)31.719s (1)31.719s-
2185Harry MOLLOY DMR / Lifestyle Ford / Mojo Suspension / Rezurgence34.736s (3)33.945s (3)32.337s (2)32.337s0.618s
3199Sion WHITECROSS 34.712s (2)32.859s (2)32.540s (3)32.540s0.821s
4202James DOWER Advanced Leasing SolutionsDNS34.948s (4)33.618s (4)33.618s1.899s
5167Danny BRADFORD Refined Recruitment35.875s (4)35.210s (5)34.391s (5)34.391s2.672s
6206Rich ROBERTSHAW 37.174s (6)36.885s (6)35.436s (6)35.436s3.717s
7156Isaac MUNDY 38.016s (8)37.274s (7)35.725s (7)35.725s4.006s
8208Jamie MOORE 37.871s (7)37.580s (9)36.087s (8)36.087s4.368s
9165Joseph VIALS 38.691s (13)37.377s (8)36.376s (9)36.376s4.657s
10189Will ANDREW 37.086s (5)38.048s (17)36.433s (10)36.433s4.714s
11173Andrew DAVIES (sen) 38.507s (10)37.893s (14)36.477s (11)36.477s4.758s
12181Bernard BANGHAM 39.087s (15)37.715s (10)36.638s (12)36.638s4.919s
13175Harry IVES Zeal Optics39.671s (20)37.806s (13)36.679s (13)36.679s4.960s
14205Jake WARD 43.661s (40)39.569s (26)36.874s (14)36.874s5.155s
15193Scott ALLEN 38.344s (9)38.100s (19)36.987s (15)36.987s5.268s
16186Bradley BURBRIDGE 39.176s (17)39.107s (23)37.177s (16)37.177s5.458s
17182Oli WAKEMAN Descent-Gear.com go to site38.629s (11)37.747s (11)37.193s (17)37.193s5.474s
18187James WALLER 40.159s (22)38.379s (21)37.333s (18)37.333s5.614s
19203Josh WEST Maw Racing39.451s (19)37.954s (15)37.483s (19)37.483s5.764s
20214Louis SWANN 39.146s (16)38.068s (18)37.787s (20)37.787s6.068s
21210Matt JONES (sen) Identiti41.218s (26)37.791s (12)40.748s (36)37.791s6.072s
22160Liam CONNELL-SAIT 38.678s (12)38.351s (20)37.875s (21)37.875s6.156s
23212Charlie BEACH www.ibike.co.uk go to site38.717s (14)38.019s (16)38.191s (22)38.019s6.300s
24197Jono JONES 39.765s (21)38.737s (22)38.539s (23)38.539s6.820s
25184James HOPKINS 39.201s (18)39.581s (27)38.582s (24)38.582s6.863s
26168Liam ALDRIDGE 46.227s (49)39.586s (28)38.661s (25)38.661s6.942s
27201Fergus STEWART 40.236s (24)39.206s (24)39.006s (26)39.006s7.287s
28213Mark STURLA 41.086s (25)40.767s (31)39.549s (27)39.549s7.830s
29191Luc HARRIS 40.188s (23)39.553s (25)39.973s (30)39.553s7.834s
30178Lucas ADAMS 43.638s (39)42.201s (40)39.943s (28)39.943s8.224s
31192Jake THOMAS Team Boon43.080s (37)44.125s (45)39.951s (29)39.951s8.232s
32194Stephen KENDALL 48.014s (50)41.660s (38)39.994s (31)39.994s8.275s
33166Chris KEEBLE-SMITH 42.613s (34)40.613s (30)40.200s (32)40.200s8.481s
34155Alex WALLACE (ret.) C.A.B.C.42.087s (32)41.158s (32)40.354s (33)40.354s8.635s
35171Jacob RUDDOCK 41.854s (29)40.406s (29)40.588s (34)40.406s8.687s
36200Barney SAMUEL 42.210s (33)41.356s (36)40.721s (35)40.721s9.002s
37207Sam ANDERSON 41.896s (30)41.979s (39)40.972s (37)40.972s9.253s
38188Alex METCALFE Maw Racing41.277s (27)41.163s (33)41.866s (41)41.163s9.444s
39164Zak ELLIOTT 43.867s (42)41.248s (34)48.660s (51)41.248s9.529s
40169Henry YOUNG 42.037s (31)41.285s (35)43.722s (49)41.285s9.566s
41176Harry BOWMAN 42.849s (35)1:34.983 (55)41.359s (38)41.359s9.640s
42179Matt CARDIFF 41.817s (28)41.440s (37)41.515s (39)41.440s9.721s
43161Jevan WILLIAMS 45.300s (48)43.845s (43)41.644s (40)41.644s9.925s
44170David MULLIN 43.931s (43)43.872s (44)42.114s (42)42.114s10.395s
45163John RYE 42.929s (36)42.700s (41)42.159s (43)42.159s10.440s
46172James LOMAX 44.965s (46)45.209s (48)42.250s (44)42.250s10.531s
47204Joe BUCK 45.067s (47)44.334s (46)42.432s (45)42.432s10.713s
48211Ricky FELL 44.525s (45)51.895s (53)42.444s (46)42.444s10.725s
49190Martin BROWN (sen1) 44.150s (44)44.582s (47)42.939s (47)42.939s11.220s
50180Alistair GRAHAM 43.541s (38)45.414s (49)43.184s (48)43.184s11.465s
51174Will WRIGHT 43.857s (41)43.424s (42)47.797s (50)43.424s11.705s
52162Jim WOOLLEY 49.361s (52)47.775s (50)49.412s (52)47.775s16.056s
53209James ARTHUR Naphill Nutters48.532s (51)50.609s (52)48.532s16.813s
54196Monty ROBINS Naphill Nutters52.998s (53)49.795s (51)49.795s18.076s
55198Christian HACKETT REED 53.206s (54)53.319s (54)51.053s (53)51.053s19.334s

19-29 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

49 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRun 1Run 2Run 3Best runDiff
1112Gary DRAKE AW Cycles.co.uk go to site34.105s (1)32.718s (1)32.746s (1)32.718s-
2122Ben DEAKIN (OiOi) MucOff / Royal Marines35.661s (8)33.999s (2)33.282s (2)33.282s0.564s
3109Andi HIBBERD 35.062s (3)34.192s (4)33.293s (3)33.293s0.575s
4139Rob WILLIAMS (1) Team Bicycle Doctor35.263s (4)34.103s (3)33.382s (4)33.382s0.664s
5115Chris FROST 36.066s (10)35.321s (7)33.589s (5)33.589s0.871s
6117Chris GRAY (sen) 34.946s (2)34.264s (5)33.613s (6)33.613s0.895s
7105David MARSHALL 35.346s (6)41.317s (33)33.691s (7)33.691s0.973s
8134Tom SHILVOCK 37.070s (15)35.833s (11)34.411s (8)34.411s1.693s
9144Dale RUSSELL (elt) ° 35.381s (7)44.596s (43)34.456s (9)34.456s1.738s
1085Shane KLUCKOW 35.336s (5)34.550s (6)34.870s (11)34.550s1.832s
11121Mop HEAD Team Zeeky H-Bomb37.718s (19)35.695s (10)34.627s (10)34.627s1.909s
1283David BULL 36.759s (12)35.383s (9)35.127s (12)35.127s2.409s
1397Jack MALONE 37.421s (17)35.326s (8)36.224s (20)35.326s2.608s
1482Nick GOOCH Alaskatoargentina.co.uk go to site / GTB0837.748s (20)37.011s (16)35.657s (13)35.657s2.939s
1588Bonar LIZAITIS 36.992s (14)37.296s (22)35.748s (14)35.748s3.030s
15133Martin PEAK 35.748s (9)36.268s (12)42.319s (42)35.748s3.030s
1784Matthew FORSTER 37.136s (16)36.902s (15)35.825s (15)35.825s3.107s
18118Simon JONES (sen) 36.741s (11)37.215s (17)35.897s (16)35.897s3.179s
19113Dylan SANCHEZ-PINSENT 40.343s (32)36.854s (14)35.959s (17)35.959s3.241s
20123A.J. BOARDMAN Maw Racing38.746s (24)37.318s (23)35.970s (18)35.970s3.252s
21124Duncan COOPER DNS38.277s (26)36.113s (19)36.113s3.395s
22131Henri KIVIST 38.571s (22)45.848s (47)36.469s (21)36.469s3.751s
23135Doug MCGRIN 36.822s (13)37.216s (18)36.548s (22)36.548s3.830s
24127John DICKER 38.680s (23)36.652s (13)38.004s (29)36.652s3.934s
25141James DICK 38.905s (26)37.236s (19)36.734s (23)36.734s4.016s
26140Jon BOOTH Keele University Mountain Bike39.562s (28)43.607s (39)37.022s (24)37.022s4.304s
27146Stuart GILBEY 38.845s (25)38.214s (25)37.078s (25)37.078s4.360s
28145Tom MUMBY 39.298s (27)37.236s (19)38.807s (33)37.236s4.518s
29130Michael DALTON 37.700s (18)37.288s (21)37.995s (28)37.288s4.570s
30132Ben CALVERT Electric / Solid Bikes38.158s (21)38.030s (24)37.504s (26)37.504s4.786s
31143Jack PEARSON 39.955s (29)39.117s (30)37.529s (27)37.529s4.811s
32106Marcus BELL (mas) 43.293s (39)40.211s (32)38.100s (30)38.100s5.382s
33126James CLIFTON 40.323s (31)38.637s (27)38.226s (31)38.226s5.508s
3492Tom SINGLETON 40.051s (30)38.947s (29)38.661s (32)38.661s5.943s
3586Alex FLETCHER Sunday Sessions40.685s (33)38.755s (28)39.720s (35)38.755s6.037s
3681Andy HILL Apres Velo41.130s (34)39.137s (31)39.083s (34)39.083s6.365s
3795David MITCHELL 41.989s (35)44.951s (44)39.912s (36)39.912s7.194s
3893Dan DOLEMAN 42.274s (37)42.594s (36)40.018s (37)40.018s7.300s
3999Michael SMITH (mas) 42.026s (36)41.867s (34)40.881s (38)40.881s8.163s
40136Ollie KEELER team lsmc43.650s (40)44.041s (41)41.035s (39)41.035s8.317s
41120Tom ROYAL 42.946s (38)42.550s (35)41.135s (40)41.135s8.417s
42100Jayme ALLEN 44.740s (41)43.085s (37)42.008s (41)42.008s9.290s
43108Alex MARTIN 46.831s (45)44.318s (42)42.991s (43)42.991s10.273s
44102Will OXTOBY 45.571s (42)43.265s (38)43.113s (44)43.113s10.395s
4590Graham COOLING CMCBIKES.COM46.267s (44)55.247s (49)43.289s (45)43.289s10.571s
4689Rich SHERMAN 46.013s (43)43.658s (40)43.390s (46)43.390s10.672s
4787Richard BROOKS DNS45.119s (45)44.911s (47)44.911s12.193s
48103Ollie FISHER 56.627s (47)45.233s (46)55.721s (49)45.233s12.515s
49101Barry KANE 47.221s (46)51.614s (48)45.460s (48)45.460s12.742s

° Rider racing out of category

30+ men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

50 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRun 1Run 2Run 3Best runDiff
115Col WILLIAMS Solid Bikes33.458s (1)32.773s (1)33.579s (1)32.773s-
270Stuart MONK 35.444s (6)34.630s (5)33.918s (2)33.918s1.145s
348Tom GILFEDDER Univega.co.uk go to site35.833s (10)35.006s (9)33.996s (3)33.996s1.223s
458Peter LAWRIE www.ibike.co.uk go to site35.112s (3)34.353s (3)33.998s (4)33.998s1.225s
557Robert EPHGRAVE 35.134s (4)34.824s (6)34.188s (5)34.188s1.415s
652Andy FOWKES Tony Fowkes Automobiles36.692s (15)35.001s (8)34.203s (6)34.203s1.430s
756Rusty MARTIN Team Rusty Wheeler36.098s (13)34.267s (2)34.274s (7)34.267s1.494s
846Chris WOOD (mas) Team Boon35.785s (8)34.979s (7)34.349s (8)34.349s1.576s
959Rod FOUNTAIN 35.384s (5)35.838s (14)34.565s (9)34.565s1.792s
1033Ben MARTIN 34.780s (2)34.608s (4)34.784s (12)34.608s1.835s
1149Rich SIMPSON 35.577s (7)35.636s (11)34.636s (10)34.636s1.863s
1253Shaun BEVAN Extreme Culture Cycles35.957s (12)42.465s (39)34.664s (11)34.664s1.891s
1339Paul BOWYER 35.810s (9)35.707s (12)35.160s (13)35.160s2.387s
1472Wayne TABERNOR Solid Bikes37.195s (16)36.259s (17)35.311s (14)35.311s2.538s
1520Pete BARNDEN Sunday Sessions35.913s (11)35.854s (15)35.406s (15)35.406s2.633s
1621Nigel SMITH 37.357s (17)35.491s (10)35.532s (17)35.491s2.718s
1761Chris CROOK Extreme Culture Cycles37.554s (18)36.010s (16)35.525s (16)35.525s2.752s
1864Richard ABBOTT (gvet) Astonhill.com go to site / Cycle Care36.498s (14)35.760s (13)36.954s (21)35.760s2.987s
1966Tim ROWSELL 39.424s (24)36.995s (18)36.309s (18)36.309s3.536s
2035Cristian TOMLINSON www.ibike.co.uk go to site37.901s (19)37.042s (19)36.627s (19)36.627s3.854s
2132Liam GRIMES 40.030s (28)39.938s (29)36.921s (20)36.921s4.148s
2238Philip GRAY Rave Racing39.015s (23)37.965s (21)37.153s (22)37.153s4.380s
2331Paddy BAKER Dialled Bikes / Guak38.399s (21)38.882s (22)37.228s (23)37.228s4.455s
2463Ian WARBY Ctc.Org.Uk38.955s (22)39.664s (26)37.547s (24)37.547s4.774s
2576Darren STEWART 46.552s (46)41.254s (37)37.592s (25)37.592s4.819s
2679David GREGORY (vet) 38.181s (20)39.117s (24)37.611s (26)37.611s4.838s
2778Simon DUMBELTON 39.699s (25)37.668s (20)37.668s4.895s
2817Daniel MARAN DM-IMAGERY41.562s (34)40.171s (31)37.989s (27)37.989s5.216s
2927Mark JAMES (gvt1) 40.890s (32)40.501s (33)38.655s (28)38.655s5.882s
3062Neil HARRIS (vet) 39.981s (27)38.933s (23)41.159s (38)38.933s6.160s
3151Sean HANSON Descent-World.co.uk go to site / Hare racing41.720s (36)40.137s (30)39.051s (29)39.051s6.278s
3240Steve BEVAN Team Boon42.820s (39)39.828s (27)39.278s (30)39.278s6.505s
3373Piers LINNEY 40.615s (30)40.202s (32)39.281s (31)39.281s6.508s
3450Iain BRIERLEY 39.900s (26)39.442s (25)39.531s (32)39.442s6.669s
3569Russell EVANS 41.060s (33)39.914s (28)51.638s (49)39.914s7.141s
3623Colin TURNER 42.430s (38)40.831s (35)40.166s (33)40.166s7.393s
3744Gerry HOLDOM 41.746s (37)42.655s (40)40.268s (34)40.268s7.495s
3818Paul MOLLOY Little Fish Big Pond40.275s (29)40.505s (34)41.583s (40)40.275s7.502s
3922Andy STURLA Team 50+43.722s (41)41.993s (38)40.352s (35)40.352s7.579s
4065Pete WILSON Team Boon42.862s (40)43.393s (41)40.394s (36)40.394s7.621s
4142Anthony STEVENS 40.670s (31)40.921s (36)42.260s (41)40.670s7.897s
4275Dan MOSELEY Team Boon44.702s (44)43.890s (45)40.758s (37)40.758s7.985s
4343Srdjan BAKOVIC 41.591s (35)43.449s (43)41.237s (39)41.237s8.464s
4430Peter GORDON Gaywood43.921s (42)43.404s (42)43.439s (42)43.404s10.631s
4574Tim ANDREW 46.384s (45)43.618s (44)43.509s (43)43.509s10.736s
4629Phill CROSSLEY Sunday Sessions43.993s (43)48.109s (50)43.553s (44)43.553s10.780s
4754Deano ASTBURY Team Boon49.659s (49)46.332s (48)43.732s (45)43.732s10.959s
4868Tim UPSTON Army CSR48.343s (48)46.898s (49)43.763s (46)43.763s10.990s
4977Alan DOLE 47.608s (47)44.659s (46)43.884s (47)43.884s11.111s
5067Russ BROWN 51.071s (50)45.749s (47)47.078s (48)45.749s12.976s



Women  dialpad View finish spread NEW

6 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRun 1Run 2Run 3Best runDiff
1148Sarah Jane ARCHER 46.650s (3)45.774s (2)44.424s (1)44.424s-
2151Nicky BELTON 46.552s (2)46.757s (3)45.451s (2)45.451s1.027s
3150Kate BETTS 46.347s (1)45.639s (1)46.224s (3)45.639s1.215s
4149Helen NICHOLL 49.991s (4)48.242s (4)47.062s (4)47.062s2.638s
5152Heather SHEDD 55.342s (6)55.055s (6)48.172s (5)48.172s3.748s
6154Charlotte BRAND 53.988s (5)53.047s (5)50.672s (6)50.672s6.248s
Lapierre Zesty bike
Lapierre Zesty bike