2017 Maxxis Gravity Series round 5 at Blue Mountain, PA

6th August 2017

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The original results are available at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7b4d9w7BF4PSjlHUFB3bi1kYUk/view

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Gender Both

Pro men

6 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
11Dylan YODERphoto_library Reading Racing2:33.49 (1)-
213Ian NORRIS Filz Built Bicycles Racing2:40.19 (2)6.70s
3304Christopher RIDDERphoto_library DUO / GT Bikes / ROTOR / TRP2:40.29 (3)6.80s
416Ian BONGARDphoto_library 2:46.83 (4)13.34s
5153Jon HANSONphoto_library Mountain Creek Bike Park / ONY / Shimano / Spoke Apparel3:22.93 (5)49.44s
24Corey ZELLphoto_library Pennsylvania Cycling AssociatiDNF

Cat 1: 0-18 boys

4 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
1314Zach GAREISphoto_library Billy Goat Bikes / Leatt2:33.95 (1)-
2315Josh HENNphoto_library Defiant Racing2:45.72 (2)11.77s
345Ashton MILLSphoto_library 2:50.72 (3)16.77s
317Ryhan LOPATICphoto DefiantDNS

Cat 1: 19-29 men

4 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
1254Tyler SMITH (19+)photo_library Fox / Santa Cruz2:41.57 (1)-
2207Felipe SOUSA Wayne Mazda & Pro Tinting2:54.90 (2)13.33s
3296Alec HARDYphoto_library Looney DH2:56.78 (3)15.21s
48Devin MANAHANphoto 2:57.32 (4)15.75s

Cat 1: 30-39 men

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
1141Cole KRAMER (east)photo_library 2:44.29 (1)-
27Jesse BORRORphoto_library Renthal / Wamsley Cycles2:46.70 (2)2.41s
3131Robert MASTERSONphoto Looney DH2:47.79 (3)3.50s
435Matthew DIGILIOphoto_library 2:50.62 (4)6.33s
515Tom NIERIphoto_library Camp3 / Canfield Brothers / Renthal2:50.90 (5)6.61s

Cat 1: 40+ men

6 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
1347Paulo MARTINSphoto_library (NEO) Hospital Deolhos2:51.49 (1)-
2221Jason BECKLEYphoto_library Pennsylvania Cycling Associati2:51.91 (2)0.42s
314Mike HUMMELphoto_library 2:52.27 (3)0.78s
4185Christian GOLDENphoto_library Demon / Fox Racing Shox / Royal2:56.72 (4)5.23s
5230Adam SWETLOWphoto_library A1 CYCLING3:06.79 (5)15.30s
308Jorge GOMESphoto_library Community Bikes and BoardsDNS

Cat 2: 0-18 boys

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
1316Reece JAKSECphoto_library Trilflow bikes2:50.40 (1)-
2138Logan PRINGLEphoto_library 2:58.84 (2)8.44s
3145Grant RAUMphoto_library 3:04.12 (3)13.72s

Cat 2: 19-29 men

6 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
1279Ross RANKINphoto_library Looney DH2:52.07 (1)-
248Zane BARDphoto_library Filz Built Bicycles Racing2:56.47 (2)4.40s
358Jake WADEphoto_library A-1 Cycling Gravity Team2:59.19 (3)7.12s
4121Evan PICINOTTIphoto_library Phenom2:59.51 (4)7.44s
5139Jake TANEYphoto_library Community Bikes and Boards3:05.92 (5)13.85s
653Hugh MULGREWphoto 3:33.50 (6)41.43s

Cat 2: 30-39 men

7 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
1269Erik FALKphoto_library Looney DH2:55.73 (1)-
2251R.J. STONEphoto_library 2:57.15 (2)1.42s
3244Angelo WASHphoto_library A-1 Cycling Gravity Team3:00.12 (3)4.39s
462Dan DAVISphoto Blue Mountain Bike Park3:00.40 (4)4.67s
5174Salvatore MARTELLIphoto_library CCGs Cycles / Dakine3:02.83 (5)7.10s
6305Devon JOHNSONphoto_library 3:04.86 (6)9.13s
759Taylor ANGLEBERGERphoto_library Filz Built Bicycles Racing4:50.91 (7)1:55.18

Cat 2/3: 40-49 men

12 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
194Jason HALLMANphoto_library Bikeline2:56.97 (1)-
255Lander JUNQUEIRA 91 / Pedal Montclair3:04.94 (2)7.97s
396David MOCKphoto_library Filz Built Bicycles Racing3:05.17 (3)8.20s
4169Mike KARFAKISphoto_library 3:12.23 (4)15.26s
5200Eric DENLINGERphoto_library 3:12.90 (5)15.93s
6319Lloyd TIGERphoto_library BIKE KING3:22.27 (6)25.30s
789Mark BELLphoto_library 3:33.17 (7)36.20s
892John GREERphoto_library 3:37.45 (8)40.48s
9346Hugh REYNOLDSphoto_library 3:39.45 (9)42.48s
10290Kevin MONAHANphoto_library Iron City Bikes3:39.86 (10)42.89s
11268Rob SAUNDERSphoto_library 4:03.21 (11)1:06.24
12233Stephen SHUMphoto_library A1 CYCLING / Workshop 119:54.27 (12)6:57.30

Cat 3: 0-18 boys

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
1212Matthew LOWEphoto_library 3:22.83 (1)-
2119Alex HEDDERICKphoto_library Phenom3:23.97 (2)1.14s

Cat 3: 19-29 men

10 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
1229Tyler OLISHphoto_library 2:59.72 (1)-
2320Michael BURNSphoto_library 3:08.13 (2)8.41s
3184Joshua ULRICHphoto_library 3:09.67 (3)9.95s
4301Doug PLATTphoto_library J.T. Racing Pittsburgh3:17.44 (4)17.72s
5183Tyrone PERKINSphoto_library J.T. Racing Pittsburgh3:18.74 (5)19.02s
6168Jacob BOTHELLphoto_library 3:21.61 (6)21.89s
7248Josh SMITH (u20)photo 3:36.50 (7)36.78s
8247Willaim STORRSphoto Georgia Tech Cycling3:37.03 (8)37.31s
976Jeremy BLALOCK J.T. Racing Pittsburgh3:43.81 (9)44.09s
10253Justin EDWARDSphoto_library 3:47.66 (10)47.94s

Cat 3: 30-39 men

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
186Adam NUTTERphoto_library J.T. Racing Pittsburgh3:02.11 (1)-
284Chris FREYphoto_library J.T. Racing Pittsburgh3:13.46 (2)11.35s

0-14 boys

17 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
1109Jack DICHIARAphoto_library Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing2:55.34 (1)-
2302Cody PITTMANphoto_library 3:06.59 (2)11.25s
3113Eric WILLETTSphoto_library SAMMBA3:11.55 (3)16.21s
4286Colin MULALLYphoto_library 3:27.22 (4)31.88s
5318Logan TIGERphoto_library BIKE KING3:37.06 (5)41.72s
6107Hunter BELLphoto_library 3:39.02 (6)43.68s
7234Gavin SHUMphoto_library A1 / Workshop114:08.83 (7)1:13.49
8312Justin FORFIAphoto_library 4:25.97 (8)1:30.63
9309Collin BOURQUEphoto_library Morpheus Bikes / SDR / VIBE OPT4:35.50 (9)1:40.16
10232Levi SHUMphoto_library A1 / Workshop114:45.35 (10)1:50.01
11311Michael FIREOVEDphoto_library 5:08.19 (11)2:12.85
112Tyler TROISIphoto_library J.T. Racing PittsburghDNF
313Joey FORFIAphoto_library DNF
363Riley ARMBRUSTERphoto_library DNF
303Cory REDDERphoto_library DNS

50+ men

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
1306Mike ALVEREZphoto_library 3:12.62 (1)-
2148Phillip DOWNELLphoto_library Filzbuilt3:13.52 (2)0.90s
3345Michael GIBBONS (cat1)photo_library 3:42.40 (3)29.78s
4225Alan DAUMphoto_library 4:16.09 (4)1:03.47
5117Randy RANNELSphoto_library 4:51.95 (5)1:39.33



Pro women

4 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
14Kristin LENARTphoto_library Pennsylvania Cycling Associati2:53.98 (1)-
25Amy LEISHEARphoto_library 3:05.14 (2)11.16s
32Riley WEIDMANphoto_library Morpheus Bike / Reading Racing3:21.90 (3)27.92s
25Robin CLIFFORD J.T. Racing PittsburghDNS

Cat 1 women

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
142Lynn CHILDERSphoto_library Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing3:56.56 (1)-

Cat 2/3 women

4 competitors found
Rank  BibNameSponsorsRaceDiff
1307Abigail RONCAphoto_library 3:40.88 (1)-
2106Grace SUMMERSphoto Mid Atlantic Bicycle Racing As4:24.23 (2)43.35s
3101Jordan BELLphoto_library 4:29.13 (3)48.25s
4104Kelsey KRADELphoto_library 4:42.00 (4)1:01.12