2017 Vittoria ESC DH round 5 at Sugarbush, VT

(2017 BOX East Coast Showdown, DH Round 3)

16th July 2017

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Pro men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

23 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
110Mauricio ESTRADA PULGARINphoto_library 10003638995Minehill, NJDefiant Racing3:30.51 (1)-
2118Benjamin DESPRÉS-MORINphoto_library 10059062371Montreal, QC, CanadaRoost Racing DH3:32.26 (2)1.75s
3121Isaac ALLAIREphoto_library 377720Morrisville, VTSUGARBUSH RESORT / Transition Bikes3:32.75 (3)2.24s
415Steve ESTABROOKphoto_library 300916Burlington, VTDRUMMERRACING / Sugarbush3:33.11 (4)2.60s
5196Luca COMETTIphoto_library 320590San Diego, CACommencal USA3:33.21 (5)2.70s
693Dylan CONTEphoto_library 292804Stowe, VTALCHEMIST BREWERY / IRITE / STOWE3:34.68 (6)4.17s
729Alex MCANDREWphoto_library 262733West Burke, VTOrange Seal / Transition Bikes3:35.47 (7)4.96s
855Dan O'CONNORphoto_library 359735West Haven, CTCanfield Brothers / Fox3:36.27 (8)5.76s
94Jordan DAIGLEphoto_library 406143Becket, MAWulfpak Racing3:36.52 (9)6.01s
10757Juan Sebastian POSADA COLORADOphoto_library 10007376630Madison, NJTerras de San Marino3:38.96 (10)8.45s
1197Steve AVERYphoto_library 105503Hopkinton, NHCane Creek3:42.55 (11)12.04s
123Jordan NEWTHphoto_library 282818West Rutland, VT100% / Specialized / True Wheels3:44.04 (12)13.53s
13124Dylan YODERphoto_library 425139Reading, PADefiant Racing3:48.57 (13)18.06s
1496Anthony BIELEFELDphoto_library 474409Rock Hill, NYWulfpak Racing3:50.68 (14)20.17s
15115Esteban ZULUAGA MEJIAphoto_library 10008588827ColombiaIT RACING / MAXXUX COLUMBIA3:50.85 (15)20.34s
1691Chris MARIphoto_library 249170Somers, NYSpeed Legion Racing3:56.08 (16)25.57s
17117Adam DELONAISphoto_library 312764Salem, MA3:58.47 (17)27.96s
1823Sean SURPRENANTphoto_library 229387Springfield, MASpeed Legion Racing3:59.25 (18)28.74s
199Dustin MASONphoto_library 411978Telluride, COGravity Cartel / wolfpack racing4:05.88 (19)35.37s
2095Jake KAHNphoto_library 352646Putnam Valley, NYDanny's Cycles4:06.32 (20)35.81s
2114Eric MCNEILphoto_library 341880Pembroke, NH4:06.44 (21)35.93s
22119Brendan LOOBYphoto_library 378284Swampscott, MADanny's Cycles8:14.01 (22)4:43.50
11Tim WHITE (east)photo_library 201948Huntington, VTRoyal / Tim White ConstructionDNF

Cat 1: 15-18 boys  dialpad View finish spread NEW

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1303Aidan CASNERphoto_library 420703Montpelier, VTESC / HT / Onza / POC3:49.16 (1)-
2319Lucas REY-SIERROphoto_library 10061112307Bromont, QC, CanadaLATIA CYCLES / NS Bikes3:52.06 (2)2.90s
3312Matt DRISCOLLphoto_library 438309Bow, NHHighland Bike / S and W Sports3:53.35 (3)4.19s
4329Kevin OWENSphoto_library 496964Bedford, NHMAVERICK SQUARE CYCLERY4:12.68 (4)23.52s
5318Avi EHRLICHphoto_library 478482W. Hartford, CTEsc North American Dh Team4:19.76 (5)30.60s

Cat 1: 19-29 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

10 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1348Sebastian HALPERN-REISSphoto_library 438765Waterbury Ctr., VT3:41.16 (1)-
2342Vladislav SHERRYUBLEphoto_library 10059479168Ottawa, ON, CanadaVELOMANIA RU3:55.71 (2)14.55s
3332Jack LANCELINphoto_library 535316Hamden, CT4:07.32 (3)26.16s
4364Beilor Jean Pau PINZÓN HUERTASphoto_library 10035335565Rockaway, NJ4:16.11 (4)34.95s
5368Ross MCDONALDphoto_library 389439Newton, MAMTB Mania4:23.55 (5)42.39s
6351Stefan BELIVEAUphoto_library 281978Claremont, NHClaremont Cycle Depot4:27.41 (6)46.25s
7734Miguel ALMEIDAphoto_library 534831New Beford, MA4:31.65 (7)50.49s
8338Tyler PRUISELLOphoto_library 391526Pine Plains, NY365 Cycles / Commencal / DRUMMERRACING6:57.24 (8)3:16.08
353Brian KIBBEEphoto_library 407584Milford, MADNS
366Louis-Philippe MAILLOUX 10062305203Montreal, QC, CanadaDNS

Cat 1: 30-39 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

7 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1307Ian SCAGLIONEphoto_library 400931Goshen, CTRoyal / Wulfpak Racing4:17.07 (1)-
2224Jack WILLIAMSphoto_library 164519Waterbury, VT305CYCLES / DRUMMERRACING / TLD4:20.38 (2)3.31s
3420Eric CLARKphoto_library 356034Keen, NH365 CYCLE / Drummer Racing / TLD4:24.67 (3)7.60s
4600Aubrey ZULESphoto_library 352156Branford, CT4:27.08 (4)10.01s
5317John RENAUDphoto_library 433277Keene, NH365 Cycles / Drummer Racing4:28.36 (5)11.29s
6324Steve DAYphoto_library 178729Old Chathem, NYBEER & HOOKERS4:39.23 (6)22.16s

Cat 1: 40-49 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1321Jeremy GEIGERphoto_library 100749Oyster Bay, NYBICYCLE PLANET4:24.68 (1)-
2310Fred BASSETTphoto_library 88016Brewster, MAAzonic / O'Neal / Spy4:29.93 (2)5.25s
3613Mark SCHNEPELphoto_library 478643Groverland, MAMATHIEU'S CYCLE & FITNESS4:30.54 (3)5.86s
4323Douglass WILSONphoto_library 280148Keene, NHDrummer Racing4:57.91 (4)33.23s
5454Doug QUINNphoto_library 175232Johnston, RI4:58.35 (5)33.67s

Cat 2/3: 15-18 boys  dialpad View finish spread NEW

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1891Jake DESMARISphoto_library Bristol, CTBikers Edge4:16.52 (1)-
2867Dylan DADDphoto_library 504250Ridgewood, NJ4:32.95 (2)16.43s
3725Brandon SCHOENBORNphoto_library 495107Athens, NYRoyal4:42.59 (3)26.07s
41062Elias COOPERphoto_library Barton, VTITERITE4:57.10 (4)40.58s
5727Alexander DEDITCHphoto_library 534338Wales, MECMCC MATHIEUS CYCLE5:14.89 (5)58.37s

Cat 2/3: 19-29 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

13 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1742Mitch MAHNERphoto_library Souhington, CTBikers Edge / DIABLOS MC4:11.36 (1)-
2999Jacob LANGLOIS Brmon, QC, CanadaTRAIL SHOP / VLO4:17.30 (2)5.94s
3893Jesse FERENCZYphoto_library Coxsackie, NY4:21.64 (3)10.28s
4327Logan CANNONphoto_library Canandaigna, NYKNAR RACING4:24.68 (4)13.32s
5716Sean MCKNIGHTphoto_library 534478Rochester, NYVelo Racing Solutions4:31.39 (5)20.03s
6870Jefferson VELASQUEZ MARTINEZphoto_library Madison, NJ4:34.20 (6)22.84s
7730Mike DULACphoto_library 534561Plantsville, CT4:37.22 (7)25.86s
8736Patrick HEALYphoto_library 534503Rochester, NY4:50.07 (8)38.71s
9733Alex MELNIKphoto_library 504106Montrose, NY4:50.38 (9)39.02s
10751Brendan MCMANUSphoto_library Holandel, NJ4:56.31 (10)44.95s
882Logan BRUNTONphoto Claremont, NHClaremont Cycle DepotDNS
890Will CONROY Killington, VTAmateur Cooperative / DIRT TRIBEDNS
313Kevin WILSON Ashton, ON, CanadaPhat Moose CyclesDNS

Cat 2/3: 30-39 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

15 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1892Tim HOWLANDphoto_library Irasburg, VT4:21.89 (1)-
2780Sean BICKNELLphoto_library Brighton, MA4:26.31 (2)4.42s
3752Brian KENNEDYphoto_library 461461Northampton, MA4:31.16 (3)9.27s
4578Jason TUCCIOphoto_library 473494Fairport, NYIntense / Velo Racing Solutions4:32.66 (4)10.77s
5723Matthew SULLIVANphoto_library 533846Montague, MABICYCLES UNLIMITED4:37.85 (5)15.96s
6705Salvatore MARTELLIphoto_library 523635Oceanport, NJCAG's Cycles4:38.42 (6)16.53s
7782Matthew THOMPSON (cat2)photo_library 535998North Smithfield, RITWISTED DREAMS RACING / VIBE OPT4:39.66 (7)17.77s
8722Matt ST. DENISphoto_library 525972Rochester, NYTeam Lion Floors / Tryon Bike4:45.53 (8)23.64s
9881Scott CARTERphoto_library Swanzey, NH5:08.64 (9)46.75s
10765Todd JOSSELYNphoto_library 534685Orange, CT5:30.11 (10)1:08.22
11749William PRATESphoto_library Stow, MA6:37.10 (11)2:15.21
12886Tyler BARONOSKIphoto_library Keene, NHTWISTEDTIGHT8:22.15 (12)4:00.26
919Brandon CASSELL CAN19800421Strathror, ON, CanadaAdrenalineracer / ToWheelsDNS
1152Brian STUPAK Lindin, NJBEERS BONES / CFM CyclesDNS
1420Richard SOFFAR Brooklyn, NYDNS

Cat 2/3: 40-49 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1758Robert DESMARAISphoto Bristol, CTTEAM EDGE4:21.27 (1)-
2643Damian SANCHEZphoto_library Bronx, NYGT Coalition / TEAM BIKELERY5:01.08 (2)39.81s
3760Alex LITTLEphoto_library Newport, RI5:11.46 (3)50.19s
4747David RICHARDphoto_library 288163Vassalboro, MECentral Maine Cycling Club5:48.33 (4)1:27.06
719Lee COOPER Barton, VTDNS

0-14 boys  dialpad View finish spread NEW

7 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1820Michael MALDONADOphoto_library 435378Stanhope, NJDefiant Racing4:34.44 (1)-
2756Danny DESMARAISphoto_library Bristol, CTTEAM EDGE4:51.50 (2)17.06s
3800Adrian HAYDENphoto_library 438944Saranac Lake, NYTEAM PLACIT PLANET4:54.11 (3)19.67s
4739Cristian SUAREZphoto_library 513281Kenilworth, NJ5:28.79 (4)54.35s
5772Jake SOWLESphoto_library 510768Colchester, VTDanny's Cycles5:46.63 (5)1:12.19
6798Logan TIGERphoto_library 536437Washington, NJBIKE KING / G AND P RACING6:21.91 (6)1:47.47
7894David THOMPSONphoto_library 416861New Canaan, CTCCAP6:37.35 (7)2:02.91

50+ men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1884Greg KARGESphoto_library Puslinch, ON, CanadaAdrenalineracer / ToWheels4:51.36 (1)-
2887Brian RUTTERphoto_library 168738Belchertown, MACollective4:54.06 (2)2.70s
3607John PALLOTTOphoto_library 27111Chesire, CTIDP7 / Magura / NE BIKE / Royal5:48.80 (3)57.44s
1459Jonathan SALINGER 177100Providence, RIBikeman.com go to siteDNS
759Frank PETTY 27962Newport, RICanfield BrothersDNS



Pro/Cat 1 women  dialpad View finish spread NEW

8 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1336Mazie HAYDENphoto_library 520824Pittsfield, VTEsc North American Dh Team4:22.75 (1)-
2988Ella SKALWOLDphoto_library 481337West Burke, VTKINGDOM TRAIL / Transition Bikes4:33.79 (2)11.04s
366Rachel PAGEAUphoto_library 10008178595Chicoutimi, QC, Canada4:37.30 (3)14.55s
450Riley WEIDMANphoto_library 404663Reading, PAMORPTEUS BIKES / Reading Racing4:57.92 (4)35.17s
594Chelsea KIMBALLphoto_library 487911Carlsbad, CATrucker Co / Wulfpak Racing5:33.83 (5)1:11.08
6510Chelsea CROOKEphoto_library 473088Willington, CTKen's Landscaping5:34.35 (6)1:11.60
7116Simona CROCCOLOphoto_library 404011MUTHA STUFFES SANDWICH SHOP5:43.26 (7)1:20.51
8367Christie ALLEBACHphoto_library 317482PA6:21.84 (8)1:59.09

Cat 2/3 women  dialpad View finish spread NEW

4 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1745Danni MESKILLphoto_library 483308Branford, CT5:56.80 (1)-
2748Ivanna ESTRADAphoto_library 535748Minehill, NJ6:05.53 (2)8.73s
317Lisa CHAMBERLANDphoto_library Burlington, VT6:08.33 (3)11.53s
4819Silvana PAEZphoto_library Minehill, NJCapital Riders6:30.74 (4)33.94s