2017 NSDynamics SEQ DH round 1 at Mt Joyce, QLD

(Australian National Champs '17)

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The original results are available at https://www.mtba.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/Results_MtJoyceDhChampsMay17_Run2_F.pdf

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

35 competitors found
PosBib Name Race Diff
bookmark1st3Jack MOIR 2:09.551-
bookmark2nd2Connor FEARON 2:10.8721.32s
bookmark3rd1Troy BROSNAN 2:11.4831.93s
 4th5Dean LUCAS 2:11.9242.37s
 5th4Joshua BUTTON 2:12.3952.84s
 6th9Joel WILLIS 2:14.9765.42s
 7th10Harry BUSH 2:15.4775.92s
 8th6Remy MORTON 2:15.9586.40s
 9th19Harry DONALD 2:18.6399.08s
 10th8Jake NEWELL 2:19.761010.21s
 11th26Andrew CAVAYE 2:19.841110.29s
 12th24Bryce STIRLING 2:22.961213.41s
 13th7Oliver ZWAR 2:23.091313.54s
 14th13Jacob REEVES 2:23.341413.79s
 15th18Harrison REIBELT 2:24.191514.64s
 16th16Dave HABICHT 2:24.251614.70s
 17th27Jeremy ARMSTRONG 2:26.331716.78s
 18th23Samuel BROWNLIE 2:28.231818.68s
 19th14Ryan LEUTTON 2:31.091921.54s
 20th-Jack WRIGHT 2:31.242021.69s
 21st11Brent SMITH 2:31.292121.74s
 22nd12Samuel FRASER 2:31.792222.24s
 23rd22Lachlan STUERZL 2:32.102322.55s
 24th-Akira YAMADA 2:34.342424.79s
 25th17Jacob CROSS 2:38.572529.02s
 26th25Chris DALZIEL 2:39.952630.40s
 27th21Cameron TOMLINSON 2:40.522730.97s
 28th-Ben WRIGHT 2:49.492839.94s
 29th-Luke COUGHRAN 2:57.362947.81s
 30th20Linden ROSIER 2:58.233048.68s
 31st15Callum DAWES 3:11.13311:01.58
 -Chris O'DOWD DNS
 -Jamie BORG DNS

Expert men  dialpad Finish spread

21 competitors found
PosBib Name Race Diff
bookmark1st104Jason HENDERSON 2:40.361-
bookmark2nd113Simon CAMPBELL 2:41.6021.24s
bookmark3rd-Corbin WIEBER 2:42.1031.74s
 4th102Trent BYRNE 2:43.9543.59s
 5th111Ryan MENTAKIS 2:47.4157.05s
 6th101Daniel WESTON 2:48.7768.41s
 7th109Isaac GITTINS 2:51.92711.56s
 8th105Cale JONES 2:54.16813.80s
 9th114James RICHARDS 2:55.38915.02s
 10th-Lewis MILNER 2:57.811017.45s
 11th110Zak LOUDOUN 2:59.591119.23s
 12th112Andrew DEAN 3:01.071220.71s
 13th-Blake BAUER 3:09.391329.03s
 14th-Mathew TRELOUR 3:15.221434.86s
 15th106Kyle ADDY 3:17.911537.55s
 16th103Mitchell FRASER 3:24.391644.03s
 17th-Terry HESLIN 3:27.231746.87s
 18th-Morgan DOWLING 3:43.52181:03.16
 19th108Simon BARBER 6:50.67194:10.31
 107Dane WHISSON

Sport men  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found
PosBib Name Race Diff
bookmark1st-Trevor BATH 2:59.881-
bookmark2nd-Linden RUMBALL 3:09.4029.52s
bookmark3rd-Rowan SIMPSON 3:22.45322.57s
 4th-Damien WELCH 3:33.80433.92s
 5th-Wade BEVERIDGE 3:48.08548.20s

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

18 competitors found
PosBib Name Race Diff
bookmark1st802Dylan KUIPER-GOW 2:42.811-
bookmark2nd807Corey ACKERMAN 2:42.9520.14s
bookmark3rd805Ben JENKINSON 2:48.5835.77s
 4th803Sam LUFF 2:50.5647.75s
 4th-Sam LUFF 2:50.5647.75s
 6th801Kaia ELLIS 2:51.7668.95s
 7th808Spencer RHODES 3:01.89719.08s
 8th809Mali ASANG 3:07.69824.88s
 9th901Wil STOCKTON 3:16.50933.69s
 10th-Jack TAYLOR 3:17.761034.95s
 11th902Lewis ALLBON 3:19.231136.42s
 12th-Adam SVANBERG 3:43.70121:00.89
 13th-Kaydin BATH 3:58.72131:15.91
 14th-Brady LOWRY 4:28.70141:45.89
 15th-Max HUMBLE 5:27.76152:44.95
 903Clancy JOHNSTON
 804Kegan REES
 806Aiden FINLAY

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

26 competitors found
PosBib Name Race Diff
bookmark1st701Kye A'HERN 2:22.851-
bookmark2nd702Pacey STOCKTON 2:24.6121.76s
bookmark3rd704Caleb REES 2:33.83310.98s
 4th703Ethan CORNEY 2:35.33412.48s
 5th716Jaxon SAWYER 2:41.93519.08s
 6th718Jayden LOENNEKER 2:43.48620.63s
 7th-Will HOOPER 2:44.12721.27s
 8th715Max HARRISON 2:45.90823.05s
 9th714Liam MELNACIS 2:48.84925.99s
 10th711Charlie HOWARD 2:52.181029.33s
 11th717Mack MALONE 2:53.701130.85s
 12th-Toby MCCANN 2:54.581231.73s
 12th708Tomas EVANS-BUTCHER 2:54.581231.73s
 14th713Oliver KAARD 2:59.441436.59s
 14th719Connor AVES 2:59.441436.59s
 16th710Sam LLOYD-JONES 3:06.021643.17s
 17th709William COMAN 3:07.411744.56s
 18th707Nathan CUBIT 3:09.351846.50s
 19th-Caleb HEASLIP 3:19.171956.32s
 20th-Kayleb FAWCETT 3:25.84201:02.99
 21st712Mathew EGGINS 3:33.31211:10.46
 -Callum GREEN DNS
 705Stephan FICOVIC
 706Will BAKER

U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

32 competitors found
PosBib Name Race Diff
bookmark1st201Baxter MAIWALD 2:16.141-
bookmark2nd205Darcy COUTTS 2:19.2823.14s
bookmark3rd202Patrick BUTLER 2:21.5235.38s
 4th204Bryce HEATHCOTE 2:24.4948.35s
 5th213Matt CARTER 2:24.8858.74s
 6th206Matt ELLISON 2:25.8369.69s
 7th220Niki BARBER 2:27.04710.90s
 8th212Declan O'CONNOR 2:28.66812.52s
 9th209Christopher PALSER 2:32.83916.69s
 10th-Jonah DUNNE 2:34.391018.25s
 11th216Damon BLACKER 2:34.601118.46s
 12th208Cameron CUBIT 2:40.431224.29s
 13th207Harry PARSONS 2:40.801324.66s
 14th-Jacob WEEKES 2:41.491425.35s
 15th210Riley HORSMAN 2:47.731531.59s
 16th-Zach WORRESCHK 2:50.681634.54s
 17th-Daniel NOTHDURFT 2:56.651740.51s
 18th219Andrew BUTLER 3:00.141844.00s
 19th-Lachlan DE LAINE 3:01.211945.07s
 20th-Bradley MILLS 3:03.292047.15s
 21st-Caleb HARDACRE 3:06.942150.80s
 22nd-Alex DELBRIDGE 3:07.852251.71s
 23rd-Caleb MCNEILL ROBERTSON 3:08.562352.42s
 24th-Jamayne CAMPBELL 3:12.382456.24s
 25th215Thomas FISHER 3:14.562558.42s
 26th214Bodie BACON 3:16.23261:00.09
 27th211Yuliang SEOW 3:18.27271:02.13
 28th218Russell SNAPPER 3:24.71281:08.57
 29th222Joshua CLARK 19:19.142917:03.00
 203Benjamin ZWAR KVIST
 217Aaron GUNGL
 221Riley YARNOLD

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

16 competitors found
PosBib Name Race Diff
bookmark1st404Damien ROGATEK 2:31.461-
bookmark1st-Damien BOGATEK 2:31.461-
bookmark3rd304Jacob COLES 2:35.1333.67s
 4th401Jake ROYLE 2:35.4543.99s
 5th403Sanjay CHANDRA 2:36.1954.73s
 6th301Aaron CAIRNS 2:37.5866.12s
 7th402Brendan KOVARIK 2:39.4477.98s
 8th302Reece CARTER 2:40.8789.41s
 9th306Andrew ASHTON 2:42.82911.36s
 10th-Kane LOWE 2:54.181022.72s
 11th305Lance HOOPER 2:57.381125.92s
 12th-David PALL 2:58.681227.22s
 13th-James BOYD 3:16.911345.45s
 14th-Kerrin BASSETT 3:20.241448.78s
 15th-Ashley JURKIEWICZ 3:28.341556.88s
 303David LEWIS

40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

15 competitors found
PosBib Name Race Diff
bookmark1st601Robert STONE 2:33.591-
bookmark2nd502Michael HAYHOE 2:40.5526.96s
bookmark3rd-Steve BARTLETT 2:54.11320.52s
 4th602Stuart DEAN 2:59.20425.61s
 5th-Russell ENEVER 2:59.49525.90s
 6th603Ken BATT 3:01.98628.39s
 7th351Mark O'DONOHUE 3:03.61730.02s
 8th352Mark BROSING 3:21.40847.81s
 9th-Vince PITTORINO 3:21.49947.90s
 10th551Steve COLES 3:36.97101:03.38
 11th-Adrian BRADBURY 3:48.29111:14.70
 12th605Simon KRELLE 3:53.39121:19.80
 13th-Armand DE VRIES 3:53.78131:20.19
 14th651Robert DAVIS 4:12.52141:38.93
 604John BRYDGES

Single crown men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found
PosBib Name Race Diff
bookmark1st-Matthew CAMPBELL 3:05.331-
bookmark2nd-Michael LEHRMANN 3:13.3628.03s
bookmark3rd-Michael ROUTLEDGE 3:13.8338.50s
 4th-Joshua BAIRSTOW 3:23.48418.15s



Open women  dialpad Finish spread

21 competitors found
PosBib Name Race Diff
bookmark1st1005Ronja HILL-WRIGHT 2:44.711-
bookmark2nd1003Sian A'HERN 2:46.9122.20s
bookmark3rd1006Kaitlin LAWLOR 2:49.5134.80s
 4th1001Lisa MATHISON 2:49.9445.23s
 5th1201Ellie SMITH 2:51.5556.84s
 6th1004Kellie WEINERT 2:54.3469.63s
 7th1008Shelly FLOOD 2:55.76711.05s
 8th1351Coleen BOYES 3:08.82824.11s
 9th1701Cassie VOYSEY 3:15.51930.80s
 10th1007Tracey KNIGHT 3:19.621034.91s
 11th1202Sally POTTER 3:36.781152.07s
 12th-Jade TORRISI 3:36.881252.17s
 13th1301Alessia ABRAMI 3:44.371359.66s
 14th1101Caitlin DORE 3:47.76141:03.05
 15th1401Alicia DEWBERRY 4:08.89151:24.18
 16th1402Eileen ROULIS 5:17.47162:32.76
 17th1702Emma MOORE 5:26.59172:41.88
 1002Tegan MOLLOY
 1010Sarah GAMBLE
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