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9-10 boys  dialpad Finish spread

20 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsRun 1Run 2Total timeDiff
bookmark145Creag MUIR 53s155s11:48-
bookmark248Kyler MACLEOD 55s258s41:53 5s
bookmark319Archie FERGUSON West Highland Wheelers57s357s21:54 6s
 451Cohen POOLE 1:00457s21:57 9s
 531Archie JOHNSTON 1:04559s52:0315s
 641Sorley SWABEY 1:0561:0162:0618s
 742Jack BAMBER 1:0671:0272:0820s
 854Arran CAMERON 1:0671:0582:1123s
 949Toby JACKSON 1:0791:07102:1426s
 1032Shane O'RUA West Highland Wheelers1:12101:0582:1729s
 1135Harris PENMAN MEEDIES 1:12101:07102:1931s
 1227Alistair GALLOWAY Mini Mountain Bikers1:12101:08132:2032s
 1314Daniel COPP 1:16131:07102:2335s
 14155Cameron JOHNSTON 1:23151:15142:3850s
 1512Lennox CAMPBELL 1:19141:20162:3951s
 16141Neil MCDOUGALL 1:29171:15142:4456s
 1739Alexander PERVAN 1:24161:23182:4759s
 18100Aidan BALTRUNAS 1:36181:20162:561:08
 1917Christopher COPP 1:39201:40193:191:31
 2029Cailean GALLOWAY Mini Mountain Bikers1:36181:44203:201:32

11-12 boys  dialpad Finish spread

18 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsRun 1Run 2Total timeDiff
bookmark163Cory MUIR 47s149s21:36-
bookmark270Andrew GEORGESON 52s348s11:40 4s
bookmark364Daniel PARFITT West Highland Wheelers51s252s31:43 7s
 467Benjamin WIPAT bikers boutique / Leslie Bike Shop52s353s51:45 9s
 559Leo MACKINTOSH Wolfpax Riders53s555s81:4812s
 657Matthew MACKENZIE (juv) Meedies Bike Club58s752s31:5014s
 750Matthew COPP 58s754s61:5216s
 752Lewis DUNCAN East Sutherland Wheelers58s754s61:5216s
 953Dylan HAWORTH Tay Titans57s655s81:5216s
 1072Corin GRAY 1:031255s81:5822s
 1156Dougal JONES Kintyre MTB1:031258s112:0125s
 1168Cole JACKSON 1:031258s112:0125s
 1154Joel HAZLETT 1:031258s112:0125s
 1466Campbell SPENCELY Falcons CC BishopBriggs1:021159s142:0125s
 1565Josh PARTON West Highland Wheelers1:00101:01162:0125s
 1661Alexander MACLEOD 1:041759s142:0327s
 1758Campbell MACKINTOSH West Highland Wheelers1:03121:05172:0832s
 1871Luke MACKENZIE 1:08181:05172:1337s

13-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsRun 1Run 2Total timeDiff
bookmark147Rohan POOL 46s146s11:32-
bookmark2152Sorley MACDONALD 48s247s21:35 3s
bookmark377Jamie MACKENZIE Meedies Bike Club50s449s51:39 7s
 4154Hugh HENDERSON 52s648s31:40 8s
 581Evan MACDONALD (yth) 50s450s61:40 8s
 678Hamish MCKAY 49s351s71:40 8s
 780Rory SPENCELEY 55s748s31:4311s
 886Duncan O'ROURKE 57s854s91:5119s
 975Liam AVERY Wolfpax Riders1:011052s81:5321s
 1083Connor TAYLOR (yth) 59s957s101:5624s
 1182Fraser CLARK 1:061158s112:0432s
 1276Coll FULLARTON Black Isle Mountain Bike Club1:08121:02122:1038s
 1384Finlay DEMPSTER 1:12131:08132:2048s
 1479Ross MILLAR (juv) West Highland Wheelers1:27141:21142:481:16

15-16 boys  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsRun 1Run 2Total timeDiff
bookmark191Alasdair POLL West Highland Wheelers43s141s11:24-
bookmark292Dougal SPENCELEY 46s245s21:31 7s
bookmark394Aiden MCMANON 51s450s31:4117s
 497Euan HARLEY 57s552s41:4925s
 5153Euart DYMOND 57s554s51:5127s
 690Angus FRASER 48s31:0671:5430s
 793Dalton WALLACE 1:0571:0462:0945s



9-10 girls  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsRun 1Run 2Total timeDiff
bookmark1110Anna MACKENZIE Meedies Bike Club1:1011:0712:17-
bookmark2111Jessica WIPAT Tay Titans1:1921:2222:4124s
bookmark3112Caragh MUIR 1:2331:2432:4730s
 4115Ruth MCDOUGALL 1:3041:2742:5740s
 5114Loreta VITOLA 2:3251:5254:242:07
 6113Ruby CLARK 2:3862:0864:462:29

11-12 girls  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsRun 1Run 2Total timeDiff
bookmark1121Aimi KENYON Black Isle Mountain Bike Club56s158s11:54-
bookmark2126Ruby THORNLEY 1:1421:0622:2026s
bookmark3133Maisie MCMULKIN 1:2131:1532:3642s
 4122Nina-Yves CAMERON 1:3041:3243:021:08

13-14 girls  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsRun 1Run 2Total timeDiff
bookmark1123Charlotte GILMOUR 1:0311:0112:04-
bookmark2140Erin WOOD 1:1621:0522:2117s

15-16 girls

1 competitor found
Pos BibNameSponsorsRun 1Run 2Total timeDiff
bookmark1151Karra LAING Moray Mountain Bike1:0811:0012:08-
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