Massanutten YEE-HA! at Massanutten, VA

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Pro men  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st51Logan MULALLY Specialized3:23.251-
emoji_events2nd58Justin GREGORY 7Springs3:27.8124.56s
emoji_events3rd59Tim PRICE Specialized3:27.9534.70s
 4th52Brian YANNUZZI 3:33.59410.34s
 5th50Jason BECKLEY Kenda USA3:34.42511.17s
 6th54Marvin SCANLAND 3:37.24613.99s
 7th53Daniel ENNIS 3:39.93716.68s
 8th57B.J. TREGLIA 3:40.01816.76s
 9th63Dan WHITEHEAD The 5703:42.60919.35s
 10th56Wesley BOUCHER 3:45.771022.52s
 55Samuel PENSLER SpecializedDNF
 62Ethan QUEHL DNS

Open men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st274Justin STEINER Dirt Rag3:48.401-
emoji_events2nd273John CLOUTIER 5:37.3521:48.95
emoji_events3rd275Chad SIMS 5:57.4832:09.08

Expert: 0-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st9Walker SHAW Specialized3:25.901-
emoji_events2nd7Reid DRESSLER Specialized3:26.7320.83s
emoji_events3rd8Luca SHAW Specialized3:27.8431.94s
 4th10Jimmy LESLIE Specialized3:36.38410.48s
 5th4Richard PEDIGO 3:40.49514.59s
 6th1Jay FESPERMAN Specialized3:43.04617.14s
 7th3Anthony (Ace) SAVARESE 3:45.47719.57s
 8th6Sam SKIDMORE 3:47.04821.14s
 9th11Ben CALHOUN Specialized3:48.55922.65s
 10th12Shane LESLIE HIGHGEAR3:48.931023.03s
 11th15J.T. LINVILLE 3:49.021123.12s
 12th16Derek MAIDEN 3:49.951224.05s
 13th5Robert LEWIS 7Springs3:52.341326.44s
 14th14Jackson DRAKE 3:53.931428.03s
 15th13Trey CASSELL 3:55.101529.20s
 16th2Eric VEST Specialized4:08.251642.35s

Expert: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st113Zachary CUTRIGHT 3:33.321-
emoji_events2nd111Eric SMITH 3:35.2921.97s
emoji_events3rd107Danny CESARE 3:35.4832.16s
 4th108Burke SAUNDERS 3:35.8642.54s
 5th115Tripp BAGNAL DTF Racing3:39.0155.69s
 6th110Justin STEINER Dirt Rag3:43.52610.20s
 7th100Collin VENTO 3:44.90711.58s
 8th114Wilson SANSBURY DTF Racing3:47.11813.79s
 9th105Robert MONJURE 3:47.24913.92s
 10th112Craig CHILDS Rocky Mountain Cycles3:52.631019.31s
 11th116Richard MAREE 3:56.111122.79s
 12th109Richard PATTY 3:58.921225.60s
 13th104Andrew COHEN 4:01.701328.38s
 14th117Gabriel PFEIFFER 4:09.001435.68s
 15th103Matt KING Blue Ridge4:09.151535.83s
 16th106Jameson HINKLE 4:09.441636.12s
 17th101Ed BUGG 4:11.121737.80s

Expert: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st127Kevin LIEBIG Fox Racing Shox3:33.871-
emoji_events2nd141Matt GRIFFIN SEI Racing3:40.7326.86s
emoji_events3rd130Andrew FARRELL 3:41.9238.05s
 4th132Thomas SCHUELER (30+) Chesapeake3:42.0048.13s
 5th133Corey GREENELTCH 3:45.10511.23s
 6th137Shawn METCALF 3:45.36611.49s
 7th128David PEREZ SEI Racing3:54.05720.18s
 8th139Pryde DOTTERER Trek3:55.29821.42s
 9th136Darren SAVAGE 3:56.98923.11s
 10th134Lane BOERTMANN Beachwood3:58.041024.17s
 11th131Matthew SLATER SN4L4:03.201129.33s
 12th138James BOYER Bike Stop4:04.601230.73s
 13th126Mark WALLACE 4:07.081333.21s
 14th135Brett FERGUSON 4:09.861435.99s
 15th143Andrew FARRIS Filthy Hip4:14.711540.84s
 16th142Michael ALLINGHAM Filthy Hip4:19.501645.63s
 140Jeremy RANEY SEI RacingDNF
 129Harley ADDAIR wired rideDNS

Expert: 40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st151Andy DEVAULT SEI Racing3:47.611-
emoji_events2nd157Ian STARR Rudy Racing3:48.5320.92s
emoji_events3rd154Randy ARNOLD 3:53.8336.22s
 4th153George John LESLIE High Gear Racing3:54.5246.91s
 5th147Joe BELL Kenda Azo3:59.72512.11s
 6th152Mark OVERBY Filthy Hip4:03.20615.59s
 7th156Michael IRETON 4:10.57722.96s
 8th155Phillip COOK 4:11.85824.24s
 9th149George BODYCOAT 4:18.08930.47s
 10th148Edward BUCHAN Filthy Hip4:18.601030.99s
 11th150Michael DART CHAINSMOKE RACING4:51.85111:04.24

Sport: 0-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st25Ian TURNER 4:13.811-
emoji_events2nd21Sam COOKSON 4:16.7122.90s
emoji_events3rd31Jeff CULP 4:24.05310.24s
 4th29Connor GORMAN 4:32.82419.01s
 5th27Nick GRAY Bikeline4:50.78536.97s
 6th22Ben BODYCOAT 4:59.69645.88s
 7th26Pierce TAYLOR 5:26.4271:12.61
 8th24Drew CLOUTIER 6:47.7782:33.96
 28Matthew FITZGERALD (u23) DNS

Sport: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st173Joseph BURKELL Xfusion3:57.311-
emoji_events2nd178Joseph SANDERS Rogue4:02.4825.17s
emoji_events3rd172Dan DELLI-COLLI SBC4:06.8839.57s
 4th165Kenneth KARLE Jr. 4:12.86415.55s
 5th167Justin MCHENRY Fast Line4:20.06522.75s
 6th170Jonathan HOWLETTE 4:25.51628.20s
 7th177Lexington BITTLE 4:25.89728.58s
 8th166Chris OBRIEN Team Kill4:27.07829.76s
 9th174Thomas VELASQUEZ 4:29.41932.10s
 10th168Denny WARD Team Kill4:35.661038.35s
 11th175Alan TARWATER 4:43.581146.27s
 12th176Brandon BLAKELY 7:57.96124:00.65
 171Jeffrey NELSON DNF
 169Jimmy AWAD Re:CyclesDNF
 179Matt SANDERS RogueDNF

Sport: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st199Brandon BARBER 4:22.231-
emoji_events2nd201Joseph LYNCH Filthy Hip4:34.96212.73s
emoji_events3rd196Keith O'BRIEN 4:40.73318.50s
 4th198Carl RODIO 4:54.85432.62s
 5th200Walter CONNARE 5:09.14546.91s
 6th197James CRUZE EHB19:50.27615:28.04

Sport: 40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st217Todd CHOLEVIK 3:53.341-
emoji_events2nd212Jeff HAIGHT 4:21.47228.13s
emoji_events3rd220Kurt DRESSLER 4:23.77330.43s
 4th213Richard GARYANTES CHAINSMOKE RACING4:24.29430.95s
 5th214Pete SHINAULT 4:27.90534.56s
 6th215William LAMIE WTC4:40.21646.87s
 7th223Stephen COLEMAN 4:40.58747.24s
 8th227John GRAICHEN Pretty In4:52.45859.11s
 9th224David GRAY Bikeline4:57.2891:03.94
 10th221John CLOUTIER 5:12.44101:19.10
 11th226Jay HIGHSMITH 5:13.63111:20.29
 12th218Robert VELASQUEZ OC Racing5:37.55121:44.21
 13th216Robert BUCHAN Filthy Hip6:15.40132:22.06
 14th211Chas SCHMIDT 6:30.50142:37.16
 225Chris GRAY DNS
 222Frank WUERTHELE Dirt RagDNS

Beginner: 0-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st23David DRESSLER Specialized5:16.781-
emoji_events2nd33Andrew SUMMERS 5:44.03227.25s
emoji_events3rd32Noah BARBER 6:49.6131:32.83
 4th34Phillip STEELE CHAINSMOKE RACING7:24.8442:08.06

Beginner: 19+ men  dialpad Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st256Joshua ABELARD Blue Ridge4:12.201-
emoji_events2nd263Tommy FRANCIS EPBicycles4:28.43216.23s
emoji_events3rd259Nicholas ZINZER 4:29.39317.19s
 4th257Roxy RACIOPPO 4:39.07426.87s
 5th268Jason THORNE 4:44.12531.92s
 6th250Ryan MAICHEL North End4:45.24633.04s
 7th247P.J. DAILEY 4:47.26735.06s
 8th246Mark RENSHAW 4:48.75836.55s
 9th266Richard HENEGAR Blue Ridge4:54.14941.94s
 10th251Thomas MOORE (18+) 4:54.331042.13s
 11th252Christopher TENLEY 4:56.571144.37s
 12th264Evan SNEAD Re:Cycles4:57.231245.03s
 13th265Gino GROFT 5:04.571352.37s
 14th245Phil THAI 5:14.84141:02.64
 15th258Joe OLIVAS 5:27.92151:15.72
 16th249Brian RIPLEY 5:59.87161:47.67
 17th244Harry BENAVENT 6:03.67171:51.47
 18th254Chris KOSTOLNI 6:06.92181:54.72
 19th248Daniel REYNOLDS (mas) team loro6:11.25191:59.05
 20th267Shane REILLY 6:20.01202:07.81
 21st253Jeremy BENJAMIN 6:22.95212:10.75
 22nd255Ryan KOSTOLNI 7:20.78223:08.58
 261Evan GAY DNS

Hardtail men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st371Adam OSTERHOLZ YO MOMMA!4:31.251-
emoji_events2nd375William CURBOW Blue Ridge4:43.19211.94s
emoji_events3rd372Zachary PRICE 5:17.21345.96s
 4th374Ryan MAICHEL North End5:42.5241:11.27
 5th377Joe OLIVAS 5:49.4451:18.19
 6th376Ben BRISLEY 6:45.9662:14.71
 370Nathan SHEARER DNS



Pro women  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st2Lauren DANEY Specialized4:09.221-
emoji_events2nd1Anne GALYEAN 4:20.38211.16s
emoji_events3rd3Katelyn BAGNAL DTF Racing4:53.39344.17s

Expert women

1 competitor found

Sport women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st9Jennifer WOLFSON SVBC5:34.371-
emoji_events2nd10Karen BROOKS Dirt Rag5:36.3822.01s

Beginner women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st12Kelley RENSHAW 5:57.541-
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