2018 European 4x/dual round 9 [Bronze] at Sarntal

(2018 European 4x/dual Amateur, Round 9 [Bronze])

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The original results are available at http://4cross.eu/images/press/2018/Rangliste_2018_9_Sarntal_4Cross.pdf

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Gender Both

Elite men

14 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark11Simon WALDBURGERphoto_library 1st-A
bookmark26Robin BREGGERphoto_library 2nd-A
bookmark31Giovanni POZZONIphoto_library 3rd-A
 411Erik EMMRICHphoto_library 4th-A
 512Jan Philipp EVERSphoto_library 1st-B
 614Ingo KAUFMANNphoto_library 2nd-B
 715Oskar SHILLINGphoto_library 3rd-B
 88Lars EVERSphoto_library 4th-B
 95Manuel OBERKALMSTEINERphoto_library
 1010Fabian GÄRTNERphoto_library
 113Matteo GORETTIphoto_library
 1213Samuel WILLIMANNphoto_library
 137André GRAFphoto_library
 144Christoph MOSERphoto_library

U11 boys

2 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1507Tim SCHAUBphoto_library 1st
bookmark2506Silas SCHOGERphoto_library 2nd

U13 boys

3 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1508Elias HEMMINGERphoto 1st
bookmark2504Bastian DANNFALDphoto_library 2nd
bookmark3505Moritz REINHARDT 3rd

U15 boys

3 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1503Samuel SCHOGERphoto 1st
bookmark2501Noël HARTER 2nd
bookmark3502Yanik SAHMphoto_library 3rd

U17 boys

7 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1407Eddy MASSOWphoto_library 1st-A
bookmark2404Fabian VON ALLMENphoto_library 2nd-A
bookmark3405Michael DUCphoto_library 3rd-A
 4403Manuel SIERRAphoto_library 4th-A
 5402Daniel CAVOSIphoto
 6406Felix BUBphoto_library
 7401Lukas TRETTL

30+ men

4 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1202Manuel SCHIAVOphoto 1st
bookmark2205Pascal DUCphoto 2nd
bookmark3204Marco WILLIMANNphoto_library 3rd
 4206Bernhard LEYKAUF 4th

Fun men

1 competitor found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1203Sacha DUCphoto_library



Open women

4 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1102Samanta PESENTIphoto 1st
bookmark2101Veronika WIDMANNphoto_library 2nd
bookmark3104Nina VON ALLMENphoto_library 3rd
 4105Janna-Sophie SAAMphoto 4th
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