2018 European 4x/dual round 11 [Gold] at Leibstadt

(2018 European 4x/dual Amateur, Round 11 [Gold])

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The original results are available at http://4cross.eu/images/press/2018/Rangliste_2018_11_Leibstadt_4Cross.pdf

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Gender Both

Elite men

25 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark16Simon WALDBURGERphoto_library Bikeshop Mainstreet42 / g-Form Swiss Team / Vc leibstadt1st-A
bookmark21Quentin DERBIERphoto_library Riders Spirit - O'Neal Team2nd-A
bookmark316Noel NIEDERBERGERphoto_library Hiag-Data NS Bikes Factory Team / Vc leibstadt3rd-A
 424Charly GAILLARDphoto_library Challenge 1 / EC Colmar / MONDRAKER / Team BGI4th-A
 58Robin BREGGERphoto_library Bike-Park-Wolfach e.V.1st-B
 65Gustaw DĄDELAphoto_library Cst tires / dr felga / elube / pitcha gogles / weeze bike2nd-B
 710Jakub KANTORphoto_library Laguna Cycles Team3rd-B
 818Jan Philipp EVERSphoto_library Vc leibstadt4th-B
 911David SPURNÝphoto_library Laguna Cycles Team
 103Ingo KAUFMANNphoto_library BikeOrado- Racing- Team
 1121Jojo RAUTERBERGphoto_library Bike Team Steinweiler / CL brakes / SJS
 1217Fabian GÄRTNERphoto_library g-Form Swiss Team / Vc leibstadt
 1314Chaney GUENNETphoto_library DARTMOOR / Kenny / Michelin / Scorpio Exo Europe
 1422Yanik PFISTERphoto_library RV Rieden Wallisellen
 1523André GRAFphoto_library Vc leibstadt
 1615Christian MAIBACHphoto_library B+B 4x Team / RC Steffisburg
 172Erik EMMRICHphoto_library Leatt / Propain Bicycles / Propain Gravity Union / Schwalbe / Sixpack-Racing.com go to site
 187Samuel WILLIMANNphoto_library Schmid Velosport Aarau-Rohr / Specialized / Trailsupply
 1925Lukas REUSTphoto_library Mountain Reggae Radio / Vc leibstadt
 2013Tim GÜRSCHphoto_library Radclub 93 Winnenden
 2119Lars EVERSphoto_library Hoppe Bikes / Vc leibstadt
 2220Daniel ANGERphoto_library Propain / Schneelaufverein Ravensburg e.V.
 239Jack HUDSONphoto_library Chicksands Race Team
 2412Jiří VESELÝphoto_library Czech Team
 254Connor HUDSONphoto_library Chicksands Race Team

U11 boys

11 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1705Fabian LAPPphoto_library Bike-Park Wolfach e. V. / Bike-Park-Wolfach e.V.1st-A
bookmark2701Tim SCHAUBphoto_library Fighters Wallisellen / RV Rieden Wallisellen2nd-A
bookmark3703Tino DIETERLEphoto_library Bike-Park-Wolfach e.V.3rd-A
 4708Dennis ARCHERphoto_library POWERBIKE WINTERTHUR4th-A
 5707Livio HADORNphoto_library RV Rieden Wallisellen / The Fighters Wallisellen1st-B
 6710Nelson MÜLLERphoto_library Big Boy Racing2nd-B
 7706Fabian VON ARBphoto_library Vc leibstadt3rd-B
 8704Raphael UNGEFUGphoto_library Bike Park Wolfach / Bike-Park-Wolfach e.V.4th-B
 9702Silas SCHOGERphoto Fighters Wallisellen / RV Rieden Wallisellen
 10709Gian HAUENSTEINphoto_library Bike-Park-Wolfach e.V.
 11711Jon SPANNAGEL Bike-Park Wolfach e. V. / Bike-Park-Wolfach e.V.

U13 boys

8 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1601Fabio SANTOSphoto_library Bike-Park-Wolfach e.V.1st-A
bookmark2606Robin FANKHAUSERphoto_library Fastlane Gravity Team2nd-A
bookmark3602Julian GÜRSCHphoto_library Radclub 93 Winnenden3rd-A
 4607Nico WYSSphoto_library Fastlane Gravity Team4th-A
 5603Bastian DANNFALDphoto_library EJW Baltmannsweiler / www.Gefunden-werden.com go to site1st-B
 6605Mattia MACORphoto_library Fastlane Gravity Team2nd-B
 7608Malik YILDIZphoto_library Fastlane Gravity Team3rd-B
 8604Sidney ARCHERphoto_library POWERBIKE WINTERTHUR4th-B

U15 boys

12 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1505Samuel SCHOGERphoto_library Bike Team Steinweiler / bike-o-Radio RacingTeam1st-A
bookmark2502Noël HARTERphoto_library Bike-Park Wolfach / Bike-Park-Wolfach e.V. / Stolz IT Consulting2nd-A
bookmark3503Kevin KERNphoto_library Bike-Park-Wolfach e.V.3rd-A
 4510Florian ZIMMERLIphoto_library Fastlane Gravity Team4th-A
 5501Joshua LEHMANNphoto_library Bike-Park-Wolfach e.V.1st-B
 6509Leon SCHISCHKAphoto_library Ejw Baltmansweiler2nd-B
 7504Fabio PARISIphoto_library Bike-Park-Wolfach e.V.3rd-B
 8512Yanik SAHMphoto_library RV RADLERLUST GOMARINGEN / Team Steinlach-Wiesaz4th-B
 9506Leonard HERMESphoto_library Bike-Park-Wolfach e.V.
 10508Joris BIEGphoto Vc leibstadt
 11507Dario WALTHERTphoto_library BeO 4X Raceing Team / RC Steffisburg
 12511Simon WETLIphoto_library B+B 4Cross Team

U17 boys

6 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1405Eddy MASSOWphoto_library RV Rieden Wallisellen / The Fighters Wallisellen1st
bookmark2401Fabian VON ALLMENphoto_library BMX Team 7Phoenix / POWERBIKE WINTERTHUR2nd
bookmark3402Michael DUCphoto_library B+B 4Cross Team3rd
 4406Manuel SIERRAphoto_library RSK Ohlsbach4th
 5403Felix BUBphoto_library BUB Brothers / TSV Berkheim
 6404Patrick SCHREIBERphoto_library EJW Baltmannsweiler

30+ men

8 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1208Pascal GUGGISBERGphoto_library 1st-A
bookmark2202Samuel WAEBERphoto_library Fastlane Gravity Team / neue Vereine bitte melden an florian gaertner2nd-A
bookmark3204Andreas GÜRSCHphoto_library Radclub 93 Winnenden3rd-A
 4203Henning HERMESphoto_library Bike-Park-Wolfach e.V.4th-A
 5201Pascal DUCphoto_library B+B 4Cross Team1st-B
 6205Marco WILLIMANNphoto_library Schmid Velosport Aarau-Rohr2nd-B
 7206Bernhard LEYKAUFphoto_library TSV Berkheim3rd-B
 8207Simon ROTHphoto_library Radclub 93 Winnenden4th-B

Fun men

5 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1303Tobias EICHMANNphoto_library Rad Haus Schäuble / Vc leibstadt1st
bookmark2301Sacha DUCphoto_library B+B 4Cross Team2nd
bookmark3304Luca ROTHphoto_library FreerideMountain / Radclub 93 Winnenden3rd
 4302Alexander LETANGphoto_library Bike-Park-Wolfach e.V.4th
 5305Livio KÜPFERphoto B+B 4Cross Team



Open women

8 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1108Saskja LACKphoto_library Answer / POWERBIKE WINTERTHUR / Ssquared1st-A
bookmark2104Vanessa KAGERphoto_library BMX Vösendorf2nd-A
bookmark3102Nina VON ALLMENphoto_library BMX Team 7Phoenix / POWERBIKE WINTERTHUR3rd-A
 4106Marisa ROTHphoto FreerideMountain / Radclub 93 Winnenden4th-A
 5107Lea GRAFphoto B+B 4Cross Team1st-B
 6101Laura KERNphoto_library Bike-Park-Wolfach e.V.2nd-B
 7105Magdalina SCHULZphoto Bike Team Steinweiler3rd-B
 8103Selina SCHOGERphoto_library Bike Team Steinweiler4th-B
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