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Gender Both

Elite men

16 competitors found

10-12 boys

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Final
emoji_events1st317Reuben MILLSphoto_library 1st-A
emoji_events2nd333George MADLEYphoto_library 1074866Regent Projects2nd-A
emoji_events3rd295Jack HOAREphoto_library 10830133rd-A
 4th299George HUNT (juv)photo_library 1425816DNF-A
 5th264Olly BOOCOCKphoto_library 1st-B
 6th387Oliver SINDENphoto_library 13532052nd-B
 7th303Maxim HAYESphoto_library DNF-B

13-14 boys

11 competitors found

15-16 boys

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Final
emoji_events1st1JUVZac HUDSONphoto_library 838165DBS1st-A
emoji_events2nd204Will MILLSphoto_library 9635612nd-A
emoji_events3rd345Fred HUNTphoto_library 13064963rd-A
 4th501William FUELLphoto_library 883285Kore components4th-A
 5th285Oscar RICKETTSphoto_library 8900421st-B
 6th210Ruben MASIphoto_library 12244342nd-B
 7th252Teddy POULETTphoto_library 3rd-B
 8th253Matthew STEWART (jun)photo_library 1125136DNF-B
 9th315Will HARRISphoto_library 1453421
 10th251Jake SHOOLHEIFERphoto_library 1150633
 11th394Sam EADSFORTHphoto_library

17-18 boys

6 competitors found

19-29 men

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Final
emoji_events1st94Christopher RYANphoto_library 1st-A
emoji_events2nd76George WISE (2)photo_library 9502682nd-A
emoji_events3rd55Mike HAYWARDphoto_library 9572143rd-A
 4th69James WHITBYphoto_library 8815634th-A
 5th15Matthew WILSON (4x)photo_library 968335Team Bristol1st-B
 6th99Natasha BRADLEYphoto_library 2nd-B
 7th93James FERRANDphoto_library 9191513rd-B
 8th98Angus CHILDphoto_library 12557704th-B
 9th97Martin CHILDphoto_library 1458689

30-39 men

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Final
emoji_events1st383David SIBLEYphoto_library 419637Bike Active1st-A
emoji_events2nd259Kingsley MEARSphoto_library 14561342nd-A
emoji_events3rd400Marti PEARCEphoto_library 7204753rd-A
 4th21Tom BURCHphoto_library Team Bristol4th-A
 5th1MLee FEERYphoto_library 1st-B
 6th296Alastair KEENphoto_library 4348192nd-B
 7th422Richard DOBSONphoto_library 12443813rd-B
 8th286Shane KLUCKOWphoto_library 7227514th-B
 9th357Andy BRAY (mas)photo_library 967483DBS
 10th710Ash RICHARDSONphoto_library 1318026

40+ men

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Final
emoji_events1st1VMichael DEWSNAPphoto_library 8711661st-A
emoji_events2nd777Neil HARBOURphoto_library 4149642nd-A
emoji_events3rd274Simon RICKETTphoto_library 441944DBS3rd-A
 4th255Roy SUTTONphoto_library 4279914th-A
 5th412Philip GRAYphoto_library 1st-B
 6th410James HEWITT (vet)photo_library 12392392nd-B
 7th268Paul SODENphoto_library 422260Birmingham BMX Club3rd-B
 8th360Alec BELLphoto_library 11470774th-B
 9th313Jan STOCKLEYphoto_library 1355236

Big Fun: 17+ men

10 competitors found



Open women

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Final
emoji_events1st2WMegan WHERRYphoto_library 1st
emoji_events2nd393Heather KAYphoto_library 9417952nd
emoji_events3rd369Courtney ABBISSphoto_library 3rd
 4th5WHannah ESCOTTphoto_library 4th
NS Define 150 1
NS Define 150 1
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