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Gender Both

Elite men

6 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1222Dec WILLICOMBEphoto_library Kustom Bikes1st
bookmark27Davi ROBERTSphoto_library Team Action Sports Timing2nd
bookmark392Ben JONES (4x)photo_library Eastwood Media / Overspoke Bikes3rd
 48Martin BROWN (sen2)photo_library 4th
 51SReece RICHARDSphoto_library 1st-B
 612Euan SPEIRITSphoto_library 2nd-B

10-12 boys

14 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1317Reuben MILLSphoto_library 1st
bookmark2272Harry HEMINGWAYphoto_library 2nd
bookmark3333George MADLEYphoto_library Regent Projects3rd
 4271George HEMINGWAYphoto_library 4th
 5457Daniel PARFITTphoto_library Nevis Cycles / West Highland Wheelers1st-B
 6459Cole JACKSONphoto_library West Highland Wheelers2nd-B
 7264Olly BOOCOCKphoto_library 3rd-B
 8455Jack BAMBERphoto_library 4th-B
 9446Rory WOOD (rpr)photo_library Forres CC
 10462Alexander PERVANphoto_library
 11460Aidan BALTRUNASphoto_library
 12463Archie FERGUSON West Highland Wheelers
 13464Finn OROURKEphoto_library
 14461Kyler MACLEOD Nevis Cycles Race Team

13-14 boys

13 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1262William CHATERphoto_library Eastwood Media / Overspoke Bikes1st
bookmark2397Ben TYASphoto_library Earnshaws Two Wheel Centre2nd
bookmark3260Cameron ROBERTS (juv)photo_library Knowsley BMX Club3rd
 4261Louie PARTRIDGEphoto_library Kore components4th
 5263Tyler PARTRIDGEphoto_library Kore components1st-B
 61RLuke MADLEYphoto_library Regent Projects2nd-B
 7335Jake GREENphoto_library Team Green????3rd-B
 8441Cory MUIRphoto West Highland Wheelers4th-B
 9444Keil LAINGphoto_library Moray Mountain Bike
 10399Oliver LESTERphoto_library
 11447Erin WOODphoto_library Mikes Bikes Aviemore
 12451Callum HAYphoto_library
 13919Luca THURLOW

15-16 boys

8 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1204Will MILLSphoto_library Dialled Bikes1st
bookmark2443James WILSON (yth)photo_library Sick Skills Race Team2nd
bookmark3278Cameron PENMANphoto_library Singletrack bikes3rd
 4456Cameron FORSYTHphoto_library 4th
 5454Jamie CARRUTHERS (yth)photo_library 1st-B
 6445Cameron RAVENHILLphoto_library DNS-B
 7440Jack WILLIAMS (yth)photo DNS-B
 8501William FUELLphoto_library Kore components

19-29 men

9 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1249Reece PICKERSGILL °photo_library 250London1st
bookmark2244Scott KENNEDY (exp)photo_library 2nd
bookmark3220Mathew WOODALLphoto_library 3rd
 4248Sam LAWTONphoto_library Ben Wyvis Cycle Club4th
 550Ben THOMAS (sen)photo_library 1st-B
 655Mike HAYWARDphoto_library Pedal Progression2nd-B
 798Angus CHILDphoto_library 3rd-B
 8219Ross DUNNphoto_library Nevis Cycles4th-B
 997Martin CHILDphoto_library

° Rider racing out of category

30-39 men

5 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1296Alastair KEENphoto_library Cycle Route Downend1st
bookmark2270Craig HOWIEphoto_library 2nd
bookmark3710Ash RICHARDSONphoto_library 3rd
 4442Matthew MILLERphoto_library 4th
 5267Robert GRAHAMphoto_library

40+ men

3 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1777Neil HARBOURphoto_library Dialled Bikes1
bookmark2255Roy SUTTONphoto_library Sorted Supercross2
bookmark3343John LORDphoto_library 3



Open women

7 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1477Josie MCFALLphoto_library 1st
bookmark2369Courtney ABBISSphoto_library 2nd
bookmark3276Monika MIXOVAphoto_library 3rd
 4452Lynette DEACONphoto_library Progression Bikes Racing4th
 5448Aimi KENYONphoto_library 1st-B
 6478Rachel POWISphoto_library 2nd-B
 7449Louise FERGUSON go to site

10-12 girls

3 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1352Heather WILSONphoto_library Female Riders Race Team1
bookmark2453Evie CARRUTHERSphoto_library 2
bookmark3458Ruby CLARKphoto_library 3
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