2018 Island Cup, DH round 1 at Cumberland, Vancouver

6th May 2018

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26 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaAgeSponsorsStage 1Diff
bookmark1314Jake INNES Victoria, BC20Dunbar Cycles1:58.0 (1)-
bookmark2317Kendall MCLEAN Victoria, BC18Kovarik Racing1:59.5 (2)1.5s
bookmark3397Nicholas COURT 2:04.3 (3)6.3s
bookmark4316Josh DZIWENKA Victoria, BC192:05.0 (4)7.0s
bookmark5304August NESBITT Victoria, BC18Hink Apparel2:06.2 (5)8.2s
bookmark6325Ty BOURASSA Powell River, BC232:07.9 (6)9.9s
bookmark7326Vincent BOUWSEMA Nanaimo, BC282:09.5 (7)11.5s
bookmark8307Chad HENDREN Comox, BC47Gravity MTB2:10.1 (8)12.1s
bookmark9313Grant LESTOCK-KAY Duncan, BC242:10.4 (9)12.4s
bookmark10324Trevor ATTRIDGE Victoria, BC21Oak Bay Bikes Westshore2:12.6 (10)14.6s
bookmark11305Brandon JOHNSON Cumberland, BC23graviti driven / Intense2:13.4 (11)15.4s
bookmark12306Bryan DICKSON Comox, BC212:13.9 (12)15.9s
bookmark13323Simon TELLIER Victoria, BC20Pro City Racing2:14.1 (13)16.1s
bookmark14315Jayden GISBORNE Ladysmith, BC25Cowichan Cycles / Santa Cruz2:14.4 (14)16.4s
bookmark15303Alexandre POPY Comox, BC272:15.5 (15)17.5s
bookmark16308Chris BENNETT Duncan, BC22Cowichan Cycles2:16.0 (16)18.0s
bookmark17396Liam MORGAN 2:16.5 (17)18.5s
bookmark18302Alex MATTHEW Delta, BC302:16.7 (18)18.7s
bookmark19309Colin FILLITER Campbell River32Suavair2:17.2 (19)19.2s
bookmark20311Cory GILLARD Oyster River33Mountain City Cycle2:27.1 (20)29.1s
bookmark21322Riley VARKONJA Cumberland, BC21The Canada Government2:27.5 (21)29.5s
bookmark22312Dylan VARKONJA Cumberland, BC25Mountain Tech Consultants2:32.8 (22)34.8s
bookmark23321Peter SHAW Duncan, BC38Easthom Electric2:33.7 (23)35.7s
bookmark24318Kevan SHALER Duncan50Cowichan Cycles2:34.8 (24)36.8s
bookmark25310Cory FAULCONER De Ville, BC262:39.8 (25)41.8s
bookmark319Mark MATTHEWS (exp) North Saanich, BC31Marin BikesDNS

Intermediate men  show_chart View race progression dialpad View finish spread

43 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaAgeSponsorsStage 1Diff
bookmark1218Ian LEHTON Courtenay, BC15Trail Bicycles2:10.7 (1)-
bookmark2209Desmond BALLY Fanny Bay, BC17Evelyn Bally2:16.3 (2)5.6s
bookmark3296Mike STEWART Squamish, BC422:16.5 (3)5.8s
bookmark4204Connor HALLAS Sooke, BC15Sooke Mtn Cycle, Nolan Riding Pro City2:18.2 (4)7.5s
bookmark5228Morgan DENO Nanaimo, BC332:18.8 (5)8.1s
bookmark6205Connor NETTLETON Comox, BC15Gravity MTB Development Team2:19.3 (6)8.6s
bookmark7212Elijah BARRON Cobble Hill, BC14Cowichan Cycles2:20.0 (7)9.3s
bookmark8235Spencer HARTLAND Comox, BC18Mountain City Cycles2:20.2 (8)9.5s
bookmark9241Xylus MARTIN Victoria, BC13Nolan Riding Pro City Racing2:20.7 (9)10.0s
bookmark10203Cole STINSON Black Creek, BC14Gravity MTB, Mountain City Cycle2:21.3 (10)10.6s
bookmark11237Trevor KAETLER Courtenay, BC182:23.0 (11)12.3s
bookmark12215Evan LEITCH Campbell River, BC15Trail Bicycles2:23.3 (12)12.6s
bookmark13227Mike LAMPMAN Woodstock, ON30Laniakea2:24.5 (13)13.8s
bookmark14225Kyle MITCHELL Powell River, BC14Powell River Cycling Association2:24.9 (14)14.2s
bookmark15206Corey MILNE Nanaimo, BC302:25.8 (15)15.1s
bookmark16238Trevor MCMILLAN Comox, BC182:27.3 (16)16.6s
bookmark17220John KANAVAROS Richmond, BC28My Bosses Wife2:27.9 (17)17.2s
bookmark18224Kurtis STOCKAND Cumberland, BC222:28.3 (18)17.6s
bookmark19216Felix RAUH Courtenay, BC172:29.0 (19)18.3s
bookmark20217Henry SHERRY Victoria, BC13Nolan Riding Pro City Racing2:31.5 (20)20.8s
bookmark21202Calum BARR Courtenay, BC15Gravity MTB / Ian Lehton2:31.8 (21)21.1s
bookmark22207Dennis SHARPE Nanaimo, BC372:34.4 (22)23.7s
bookmark23295Unknown RIDER (M) 2:34.9 (23)24.2s
bookmark24222Kade GEORGE Victoria, BC14Nolan Riding / Trek Pro City Racing2:35.7 (24)25.0s
bookmark25213Emlyn PACHOLUK Duncan, BC16Cycle therapy racing2:36.1 (25)25.4s
bookmark26208Derek VAN LINGEN Golden BC302:36.4 (26)25.7s
bookmark27226Logan MCMULLEN Comox, BC172:36.6 (27)25.9s
bookmark28214Ethan TROTTER Comox, BC162:40.6 (28)29.9s
bookmark29234Spencer BRAWN Nanaimo, BC37VISA2:40.7 (29)30.0s
bookmark30210Devin STOWE Courtenay, BC16Lake Trail Bikes2:41.2 (30)30.5s
bookmark31240Tye ROBINSON Duncan, BC172:42.6 (31)31.9s
bookmark32294Unknown RIDER (M) 2:42.7 (32)32.0s
bookmark32239Ty HAUGAN Fort St. John, BC142:42.7 (32)32.0s
bookmark34230Remi BASTARD Victoria, BC292:44.5 (34)33.8s
bookmark35211Dylan CRAIG Powell River, BC172:46.3 (35)35.6s
bookmark36231Owen STEVENS Comox20Brian Mclean2:52.1 (36)41.4s
bookmark37223Kaleb HENNICKE Courtenay, BC192:56.8 (37)46.1s
bookmark38201Bryn MATFIN Courtenay, BC173:03.6 (38)52.9s
bookmark39229Nicholas VOSS Victoria, BC15Nolan Riding Pro City Racing3:03.9 (39)53.2s
bookmark40219James MATHERS Ladysmith, BC19Riding Fool Hostel3:25.4 (40)1:14.7
bookmark41232Ryan SCOTT Courtenay, BC14Mountain City Cycle4:33.4 (41)2:22.7
bookmark221Joshua NAGY Campbell River, BC17DNS
bookmark236Trevor BONNER Cobble Hill32DNS

Beginner men  show_chart View race progression dialpad View finish spread

11 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaAgeSponsorsStage 1Diff
bookmark1153Finley LAN Comox, BC13Trail Bicycles2:35.4 (1)-
bookmark2154Jaden COEY Victoria, BC14Team Fish Bike Club2:36.3 (2)0.9s
bookmark3152Devin FAWKES Nanaimo, BC14Rock City Cycles Nanaimo2:37.6 (3)2.2s
bookmark4155Jimi VOSS Victoria, BC13Nolan Riding Pro City Racing2:38.7 (4)3.3s
bookmark5151Cole FREEMAN Courtenay152:44.8 (5)9.4s
bookmark6156Noah BLAIR Victoria, BC162:48.8 (6)13.4s
bookmark7150Clem LOVELESS Cumberland, BC12Dodge City Cycles Racing2:56.6 (7)21.2s
bookmark8157Seamus GEORGE Duncan, BC143:01.0 (8)25.6s
bookmark9159Ty BERARD Duncan, BC143:04.1 (9)28.7s
bookmark10199Unknown RIDER (M) 3:20.5 (10)45.1s
bookmark158Sebastien MCGRADY Comox, BC15Trail BicyclesDNS

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23 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaAgeSponsorsStage 1Diff
bookmark1119Patrick LAFFEY Qualicum Beach16Gravity MTB2:00.4 (1)-
bookmark2121Simon STEVENSON Courtenay, BC44Brian Mcleans And Trail Bicycles2:09.4 (2)9.0s
bookmark3115Kyle ENGLISH Powell River, BC22Taws Cycle And Sports2:11.6 (3)11.2s
bookmark4124Tristan GEISEL Courtenay, BC27Trail Bicycles2:12.1 (4)11.7s
bookmark5110Jacob VAN DAM Victoria19Oak Bay Bikes2:12.6 (5)12.2s
bookmark6117Michael GIBSON Cumberland, BC37DCC / Island Mountain Rides / Marin2:14.9 (6)14.5s
bookmark7111James ROLFE Duncan, BC30Cycle therapy racing2:15.2 (7)14.8s
bookmark8118Olivier MARKON Courtenay, BC41Devinci2:15.9 (8)15.5s
bookmark9122Spencer SKERGET Watson Lake, YT25MMC2:19.1 (9)18.7s
bookmark10109Ivan BOUCHOUEV Comox, BC342:26.3 (10)25.9s
bookmark11105Craig SCOTT Courtenay, BC162:26.9 (11)26.5s
bookmark12198Spencer ALLMENDINGER Vancouver, BC292:29.6 (12)29.2s
bookmark13108Garth NASADYK Courtenay, BC40Mountain City Cycles2:31.6 (13)31.2s
bookmark14107Evan DUNN Ladysmith, BC162:35.3 (14)34.9s
bookmark15120Rhys SMILEY Duncan, BC17Duncan2:36.0 (15)35.6s
bookmark16106Derek DIEDRICKSEN Comox, BC552:42.5 (16)42.1s
bookmark17104Chuck STOCKAND Cumberland, BC502:46.3 (17)45.9s
bookmark18116Luc ANTAYA Cumberland28Team SNACKS-Trail Bicycles2:59.3 (18)58.9s
bookmark19123Todd MARTIN Victoria, BC49Secret Agent Racing2:59.9 (19)59.5s
bookmark20114Kevin MCPHEDRAN Cumberland333:34.2 (20)1:33.8
bookmark113Jeff ERICKSON Nanaimo, BC38DNF
bookmark112Jarrett LINDAL Courtenay24DNS
bookmark125Zach LOVELESS Cumberland, BC17Dodge City Cycles RacingDNS

U12 boys

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameAreaAgeSponsorsFinish
bookmark399Evan MCKENNA Oyster River, BC6



Expert women  show_chart View race progression dialpad View finish spread

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaAgeSponsorsStage 1Diff
bookmark1301Piper ALLMAN Sooke, BC17Kovarik Racing RD Team2:35.1 (1)-
bookmark300Charmaine LIGHTFOOT Nanaimo33Coal City CyclesDNS

Intermediate women

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameAreaAgeSponsorsStage 1Diff
bookmark1200Emmy LAN Comox, BCGravity MTB - Trail Bicycles2:57.5 (1)-

Single crown women  show_chart View race progression dialpad View finish spread

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaAgeSponsorsStage 1Diff
bookmark1100Christina HURLEY Courtenay, BC332:43.1 (1)-
bookmark2102Mical DYCK Cumberland, BC36Juliana / trail bikes2:47.0 (2)3.9s
bookmark3101Miaya CRAMB Campbell River, BC203:08.1 (3)25.0s