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U18 boys  dialpad View finish spread

5 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsStage 1Diff
bookmark1167Ryder BULFONE 3:31.3031-
bookmark225Jacob QUIST 3:38.54527.242s
bookmark3134Myles KOWALCZYK 3:38.63137.328s
 437Jhett VERNER 3:58.377427.074s
 586Ben DICKSON 4:20.481549.178s

18-39 men  dialpad View finish spread

27 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsStage 1Diff
bookmark1601Kasper WOOLLEY 2:58.1261-
bookmark278Len ??? 3:05.88527.759s
bookmark35Matt BOLTON 3:09.599311.473s
 4267Matt HENN 3:10.167412.041s
 548Harry ARMSTRONG 3:10.577512.451s
 6128Charles DIAMOND 3:14.796616.670s
 7178Curtis BENNETT 3:15.728717.602s
 89Tristan MERRICK 3:16.920818.794s
 979Barton MOORE 3:20.562922.436s
 10646Colin BAKKER 3:21.7401023.614s
 1136Jeremy NORRIS 3:22.0181123.892s
 12665Linden LADOUCEUR 3:22.0441223.918s
 1317Peter WOJNAR 3:22.7171324.591s
 14123Toto LI 3:24.8231426.697s
 15160Hunter VERNER 3:24.8971526.771s
 167Michael STEWART 3:25.2941627.168s
 17101Eric SEWELL 3:27.8541729.728s
 1862Dylan WOLSKY 3:33.5031835.377s
 19643Alex ATTARD 3:34.9511936.825s
 20626Matt FUNK 3:39.4032041.277s
 2154Jeff RIEMER 3:39.6082141.482s
 224Richard ARMSTRONG 3:47.5662249.440s
 23122Eric ARMOUR 3:49.9552351.829s
 24568Jay NICHOLSON 3:54.0792455.953s
 2575Mitch LYONS 3:58.159251:00.033
 26187Lloyd ADAMS 4:01.157261:03.031
 27259Cory HARTLING 4:10.240271:12.114

40+ men  dialpad View finish spread

6 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsStage 1Diff
bookmark168Carl GOLDSTRAW 3:33.3881-
bookmark267Stephen TODD 3:33.41420.026s
bookmark3587Sean DICKSON 3:54.564321.176s
 4151Aitor IJURKO 4:00.999427.611s
 558Jaime GRANT 4:09.047535.659s
 6514Ashley SLATER 4:17.231643.843s



18-39 women  dialpad View finish spread

5 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsStage 1Diff
bookmark163Laura BATTISTA 3:39.3681-
bookmark260Angeline MCKIRDY 3:56.899217.531s
bookmark3162Veronika VORACEK 4:04.081324.713s
 4652Zanny VENNER 4:38.304458.936s
 576Jasmine SWANSON 4:40.06051:00.692

40+ women  dialpad View finish spread

1 competitor found
Pos BibNameSponsorsStage 1Diff
bookmark189Annie ROY 4:47.7231-
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