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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

196 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st2Troy BROSNAN Canyon Factory Team / Muc-Off / SRAM2:59.151-
emoji_events2nd3Amaury PIERRONphoto Commencal Vallnord / GoPro / iXS / SRAM3:00.1220.97s
emoji_events3rd5Loris VERGIERphoto Santa Cruz Syndicate3:01.1932.04s
 4th53Thomas ESTAQUE Commencal 100%3:02.4143.26s
 5th1Sam BLENKINSOPphoto NORCO Factory Racing / SRAM3:03.0253.87s
 6th18Eddie MASTERS 100% / Pivot Factory Racing3:03.6864.53s
 7th8Baptiste PIERRONphoto_library VOULVOUL RACING3:03.8074.65s
 8th10Rafael GUTIERREZ Ij Racing3:03.9184.76s
 9th6Luca SHAWphoto_library Santa Cruz Syndicate3:04.2595.10s
 10th27Rémi THIRION Commencal Vallnord / GoPro / iXS / SRAM3:04.59105.44s
 11th7Mark WALLACEphoto_library Canyon Factory Team / Muc-Off / SRAM3:04.65115.50s
 12th26Bernard KERR 100% / Pivot Factory Racing3:05.08125.93s
 13th23Faustin FIGARET iXS / Radon Factory DH Racing3:05.17136.02s
 14th47Gaetan RUFFIN Commencal Vallnord / GoPro / iXS / SRAM3:06.70147.55s
 15th24Brendan FAIRCLOUGH Scott / Velosolutions3:06.79157.64s
 15th12Florent PAYET VOULVOUL RACING3:06.79157.64s
 17th22Reece WILSON Commencal 100%3:06.80177.65s
 18th36Keegan WRIGHT SRAM / Unior / Devinci Factory Racing3:07.30188.15s
 19th16Gee ATHERTONphoto_library GoPro / Muc-Off / Trek Factory Racing3:07.43198.28s
 20th4Loïc BRUNI Fox / Specialized Gravity3:07.46208.31s
 21st63Antoine PIERRON VOULVOUL RACING3:07.59218.44s
 22nd15Rupert CHAPMANphoto_library 100% / Pivot Factory Racing3:08.24229.09s
 23rd46Roger VIEIRA Roger VIEIRA on Instagram Moore Large O'Neal Race Team3:08.32239.17s
 24th14Mick HANNAH Polygon UR3:08.64249.49s
 25th13Benoit COULANGES Dorval AM3:08.92259.77s
 26th37Benoit COUGOUREUX LES GETS INTENSE TEAM3:09.07269.92s
 27th19Jack READING One Vision Global Racing3:09.292710.14s
 28th28Kirk MCDOWALL Dunbar Cycles Devinci3:09.412810.26s
 29th62Romain PAULHAN Santa Cruz3:09.492910.34s
 30th43Bryan PFEIFFER ADH Team by Cube3:09.653010.50s
 30th20Alexandre FAYOLLE Polygon UR3:09.653010.50s
 32nd50Forrest RIESCO Kali / Kovarik Racing / Race Face / Ryders3:09.753210.60s
 33rd31Isak LEIVSSON pole bicycles3:10.223311.07s
 34th41Charly DI PASQUALE JC RACING3:10.653411.50s
 35th32Gaetan VIGE Scott / Velosolutions3:10.693511.54s
 36th87Josh BRYCELAND Santa Cruz3:10.883611.73s
 37th76Loris MICHELLOD JC RACING3:11.133711.98s
 38th64Max MORGAN (pro) Santa Cruz / Worldwide Cyclery3:11.703812.55s
 39th17Finn ILES Fox / Specialized Gravity3:11.923912.77s
 40th49Maxime CIRIEGO Dorval AM3:12.174013.02s
 41st86Sam DALE (elt) Santa Cruz3:12.254113.10s
 42nd82Theo ERLANGSEN Monster3:13.024213.87s
 43rd88Steve PEAT Santa Cruz Syndicate3:13.104313.95s
 44th73Julien PICCOLO X1racing3:13.114413.96s
 45th70Harry BUSH NSDYNAMICS3:13.514514.36s
 46th35Thibault LALY ADH Team by Cube3:13.594614.44s
 47th42Jake NEWELL Mondraker Australia3:13.864714.71s
 48th40Pierre Charles GEORGES Commencal 100%3:14.004814.85s
 49th33Sylvain COUGOUREUX LES GETS INTENSE TEAM3:14.204915.05s
 50th89Allan COOKE Santa Cruz3:14.245015.09s
 51st69Robert SMITH (elt) Silveryfish UK3:14.505115.35s
 52nd67Simen SMESTAD SK Rye3:15.585216.43s
 53rd52Nicolas MATHIEU DC Team Bike Racing3:15.715316.56s
 54th59Kevin MARRY VOULVOUL RACING3:15.755416.60s
 55th90Craig EVANS (elt) Hope3:15.825516.67s
 56th75Armen DAVIS Rooted MTB3:15.845616.69s
 57th92Dan ATHERTON GoPro / Muc-Off / Trek Factory Racing3:16.135716.98s
 58th54Pablo SEEWALD Im sport livigno - Skiservice corvatsch3:16.465817.31s
 59th60Nils HEINIGER 3:16.825917.67s
 60th350Louis JOSEPH-MEADE Ride.io3:16.996017.84s
 61st97Bas VAN STEENBERGEN Fox / Hyper Bikes3:17.006117.85s
 62nd334Lee HUSKINSON ShapeRideShoot Scott3:17.436218.28s
 63rd420Loïc DELTEIL Santa Cruz3:17.496318.34s
 64th95Luca COMETTI Commencal3:17.646418.49s
 65th34Miran VAUH Blackthorn3:17.826518.67s
 65th25Elliot JACKSON Giant3:17.826518.67s
 67th79Carlos VON HEYDEN LANGELAAN bicyclenightmares3:17.936718.78s
 68th405Marc CABIROU VV RACING3:18.476819.32s
 69th58Austin HACKETT-KLAUBE Specialized / The Fix3:18.866919.71s
 70th68Bernardo NEVES CRUZ GT Bikes3:18.897019.74s
 71st56John Sebastian POSADA COLORADO Ij Racing3:18.977119.82s
 72nd421Romain GOULESQUE VV RACING3:19.077219.92s
 73rd65Martin LEBL Banshee / CharvatBros3:19.267320.11s
 74th81Alexandre LOHNER CLRacing SB3 TRANSITION3:19.317420.16s
 75th104Olivier NICOLE RA-b / Vygon3:19.607520.45s
 76th80David JONEAU Les Gets3:19.657620.50s
 76th72Austin WARREN Fasthouse / Oakley / YT Industries3:19.657620.50s
 78th347Conor BATE Madison UK3:19.697820.54s
 79th103Ambroise HEBERT Alpes Mancelles Ride Race Team3:19.857920.70s
 80th48Douglas VIEIRA Moore Large O'Neal Race Team3:19.898020.74s
 80th339Martin JOUET PASTRE TLD / X1 racing3:19.898020.74s
 82nd365Killian CALLAGHAN Kenny / Mooneys / Santa Cruz / WTB3:20.138220.98s
 83rd83Nicolas PARY 3:20.668321.51s
 84th29Jeronimo PAEZ Alpinestars / Devinci3:20.818421.66s
 85th418Simon CARDON WHIP MTB App3:20.948521.79s
 86th336Chris KILMURRAY Fox / Nukeproof / Point1 / Shimano3:21.058621.90s
 87th51Henrik MYHRVOLD Intense / Shimano3:21.268722.11s
 88th358Frikk HESS-BOLSTAD 3:21.648822.49s
 89th74Wiley KAUPAS Specialized3:21.798922.64s
 90th346Adam ERIKSSON 3:22.029022.87s
 91st102Jeremias MAIO PIVOT CYCLES ARGENTINA3:22.309123.15s
 92nd355Jackson WHITE Life of Bikes3:22.739223.58s
 93rd370Pierre LUNEL ROTWILD FRANCE3:22.809323.65s
 94th348Maxence CHAPELET CLRacing SB3 TRANSITION3:23.389424.23s
 95th391Benjamin STAEHLE P2V Team3:23.449524.29s
 96th357Max PFEIL Klausmann Suspension3:24.289625.13s
 97th351Jérémy NICON Team AAMB RIDING ACTION3:24.509725.35s
 98th349Nico VELASCO 3:24.789825.63s
 99th412Dominik WIDMER Biroma Team3:25.039925.88s
 100th392Jonathan ANAYA CARMONA Thebikevillage3:25.5110026.36s
 101st389Harrison ORY Mojo Wheels3:25.9610126.81s
 102nd422Remy CASANOVA 3:26.0710226.92s
 103rd361Jonathan SANDBERG Solid National Racing Sweden3:26.3610327.21s
 104th105Guilhem NICOLE RAbis3:26.6510427.50s
 105th106Thomas DENIZOT VOULVOUL RACING3:26.7810527.63s
 106th269Mitch CHUBEY Maxxis / Morpheus3:27.1110627.96s
 107th366Harry HEAD Cube / Maxxis / Obsession / Spank / TL3:27.5310728.38s
 108th411Ben WORRALL (exp) 3:27.6110828.46s
 109th98Ryan HOWARD SRAM / Trek3:27.6310928.48s
 110th340Remy VIOLLAND Conforme Garage / SB Bikes / Trek3:27.7811028.63s
 111st398Sam SHAW Zerode3:28.5011129.35s
 112nd373Brian CAHAL Pivot / Prologue / SRAM / TLD3:28.5411229.39s
 113rd93David MCMILLAN 3:28.6011329.45s
 114th364Tobias PEDERSEN BIRK Sport3:28.9911429.84s
 115th335Fergus RYAN Don Skene Cycles #Teamskene / MTB Beds / Pleney3:29.2011530.05s
 116th341Hugo LATELTIN The Woods Morzine3:29.2111630.06s
 117th345Lucas REY-SIERRO Lama Cycles Race Team3:29.7811730.63s
 118th353Marcus ENGELSTJERNE ENGELSTJERNE3:30.6411831.49s
 119th377Carl BLOMQVIST 3:30.9711931.82s
 120th428Dave SMITH (exp) TrailHead3:31.2012032.05s
 121st343Jannick PETERS Department of Dirt3:32.1612133.01s
 122nd354Matthew MINTER 3:32.3512233.20s
 123rd400Tom WALKER (sen) Burgtec / Spokes Bikeshop3:32.6012333.45s
 124th338Ben DEAKIN (OiOi) DMR / Muc-Off3:32.6112433.46s
 125th374Axel JÖNSSON 3:32.7112533.56s
 126th385Marc DEHOUL 3:33.0712633.92s
 127th352Jonathan REVILLOT TIROT 3:33.1012733.95s
 128th403Emeric SRODAWA CLUB DES SPORTS DE LA CLUSAZ3:33.1412833.99s
 129th367Theo CABART ALORS MANCELLES RIDE / OTRAININ3:33.2612934.11s
 130th401Yanick Silvester BRAUN HOT-TRAIL Racing3:33.3613034.21s
 131st407Ed SMITH (exp) 3:33.4013134.25s
 132nd94Jackson DAVIS Nukeproof bikes / VANZACS3:33.4513234.30s
 133rd386Elliot RIED Yarra Valley Cycles3:33.6313334.48s
 134th55Ole-Herman BERGBY SK Rye3:34.1813435.03s
 135th387Hampus JONSSON 3:34.9013535.75s
 136th429Jean Baptiste JEANNIN 3:35.7013636.55s
 137th332Valentin ANOUILH P2V Team3:35.7313736.58s
 138th434James BARON 3:36.1513837.00s
 139th427Fabrice PERRILLAT BOITEUX RFP TEAM3:36.4013937.25s
 140th431Martin RAFFO PIVOT CYCLES ARGENTINA3:36.7114037.56s
 141st381Thomas REVENU Cran-Gevrier VTT3:37.6514138.50s
 142nd306Sebastian ANDREASSEN Rye3:38.5614239.41s
 143rd375Juan Maria DEPAOLI Commencal / PREX / RPMCROSS3:39.1414339.99s
 144th376Enzo BIRGY 3:39.6214440.47s
 145th399Alexy CRETIN DH team métabief3:39.8114540.66s
 146th39Graeme MUDD Lusty / Maxxis3:39.8814640.73s
 147th331Jules MARCHAL TEAM KIT SPECIALIZED3:40.2614741.11s
 148th363Jake SHIRLEY 3:41.0314841.88s
 149th424Guillaume ROUSSILLON 3:41.2914942.14s
 150th416Cedric VUARGNOZ RFP3:41.4615042.31s
 151st397Alex WORRALL (exp) 3:42.4215143.27s
 152nd362Marcel FANKHAUSER HOT-TRAIL Racing3:44.8715245.72s
 153rd404Aurélien HELFER ORANGE bike yoda bikes montagne3:45.4015346.25s
 154th384Guillaume GENCEL US cagnes3:48.4515449.30s
 155th44Andreas THEODOROU Cyprus Downhill Club3:49.6415550.49s
 156th408Mirko BATTAZZA green team3:50.9715651.82s
 157th432Jake ROBERTSON 3:52.1615753.01s
 158th388Junior PAROZ DH Speedracing Team3:52.4715853.32s
 159th394Etienne CHALOIN Scott Sports3:52.7615953.61s
 160th393Maxime CHANEL Team TC Concept3:53.2816054.13s
 161st368Oscar MIDELUND 3:53.3516154.20s
 162nd409Philip CUNNINGHAM 3:55.2816256.13s
 163rd356Alexandre HELFER EC Colmar3:57.0116357.86s
 164th415Benjamin TRINCO VCPSF3:59.931641:00.78
 165th380Nils CHABIRAND 4:02.751651:03.60
 166th379Samuel PIRET 4:03.311661:04.16
 167th344Joshua BIRKENHAKE 4:12.711671:13.56
 168th419Marc BASLEY Nevada sport4:13.181681:14.03
 169th402David DEAN Royal Roots Racing4:21.991691:22.84
 170th66Hugo FRIXTALON Commencal4:24.471701:25.32
 171st77Tim HEDMAN go to site4:42.771711:43.62
 172nd430Leonel Armando GOMEZ RASCHIA Gtbikes argentina4:45.731721:46.58
 173rd406Aurelien TRINCO VCPSF4:47.351731:48.20
 174th372Romain CROZ ARCMT / First Racing / Guichon Valves4:53.971741:54.82
 175th378Aymen MCGONIGLE 5:14.661752:15.51
 176th360Maxime VUILLEMIN Metabief5:48.721762:49.57
 390Thibault ROSSI Liberty cycleDNF
 84Benjamin DESPRÉS-MORIN Sports aux puces NorcoDNF
 78Konstantinos ANDRIOTIS DNF
 342Xavier BARNETO FiveTen / Ghanzi / Hutchinson / Leatt / PrismODNS
 417Sam GERRETT Orange Factory RacingDNS
 435Iain BAIRD (mas) Plush SuspensionDNS
 359Hendrik PETERS Propain Gravity UnionDNS
 96Josh LEWIS Santa Cruz / SRAMDNS
 396Robin NOGUERO Scott FranceDNS
 425Nicola PROCINO speed-pointDNS
 423Ryan FILIPPI speed-pointDNS
 305Michel DEGRYSE DNS
 382Will HART DNS
 433Serge DE WIT DNS
 337Nikolai KILIK DNS

15-16 boys  dialpad Finish spread

26 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st474Mathew STERLING Commencal Cartel USA / Maxxis3:14.131-
emoji_events2nd477Oisin O'CALLAGHAN Fox / Trek Gart3:15.0120.88s
emoji_events3rd486James ELLIOTT (jun) Madison Saracen Development Team3:15.2231.09s
 4th480Louis GAILLET VV RACING3:18.5144.38s
 5th512Luke MUMFORD Danny Hart's Descend Bike Park3:20.1356.00s
 6th485Anton METSÄRINTA go to site / Specialized3:20.6866.55s
 7th478Blake ROSS Unit2go3:21.1877.05s
 8th490Theo GOUTAUDIER Team TC Concept3:24.38810.25s
 9th488Leo GRISEL SECTION RACE BMX3:26.04911.91s
 10th492Liam DINGREVILLE velo club Les Gets3:28.301014.17s
 11th483Mathis PETIOT Team AAMB RIDING ACTION3:29.251115.12s
 12th489Matheo GRANDJEAN ARC MOUNTAIN BIKE CLUB3:29.841215.71s
 13th476Dennis LUFFMAN Transition Bikes | Muc-Off3:30.411316.28s
 14th494Daniel COPE (yth) go to site3:31.251417.12s
 15th491Arsene GILBERT Velo Club d'Amberieu en Bugey3:32.841518.71s
 16th495Jeremy CHETELAT 3:40.611626.48s
 17th487Leo GUICHARD ARC MOUNTAIN BIKE CLUB3:40.951726.82s
 18th301Jonas GOEWEIL DH Team Tirol3:44.961830.83s
 19th302Samuel FREUND DH Team Tirol3:49.291935.16s
 20th484Joe MUMFORD Danny Hart's Descend Bike Park3:51.072036.94s
 21st493Chris CUMMING go to site3:54.472140.34s
 479Jakob JEWETT Rocky Mountain Cycles / ShimanoDNF
 482Filippo TONINI 5.1 BIKETE / COMMENCAL Junior CartelDNS
 472Simon CHAPELET Polygon UR development teamDNS
 475Kai SPAFFORD Fly / Project BikeDNS
 473Ethan SHANDRO SRAM / TrekDNS

17-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

34 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st152Thibaut DAPRELA Commencal Vallnord / GoPro / iXS / SRAM3:02.851-
emoji_events2nd159Ben WALLACE 3:11.8128.96s
emoji_events3rd161Boaz HEBBLETHWAITE Hyperformance Hardware3:12.1539.30s
 4th153Sam ROBBIE Wide Open Intense Cycles3:12.6849.83s
 5th158Sam GALE 3:13.74510.89s
 6th168Aaron GUNGL Lusty Industries / Santa Cruz / SRAM3:14.66611.81s
 7th162Jules PICOD LES GETS INTENSE3:15.65712.80s
 8th155Jamie EDMONDSON Transition Bikes | Muc-Off3:16.04813.19s
 9th167Camilo SÁNCHEZ SALAZAR Ij Racing3:19.61916.76s
 10th165Xavier RIHOUEY LES GETS INTENSE3:20.741017.89s
 11th170Atle LAAKSO Pivot / SK Rye3:22.651119.80s
 12th303Kilian SCHNOELLER DH Team Tirol3:27.011224.16s
 13th458Jake EBDON 3:30.251327.40s
 14th455Emilien GUERIN VTT LEMAN3:31.591428.74s
 15th169Nico FERNANDEZ NZ MTB National Performance Hub3:35.601532.75s
 16th449Jacob O'DONOGHUE-PRICE Santa Cruz New Zealand3:39.871637.02s
 17th453Johany HINDERER Team PRG3:44.031741.18s
 18th451Aymeric LE GRALL 3:44.051841.20s
 19th457Jan FAUSER TSG Leutkirch3:46.181943.33s
 20th150Kye A'HERN Canyon Factory Team / Muc-Off / SRAM3:47.592044.74s
 21st459Mathieu CHOMIENNE Irigny vtt3:47.842144.99s
 22nd448Gregory PAWERA 3:53.042250.19s
 23rd454Tim GÜRSCH GÜRSCH GmbH / Rad-Club 93 Winnen4:08.34231:05.49
 24th450Benjamin MUNSCH Team PRG4:21.41241:18.56
 25th164Gautier JUNG Orange bike cofactory / TLD5:10.51252:07.66
 26th456Ambroise GARDES 6:26.71263:23.86
 160Jonty VINK jon kebabDNF
 157Charlie MAKEA New Zealand performance HubDNF
 154Tuhoto-Ariki PENE DNF
 163Nicolas REY JOURNET ASSEGU / Commencal / VallnordDNS
 151Kade EDWARDS GoPro / Muc-Off / Trek Factory RacingDNS
 452Oliver KAARD DNS

30+ men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st522Benoît FELLAY 3:46.301-
emoji_events2nd515Stéphane MICHEL fb freeride3:47.3421.04s
emoji_events3rd520Emanuele TOMASSONI 3:52.0435.74s
 4th518Benoît JOURNO 4:11.68425.38s
 5th519Brendan CLARKE 100% / Capital cycles / Transition Bikes4:22.69536.39s
 6th523Alasdair STRAKER 4:26.33640.03s
 7th524Nick MORGAN (vet1) 4:48.4571:02.15



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st4000Rachel ATHERTON GoPro / Muc-Off / Trek Factory Racing3:22.961-
emoji_events2nd1000Myriam NICOLE Commencal Vallnord / GoPro / iXS / SRAM3:26.2123.25s
emoji_events3rd3000Tracey HANNAH Polygon UR3:26.4833.52s
 4th6000Emilie SIEGENTHALER 100% / Pivot Factory Racing3:32.8549.89s
 5th8000Casey BROWN Clif / Trek Factory Racing3:32.9359.97s
 6th125Monika HRASTNIK Blackthorn3:37.23614.27s
 7th5000Marine CABIROU VOULVOUL RACING3:37.25714.29s
 8th137Camille BALANCHE Devinci3:40.47817.51s
 9th138Mariana SALAZAR Dorval AM3:41.21918.25s
 10th7000Vaea VERBEECK Deity / Rocky Mountain Cycles3:43.791020.83s
 11th135Eva BATTOLLA Jc racing team3:48.111125.15s
 12th126Melanie CHAPPAZ Hope3:48.731225.77s
 13th132Abigail HOGIE Pivot Cycles Devo Team3:52.661329.70s
 14th129Camila NOGUEIRA Commencal USA3:54.161431.20s
 15th130Virginia ARMSTRONG Renthal / smith optics nz3:56.861533.90s
 16th131Linda JAGER Alpes Mancelles Ride Race Team3:59.751636.79s
 17th141Laura LOHNER CLRacing SB3 TRANSITION4:01.411738.45s
 18th134Rachel PAGEAU Devinci Development Racing4:11.731848.77s
 19th133Helene FRUHWIRTH Iriedaily4:28.31191:05.35
 128Frida Helena RØNNING Lillehammer CKDNS
 136C.J. SELIG TruckerCo PosseDNS
 440Coralie SOUCHAL DNS

15-16 girls  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st444Leane CHARDONNIERAS COMMENCAL Junior Cartel4:34.581-
emoji_events2nd443Nikki CLARKE Capital cycles / GT Bikes5:08.24233.66s

17-18 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st145Anna NEWKIRK Team PROJECT3:47.291-
NS Define 150 1
NS Define 150 1
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