US DS National Champs '18 at Snowshoe, WV

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Gender Both

Pro men

6 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark15Luca COMETTI 320590San Diego, CA1st-A54.017s1
bookmark2-Max MORGAN (pro)photo_library 320502Pisgah Forest, NC2nd-A
bookmark36Walker SHAW 285782Hendersonville, NC1st-B54.527s2
 48Dylan CRANEphoto_library 379184Carbondale2nd-B57.955s5
 52Kyle GRAU 351694Terrace Park, OH55.171s3
 67Thomas ZULAphoto_library 293661New Carlisle, OH55.654s4

Cat 1: 15-18 boys

15 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark129Dante SILVAphoto_library 288799Chula Vista, CA1st-A54.441s2
bookmark230Mathew STERLINGphoto_library 295509San Jose, CA2nd-A55.164s4
bookmark321Nathan ST. CLAIRphoto_library 485700Statesville, NC1st-B54.579s3
 432Matt DRISCOLLphoto_library 00:00.0Bow, NH2nd-B58.603s8
 543David KAHN 352648Putnam Valley, NY54.030s1
 624Christopher GRICEphoto_library 00:00.0Asheville, NC55.452s5
 734Michael FUERSTphoto_library 392376Winston Salem, NC56.814s6
 825Kyle LITTLEphoto_library 399967Charlottesville58.436s7
 927Brooks HUDSONphoto_library 536251Crested Butte, CO58.834s9
 1033Keegan ROWLEYphoto_library 00:00.0Channahon, IL59.153s10
 1128Tyler ERVINphoto_library 00:00.0Alpine, CA59.451s11
 1226Eric JACKSON (u18)photo_library 00:00.0Basye, VA59.566s12
 1323Hunter BELLphoto_library 00:00.0Irwin, PA59.617s13
 1442Adrian HAYDEN 00:00.0Saranac Lake1:00.08514
 1522Ben KEALYphoto_library Hendersonville, NC1:01.50315

Cat 1: 19-29 men

3 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark1-Anders NYSTROM 281627Boise, ID1st
bookmark2-Evan PICINOTTI 383025Charleroi2nd
bookmark3-Jake WADE 473778Manassas, VA

Cat 1: 30-39 men

3 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark1-Jesse BORROR 360570Morgantown, WV1st
bookmark2-Josh SMITH (u30) 286901Springboro, OH2nd
bookmark3-Taylor ANGLEBERGER 282586Smithsburg, MD

Cat 1: 40+ men

5 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark1-Mike HUMMEL 297610West Newton, PA1st-A
bookmark2-Kevin LIEBIG 117593Martinsville, VA2nd-A
bookmark3-Alex MCELYEA 127641Scottsdale, AZ1st-B
 4-William MEDCALF 79977Albuquerque, NM2nd-B
 5-Dennis FOSTER 407843Murrieta, CA

Cat 2/3: 15-18 boys

13 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark1-Eric WILLETTS 546443Ephrata, PA1st-A
bookmark2-Cooper RODRIGUES 414937Cary, NC2nd-A
bookmark3-Eli SMITH 560914Avon, CO1st-B
 4-Matthew SPONG 541197Lewisville, NC2nd-B
 5-Coleson LINDSEY 384407Richmond, VA
 6-Lucas POUND 493581Richmond, VA
 7-Sam KAHN
 8-Rex NGUYEN 546370Richmond, VA
 9-Grayson TAYLOR 379332Lewisville, NC
 10-Miles FAGAN 472625Henrico, VA
 11-Cameron LAWRENCE 529539Morgantown, WV
 12-Adrian HAYDEN 438944Saranac Lake
 13-Aidan SMITH 536566Lake Mills, WI

Cat 2/3: 19-29 men

2 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark1-Drew PALMER-LEGER 352638Park City, UT1st
bookmark2-Ethan FLANIGAN 559514Morgantown, WV2nd

Cat 2/3: 30-39 men

3 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark1-Tyler TROISI 523408Pittsburgh, PA1st
bookmark2-William DANLEY 543592Fuquay Varina, NC2nd
bookmark3-Cory ELLSWORTH 562410Fuquay Varina, NC

Cat 2/3: 40+ men

4 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark1-Chris CLINE 477699Fredericktown, OH1st-A
bookmark2-Doug TATE 332996Kokomo, IN2nd-A
bookmark3-James PITTACORA 315874Chicago, IL1st-B
 4-Dave MELTON 429744Mammoth Lakes, CA2nd-B

11-14 boys

8 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark1-Evan MEDCALF 434032Albuquerque, NM1st-A
bookmark2-John COMPTON 529852Charlottesville, VA2nd-A
bookmark3-Seth PRITCHARD 480151Hooker, OK1st-B
 4-Ryan PINKERTON 536706Aliso Viejo, CA2nd-B
 5-Fred LARIVIERE 512874Lehi, UT
 6-Finley KIRSCHENMANN 556315Sandy, UT
 7-David THOMPSON 416861New Canaan, CT
 8-Pearce FOWLER 392013Charleston

6-10 Non-champs boys

4 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark1-Christopher LIEBIG 478545Havre De Grace, MD1st-A
bookmark2-Garrett HUMMELL 478359West Newton, PA2nd-A
bookmark3-Ethan CHRYST 526356Matthews, NC1st-B
 4-Ty HUMMEL 520293West Newton, PA2nd-B

11-14 Non-champs boys

8 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark1-Jack SHARPLES 502133Cary1st-A
bookmark2-Riley ARMBRUSTER 513474Stevensville, MD2nd-A
bookmark3-Tyler TROISI (u18) 523408Pittsburgh, PA1st-B
 4-Ryan LITTLE 410885Charlottesville, VA2nd-B
 5-David THOMPSON 416861New Canaan, CT
 6-Jack SHARPLES 502133Cary
 7-Max LOONEY 559617Crozet, VA
 8-Brayden KROMIS 562360Alexandria, VA



Pro women

5 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark11001Jill KINTNERphoto_library 186217Bellingham, WA1st-A57.031s1
bookmark21002Caroline WESTRAY 301162Mooresville, NC2nd-A57.638s2
bookmark31004McKenna MERTENphoto_library 378493Jamul, CA1st-B1:00.8713
 41005Porsha MURDOCKphoto_library 00:00.0Bend, OR2nd-B1:02.6544
 51003Emily HARRISphoto_library 458218Rocklin1:03.1485

Open women

5 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark1-Jordan BELL 472359Irwin, PA1st-A
bookmark2-Stephanie SOWLES 351806Colchester, VT2nd-A
bookmark3-Kristy FIOLA 513493Burgettstown, PA1st-B
 4-Allie ADELSON 470858Charlotte, NC2nd-B
 5-Rachael RUDZINSKI 496918Crested Butte, CO

Cat 2/3: 15-18 girls

2 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark1-Kylie GARDNER 516769Winston Salem, NC1st
bookmark2-Kaia JENSEN 503769Hailey, ID2nd

6-10 Non-champs girls

1 competitor found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark1-Ahna VALACH 562451Mingo, WV

11-14 Non-champs girls

1 competitor found
Pos BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsFinalSeed
bookmark1-Rachel HILLER 518292Port Orange
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