Canadian Open '18 at Whistler, BC

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

87 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st1Troy BROSNANphoto_library Canyon Factory Team / Muc-Off / SRAM2:45.371-
emoji_events2nd5Connor FEARONphoto Kona Factory2:45.8820.51s
emoji_events3rd11Magnus MANSONphoto_library Canyon Bikes / Fox Racing Shox2:46.2830.91s
 4th2Sam BLENKINSOPphoto_library NORCO Factory Racing / SRAM2:47.2641.89s
 5th4Mark WALLACEphoto Canyon Factory Team / Muc-Off / SRAM2:48.6553.28s
 6th7Eddie MASTERSphoto_library 100% / Pivot Factory Racing2:48.9063.53s
 7th29Kirk MCDOWALLphoto_library Devinci / Dunbar Cycles2:49.9074.53s
 8th6Dakotah NORTONphoto_library SRAM / Unior / Devinci Factory Racing2:50.3985.02s
 9th14Henry FITZGERALDphoto_library NORCO Factory Racing / SRAM2:50.4995.12s
 10th3Marcelo GUTIÉRREZ VILLEGASphoto_library Giant2:50.51105.14s
 11th52Ruaridh CUNNINGHAMphoto Trek Factory Racing2:50.96115.59s
 12th13Bernard KERRphoto_library 100% / Pivot Factory Racing2:52.62127.25s
 13th187Hugo LANGEVINphoto_library Devinci Development Racing2:53.95138.58s
 14th8Mick HANNAHphoto_library Polygon UR2:54.55149.18s
 15th77Matthew BEERphoto_library Chromag / Devinci / Fox / Maxxis / We Are One2:54.86159.49s
 16th16Jure ŽABJEKphoto_library SRAM / Unior / Devinci Factory Racing2:54.96169.59s
 17th19Keegan WRIGHT SRAM / Unior / Devinci Factory Racing2:55.25179.88s
 18th10Rudy CABIROUphoto SRAM / Unior / Devinci Factory Racing2:56.031810.66s
 19th28Nikolas NESTOROFFphoto_library KHS Bicycles Inc2:57.621912.25s
 20th21Elliot JACKSONphoto_library Giant2:57.822012.45s
 21st132Anthony EVANSphoto Sovereign Cycle2:58.432113.06s
 22nd31Jake NEWELL 2:58.952213.58s
 23rd91Warren KNISS 2:59.602314.23s
 24th140Jake BYRNE 2:59.702414.33s
 25th43Allan COOKEphoto_library Santa Cruz3:00.232514.86s
 26th134Adam WOODHOUSEphoto C4 / Norco Racing3:00.292614.92s
 27th35Gabriel CAMARGO GIOVANINIphoto_library 3:00.722715.35s
 28th94Anthony POULSONphoto Kona Factory3:01.122815.75s
 29th30Forrest RIESCOphoto Kali / North shore billet / Race Face / Ryders3:01.282915.91s
 30th107Jason SCHROEDER Commencal3:02.063016.69s
 31st165Pablo SEEWALDphoto Im Sport livigno / ski Service Corvatsch3:02.113116.74s
 32nd118Mario José JARRIN MOLINAphoto Cube / Marzocchi / TLD3:02.623217.25s
 33rd41Remy MORTONphoto_library Lusty / Maxxis / SRAM3:02.643317.27s
 34th46Trevor BOLDI MDW Sports / Oakley / sensus grips / Stans3:02.653417.28s
 35th17Shane LESLIEphoto_library Defiant Racing3:03.313517.94s
 36th128Wiley KAUPAS 3:03.573618.20s
 37th23Bas VAN STEENBERGENphoto Fox / Hyper Bikes3:03.863718.49s
 38th189Alex SILVERTHORNEphoto Pedalhead Bicycle Works3:05.673820.30s
 40th65Cole LUCASphoto_library Cube Action Team3:06.904021.53s
 41st138Philippe RICARD Devinci / Giro3:07.044121.67s
 42nd145Armen DAVIS Rooted MTB3:08.414223.04s
 43rd156Sebastian ALFARO PERALTA 3:08.804323.43s
 44th160Christian GONZALEZphoto Trek3:08.834423.46s
 45th38Billy MEACLEMphoto Trek NZ3:09.144523.77s
 46th150Caleb HARAPNUIKphoto 3:09.584624.21s
 47th119Steven WALTON Hyper Bicycles3:09.694724.32s
 48th122Harry HEAD Cube / Maxxis / Obsession / Spanbk / TLD3:10.654825.28s
 49th180Gonzalo SERENELLIphoto 3:11.224925.85s
 50th175Ken FAUBERTphoto_library Corsa Cycles / Dunbar Cycles3:11.925026.55s
 51st143Kei NAKAIphoto 3:12.425127.05s
 52nd121Nikolai KILIKphoto 6D Helmets / Fox / RIDE SFO / Santa Cruz / Shimano3:12.585227.21s
 53rd123Sky DUNN-SARVISphoto Santa Cruz3:12.835327.46s
 54th148Dylan BROWN (u20)photo All Out Racing / FSA / Monster3:13.305427.93s
 55th174Dale RUSSELL (elt)photo_library 3:13.405528.03s
 56th120Devin KJAERphoto Deity / Fox / Maxima / Shimano / Specialized3:14.005628.63s
 57th144Cole MOONEYphoto 3:15.195729.82s
 58th103Juan Diego SALIDO SALCEDOphoto_library Bike Logistics Outflow / Industry Nine / Transition Bikes3:16.035830.66s
 59th47Mitch CHUBEY Maxxis / Morpheus3:17.735932.36s
 60th184Josh NEVELSON 3:18.456033.08s
 61st167Ambroise HEBERT Alpes Mancelles Ride3:18.596133.22s
 62nd164Michael WILLIAMSphoto_library 3:20.696235.32s
 63rd159Levi HARAPNUIKphoto_library Endless Biking / Fox Racing Shox3:20.866335.49s
 64th133Brandon DOUGLASphoto 3:20.946435.57s
 65th141Yusuke YAMAMOTOphoto_library Dunbar Cycles3:21.386536.01s
 66th158Axel JÖNSSONphoto 3:22.056636.68s
 67th112Maxence CHAPELETphoto CLR SB3 TRANSITION3:22.946737.57s
 68th146Mario CORSI PINA 3:25.686840.31s
 69th172Esteban Abraham CASTRO PIÑAphoto Fenzotec / Leatt / Sccycles3:27.126941.75s
 70th127Brandon JOHNSONphoto_library graviti driven / Intense3:28.027042.65s
 71st171Guille ORANTESphoto_library Fox racing GUATEMALA3:33.797148.42s
 72nd157Oscar MIDELUND 3:36.037250.66s
 73rd45Cameron ZINKphoto YT Industries4:00.30731:14.93
 74th155Trevor ATTRIDGEphoto Oak Bay Bikes4:34.82741:49.45
 36Walker SHAW DNS
 50Yoann BARELLI Commencal VallnordDNS
 42Luca COMETTI bolle / Commencal / Kenda / SlytechDNS
 126Sean O'DONNELLphoto 7idp / Commencal / ESI grips / Maxxis / RoyalDNS
 161Maximilian FRIETSCH Freeride-MountainDNS
 177Mark ALLISON graviti drivenDNS
 32Bernardo NEVES CRUZ GT BikesDNS
 37Graeme MUDD Lusty Industries / MaxxisDNS
 40Jackson DAVIS J-Mann / Nukeproof bikes / VANZACSDNS
 147Spencer COLETTI Prince George Cycling ClubDNS

Expert: 17-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st416Elliot JAMIESON 2:55.471-
emoji_events2nd404Lucas CRUZ Trek BC DEVO TEAM2:56.7721.30s
emoji_events3rd412Ben WALLACE Kovarik Racing2:59.9434.47s
 4th402Jamie EDMONDSONphoto Transition Bikes | Muc-Off3:00.7145.24s
 5th408Ian MILLEYphoto Blueprint / Giro / Norco / RydersEyewe / WhistlerVillageSports3:01.9656.49s
 6th422Gonzalo GAJDOSECHphoto_library 3:03.0167.54s
 7th411Facundo DESCALZOphoto PIVOT CYCLES ARGENTINA3:06.09710.62s
 8th410Justin CLEMENTSphoto Calgary Cycle / DRIFT RACING / Fox suspension / Leatt / Schwalbe3:07.04811.57s
 9th423Gideon BENDERphoto B-line racing3:12.47917.00s
 10th413Augusto José VACA ZABELATA Answer / Devinci / rockshock3:14.291018.82s
 11th406Gautier JUNGphoto Orange bike cofactory / TLD3:14.521119.05s
 12th415Ethan LIEB Deity / FiveTen / Leatt / Maxxis / Shimano / Smith3:14.891219.42s
 13th414Conlan REIS C43:17.261321.79s
 14th420Tyler BOMMARITOphoto_library B-line racing3:17.481422.01s
 15th407Garret MECHEMphoto Deity / Fox / ride 100 percent / Specialized3:25.881530.41s
 421Steven BOBYNphoto Silverstar Bike ParkDNF
 417Samuel HARDMAN DNS
 418Dillon FLINDERS Commencal / Outlaw Bike TeamDNS
 419Jan FAUSER TSG LeutkirchDNS

13-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st2001Tristan LEMIRE Kona / NRG / sports aux puces3:00.641-
emoji_events2nd2019Coen SKRYPNEK Bow Cycle / Extreme Speed Gravity Team / Kona3:08.1927.55s
emoji_events3rd2002Jackson GOLDSTONE Fox / Oakley / go to site / Shimano / Trek3:08.4437.80s
 4th2003Marcus GOGUEN Dissent Labs3:10.2849.64s
 5th2014Aiden GREANYA DRIFT RACING / Leatt / Polygon Bikes / Schwalbe / SR Suntour3:18.87518.23s
 6th2009Chance MOORE 3:19.75619.11s
 7th2005Wei Tien HO Dissent Labs / Smith / Trek3:19.97719.33s
 8th2004Tegan CRUZ Evolution Whistler3:23.78823.14s
 9th2026Toby MEEK Loose Riders / go to site3:26.75926.11s
 10th2010Connor WHITE DRIFT RACING3:46.531045.89s
 11th2006Tristan PILLON 3:55.521154.88s
 12th2030Hayden SANSALONE Sandbox Helmets3:57.501256.86s
 13th2018Cristian SUAREZ 4:06.42131:05.78
 14th2046Coen WOLFE 4:13.44141:12.80
 15th2011Hadrien LACKNER Shademaster4:17.17151:16.53

15-16 boys  dialpad Finish spread

31 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st1001Ethan SHANDROphoto Clif / ODI / RockSchox / SRAM / TLD / Trek2:54.101-
emoji_events2nd1013Patrick LAFFEYphoto Gravity MTB / Mountain City Cycle2:59.6325.53s
emoji_events3rd1003Mathew STERLINGphoto_library Commencal USA3:00.3936.29s
 4th1007Luke MEIER-SMITH SPREADCO AUSTRALIA3:01.9547.85s
 5th1002Seth SHERLOCKphoto Intense / Kovarik Racing Magura RD Team / Smith3:02.2158.11s
 6th1005Jakob JEWETTphoto 3:04.26610.16s
 7th1044Haydyn WYNTERphoto oneup components3:04.81710.71s
 8th1014Emmett HANCOCKphoto strand training3:04.90810.80s
 9th1015Onni RAINIOphoto Pole Bicycle Company3:05.99911.89s
 10th1010Austin DOOLEYphoto_library 100% / Crank Brothers / Fox / Maxxis / Monster / MRP / Renthal3:06.121012.02s
 11th1004Simon CHAPELET Polygon uR development3:07.951113.85s
 12th1025Pete VERHEYDEphoto 3:12.241218.14s
 13th1042Jack LINNELLphoto_library Strand Training RDT3:13.821319.72s
 14th1009Spencer ERVINphoto_library B-line racing / Fox / Race Face3:21.161427.06s
 15th1055Blake RAUSCH Premier Collision CARSTAR3:21.231527.13s
 16th1049Jake SMITH (u21)photo 3:21.931627.83s
 17th1011Jonas GOEWEILphoto DH Verein Tirol / Giant3:23.241729.14s
 18th1027Kai SPAFFORDphoto_library Fly / Project Bike3:25.021830.92s
 19th1045Eric MILLEYphoto WhistlerVillageSports3:25.351931.25s
 20th1006Drew MOZELLphoto Dunbar Cycles3:25.372031.27s
 21st1018Kahleb BOSSON 3:34.492140.39s
 22nd1021Stephan FICOVICphoto JMS Concreting / Pushys Fyshwick3:35.482241.38s
 23rd1047Hayden ZABLOTNY Silverstar Bike Park3:36.392342.29s
 24th1032Riley PLUMMERphoto 3:37.812443.71s
 25th1043Taylor MUNDEN District Bicycle Company / iXS / Spank3:43.772549.67s
 26th1012Matheus WESTIN FARATIOLI DE OLIVEIRA Audax / Chaoyang / Dcycles4:16.98261:22.88
 1035Aidan BORTHWICK C4 / Norco RacingDNF
 1033Matthew DE GIUSTI Drift Racing Fox / e-thirteen / Leatt / SchwalbeDNF
 1020Dylan FYSH DNS
 1019Nic HAMMER Cycle Therapy DuncanDNS

17-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st409Matthew GRIFFITHphoto 3:21.711-
emoji_events2nd512Jason KLOPFSTEINphoto_library 3:58.82237.11s
emoji_events3rd515Finn MANNphoto_library Daniel Leonte3:59.60337.89s
 4th517Alexander CHA (1)photo_library Calgary Cycle / POC / Santa Cruz / Straightline4:07.91446.20s
 524Fernando TOHA conconDNS

19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

38 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st606Ryan MENTAKISphoto 2:58.551-
emoji_events2nd622Alexis Ignacio GOENAGA 2:59.8821.33s
emoji_events3rd601Harrison TAILBY TeamFran3:01.4832.93s
 4th604Sean CAMPBELLphoto_library 3:03.0544.50s
 5th645Gaston GOENAGAphoto_library 3:07.1758.62s
 6th605Harrison REIBELTphoto_library Giant3:09.41610.86s
 7th650Michael ANDERSSON Mx-Outlet.se3:11.46712.91s
 8th602James THOMPSON (sen)photo_library 26aintdead3:13.37814.82s
 9th667Brian DEMAREST DEADTREES3:19.17920.62s
 10th709John Bryan PLAZA PINOphoto Propain +bici3:19.601021.05s
 11th169Craig MUNROphoto Vertigo bikes queenstown3:20.421121.87s
 12th708Matthew TONGUE 3:21.251222.70s
 13th608Brett HERREENphoto_library 3:22.021323.47s
 14th674Stuart GOLDphoto 3:22.991424.44s
 15th647Martin PALYZAphoto_library Sportovni kurzy bike team3:24.731526.18s
 16th706Adam PEYDOphoto Garbanzo bike and bean3:24.921626.37s
 17th613Kolt HOYLEphoto_library Chromag / Cube / Schwalbe3:26.701728.15s
 18th671Nathaniel GERRISHphoto_library Pabst Blue Ribbon3:27.191828.64s
 19th610Ryan LAWphoto_library 3:27.511928.96s
 20th627Jacob MOSSNER DHaRCO / Fox suspension / Mondraker Australia3:27.752029.20s
 21st692Benoit GIROUX Milky way3:27.802129.25s
 22nd629Casper VAN GEESTphoto_library Evolution Whistler3:29.182230.63s
 23rd703Vincent PIERROTphoto_library Shape&ride3:33.832335.28s
 24th609James PRICHARDphoto_library 3:34.392435.84s
 25th615Tyson WISE 3:36.082537.53s
 27th630Joey PARRYphoto_library Deity / Kenda Tires / Santa Cruz Factory Racing / Spy3:46.762748.21s
 28th631Leon DOHERTYphoto_library Detonation Team3:59.04281:00.49
 29th697Matt CLARKphoto_library 4:27.53291:28.98
 659Jonathan WEBB DNS
 624Felipe MUNOZ AELOXDH / MaCoF RacingDNS
 680Jayden GISBORNE Cowichan CyclesDNS
 634Kevin ICARDE JBS Racing TeamDNS
 666Kenton DAY Uncle Toby'sDNS

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st836Walace MIRANDA Chaoyang3:06.151-
emoji_events2nd809Steve STOREYphoto_library 3:11.7825.63s
emoji_events3rd802Martin RAFFO PIVOT CYCLES ARGENTINA3:13.5637.41s
 4th810Jacob COLESphoto 3:16.62410.47s
 5th843Daniel Hernan TORTTI 3:19.48513.33s
 6th811Alex MATTHEWphoto 3:25.13618.98s
 7th835Franco GELADAphoto commencal team3:31.49725.34s
 8th826Joseph BARBOURphoto 4:02.77856.62s
 832Andrew LUNKA DNS
 828Michael ZARKOS DNS
 821Nikolaus EDER Bikeclub Stattegg / FightVictory / Fistarmy / hukkitDNS
 842Patricio PERASSI EXA Bikes / PivotDNS
 807Nataniel GIACOMOZZI Free Force / Hupi / Manoel MarchettiDNS
 838Lucas PARMIGIANI Manfrin Cepo Pajjo TeamDNS

40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

Expert: 17-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

13-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

19+ women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st969Danielle BORDELEAU 4:29.111-
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