2019 SDA round 1 at Ae Forest

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Gender Both

Elite men  dialpad View finish spread

12 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsRaceDiff
 15Fergus LAMBphoto_library OrangeDNS
 4Lachlan BLAIRphoto_library 465723DNS
 8Kris GEMMELLphoto_library 722263DNS
 9Henry KERRphoto_library 901942DNS
 10Joseph MALLEN 840219DNS
 11Adam SMITH (exp)photo_library 442759DNS
 7Kenta GALLAGHERphoto_library 443729DNS
 5Adam BRAYTONphoto_library 454535Hope Factory RacingDNS
 2George GANNICOTTphoto_library 447320I-CyclesDNS
 1Reece WILSONphoto_library 916922Trek Factory Racing DHDNS

Open men  dialpad View finish spread

4 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsRaceDiff
 269Craig WALKER (opn)photo DNS
 266Michael HOSKISSONphoto_library DNS
 267Keiran LANEphoto_library 1543533DNS
 268Lee THOMSONphoto_library DNS

Expert men  dialpad View finish spread

17 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsRaceDiff
 69Simon ROSS 716548DNS
 68Andrew RAMSAYphoto_library 880561DNS
 67Daniel MURRAYphoto_library 897082scottish downhill associationDNS
 66Ryan MIDDLETONphoto_library 723553DNS
 65Jack MCCALLUMphoto_library 898517DNS
 64Harris MACKIEphoto_library 924966scottish downhill associationDNS
 63Calum MACIVERphoto_library 1381635DNS
 62George KERRphoto_library 989482Revolution CTDNS
 61Scott KENNEDY (exp)photo_library 1225063DNS
 59Jason GILLESPIE 881210DNS
 57John CRAWFORD (1)photo_library 946666DNS
 56Calum BROWNphoto_library 896287Highland Bikes Racing TeamDNS
 55Lewis BIRNIEphoto_library 1281386DNS
 54Luke BIRKETTphoto_library 941232DNS
 53Adam BEATYphoto_library 927293Keswick Bikes - KMBDNS
 58Jonathan FOSTER-SMITHphoto_library 445049Burtec / DecadeDNS
 52Drew CARTERS 709410scottish downhill associationDNS

Single crown men

1 competitor found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsRaceDiff
 250Angus FRAZER (sen)photo_library 888581Bike Craft CartelDNS

13-14 boys  dialpad View finish spread

11 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsRaceDiff
 911Benjamin WIPATphoto_library 996888bikers boutique / Leslie Bike ShopDNS
 910Morgan WILLIAMSphoto_library 1106319Salt Ayre Cog SetDNS
 909Daniel PARFITTphoto_library 1162719West Highland WheelersDNS
 907Ethan MOWATphoto_library 1076942Spartans Velo ClubDNS
 906Cole JACKSON 1562835West Highland WheelersDNS
 905Ramsay DALGLIESHphoto_library 1312362SteppingStanes Youth Cycling ClubDNS
 904Matthew COPPphoto_library 1464490Wolfpax RidersDNS
 903Daniel AITKENphoto_library 1304987DNS
 908Cory MUIR 934017West Highland WheelersDNS
 901Andrew GEORGESONphoto_library 1560359Orangefox BikesDNS
 900Lewis DUNCANphoto_library 999951Black Isle Mountain Bike ClubDNS

15-16 boys  dialpad View finish spread

32 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsRaceDiff
 608Charlie HARPER 1561347Cyclewise AcademyDNS
 832Reuben WILLIAMS 1561337DNS
 830Angus TURNER (yth)photo_library DNS
 829Tom STRANGphoto_library 1451502Stirling Bike ClubDNS
 828Tom ROCHESTERphoto_library 971274Peebles CCDNS
 827Nathan ROBERTSONphoto_library 1280844Stirling Bike ClubDNS
 826Cameron RAVENHILLphoto_library 1453824Black Isle Mountain Bike ClubDNS
 825Ronan RATCLIFFEphoto_library 1454182DNS
 824Cameron PENMANphoto_library 990509Meedies Bike ClubDNS
 823Josh MUDIE 1564113DNS
 822Rory MORRISON (yth)photo_library 1123017I-CyclesDNS
 821Ryan MCGUIREphoto_library 1370252Stirling Bike ClubDNS
 820Evan MACDONALD (yth)photo_library 1053811West Highland WheelersDNS
 819Daniel LAPPINphoto_library DNS
 818Shaun HOLDENphoto_library DNS
 817Hugh HENDERSONphoto_library 1150592Black Isle Mountain Bike ClubDNS
 816Callum HAYphoto_library 1149861Progression Bikes RacingDNS
 815Douglas GOODWILLphoto_library 965120Orangefox BikesDNS
 814Archie GILMOURphoto_library 12289002 Wheel CareDNS
 811Jamie DUNCAN (yth) 1210959DNS
 810Charlie DREWELLphoto_library 1458482Peebles CCDNS
 809Troy DODDSphoto_library 1197117DNS
 808Alistair DICKERTphoto_library 1354080DNS
 807Niall CLERKINphoto_library 1006889805DNS
 806Aston BROWNphoto_library 1365845Northern OutlawsDNS
 805William BRODIEphoto_library 999530bikers boutique / Leslie Bike ShopDNS
 804Josh BOWMANphoto_library 1354220DNS
 803Ben BALLANTYNEphoto_library 1557607DNS
 801James WILSON (yth)photo_library 1002292DNS
 812Lewis ELDER 1109659www.Hardie-Bikes.com go to siteDNS
 831Logan WILCOXphoto_library 1337927Danny Hart Descend Bike ParkDNS
 800Ryan BRANNENphoto_library 896838bikers boutique / Leslie Bike ShopDNS

17-18 boys  dialpad View finish spread

20 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsRaceDiff
 650Shaun SANGSTERphoto_library Cycle HighlandsDNS
 651Jamie EDMONDSONphoto_library 725880Transition FactoryDNS
 620Fraser KELLY (jun)photo_library DNS
 619Joe WILSON 1274657DNS
 617Ronan WHITEphoto_library 1142080Skye Bike ShackDNS
 616Joe STEPHENSONphoto_library 1238137Bike and SpannerDNS
 615Cameron STEELE 1219047DNS
 614Adam PYBUSphoto_library 1348482DNS
 613Torin MOFFATphoto_library 1277202Orangefox BikesDNS
 611Harris CAMPBELL 1558192DNS
 610Tom HILDRED 1237242DNS
 609Thomas HEAPphoto_library 1337595DNS
 607Hamish GRANTphoto_library 1351784DNS
 606David FERGUSONphoto_library 1548521DNS
 604Jamie CARRUTHERS (jun)photo_library 1258719DNS
 603Calum BEATONphoto_library 1455378Orangefox BikesDNS
 602Finlay WATTphoto_library 908699DNS
 600Joel HALLphoto_library 976242Progression Bikes RacingDNS
 605Jake EBDONphoto_library 1150953Tweed Valley Speed TeamDNS

19-29 men  dialpad View finish spread

31 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsRaceDiff
 190Alistair FOTHERGILL 452184DNS
 200Douglas DICKSONphoto DNS
 150Dane LOVEphoto_library 1555216DNS
 132Sean ROFEphoto_library 1162783DNS
 127Gavin WATTphoto_library 1553171DNS
 126Simon THURLOWphoto_library 1460717DNS
 125Steven THOMPSON (sen)photo_library 1144493DNS
 124Michael SIMMONDSphoto_library 881344Bike Craft CartelDNS
 122Max RENDALLphoto_library 1564087DNS
 121Mark OKANEphoto_library 19A30584DNS
 120Matthew NELSONphoto_library DNS
 119James MURPHY (sen1)photo_library 1562542DNS
 118Bryce MCDOWELLphoto_library DNS
 117Paul MARSHALL (sen1)photo_library DNS
 116Ross JOHNSTONphoto_library 715539DNS
 115Alistair HUDSONphoto_library 707068DNS
 114Gregg HAMILTONphoto_library 1558490DNS
 113Ross GREEN (sen)photo_library 447932Stewartry WheelersDNS
 112Greg GORDONphoto_library DNS
 111Christopher GALLAGHERphoto_library 706351DNS
 110Daniel FITTONphoto_library 716727DNS
 109William DORWARDphoto_library DNS
 108Adam DODDSphoto_library DNS
 107Lewis BUCHANphoto_library DNS
 105Daniel BLADONphoto_library 904144Hope Factory RacingDNS
 104Kyle ARNOLDphoto_library DNS
 103Niall ANDERSONphoto_library 1215623Dumfries CCDNS
 101Jonathan WILSON (1)photo_library DNS
 128Jonathan WILSON (2) 1015968DNS
 106Jake BROOKESphoto_library 1231604DNS
 102Grant MURDOCHphoto_library 889628Coupar Angus Cycling HubDNS

30-39 men  dialpad View finish spread

19 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsRaceDiff
 521David WILSON (mas2)photo_library DNS
 520Craig WALKER (mas1)photo_library DNS
 519Alan TODDphoto_library 1354783DNS
 518Robin SMITHphoto_library 1560343DNS
 516Petr SIGUTphoto_library DNS
 515David REVELLphoto_library 1397543DNS
 514Philip MULLANphoto_library 19lc1854CRC BelfastDNS
 513Obed MOFFITTphoto_library DNS
 512Jonathan MCGLINCHEYphoto_library DUMRCCDNS
 511Grant MARTIN 1561999DNS
 510Radoslaw LISOWSKIphoto_library DNS
 507Kahlum GRANTphoto_library DNS
 506Vaughan EVANS (mas) 706321DNS
 505Lewis CROLLAphoto_library DNS
 504Robert COBAIN 969379DNS
 503Christopher ALLANphoto_library 1022635DNS
 508Robin GRAYphoto_library 1249558Bike Craft CartelDNS
 509Simon HERONphoto_library 715526DNS
 517Matt SINCLAIRphoto_library 1335668Royal Navy & Royal Marines CADNS

40+ men  dialpad View finish spread

14 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsRaceDiff
 414John YOUNG (vet)photo_library 706859DNS
 413George THOMPSON (vet) 1012919DNS
 412Ian MCINTOSHphoto_library 421535DNS
 411Chris MCCANNphoto_library 1338574DNS
 410Lewis JONES (gvet)photo_library 890833DNS
 409Robert HOGGphoto_library 1136879DNS
 408Jordan GARTLANDphoto_library 1450891DNS
 407Jonathan COPPphoto_library 1277476Wolfpax RidersDNS
 406Graeme COCHRANE 428637DNS
 405Dave INGLEBYphoto_library 723029ATS Cycles / SDADNS
 403Mark NEAL (vet2)photo_library 1019941DNS
 401Stephen COUSINS (1) 890329DNS
 404Alastair MACLENNAN (gvet)photo_library 430045West Highland WheelersDNS
 400Mark WEIGHTMANphoto_library 417746Leisure LakesDNS



U19 women  dialpad View finish spread

7 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsRaceDiff
 721Rachael QUIGLEY DNS
 720Bethany MCCULLY 1277801Orangefox BikesDNS
 719Charlotte HIGGINSphoto_library 1042685Progression Bikes RacingDNS
 718Nina-Yves CAMERONphoto_library DNS
 717Tea JENSENphoto_library 967943bikers boutique / Leslie Bike ShopDNS
 716Aimi KENYONphoto_library 1143870Female Riders Race TeamDNS
 715Phoebe GALEphoto_library 1246855DNS

Single crown women

1 competitor found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsRaceDiff
 760Claudia FORBES-WALKERphoto_library 1353652Hardies BikesDNS

19+ women  dialpad View finish spread

7 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsRaceDiff
 709Katherine SHARPphoto_library 716802DNS
 705Jess STONEphoto_library 462448SprocketscyclesDNS
 704Katie PURVISphoto_library DNS
 702Meg WHYTEphoto_library 991786DNS
 703Diana MCLARENphoto_library Bike CraftDNS
 700Mikayla PARTONphoto_library 1118041Nevis RangeDNS
 701Shona MCKINNON 949408DNS
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