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Gender Both

Elite men

12 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinalAge category
bookmark17Duncan FERRISphoto_library 1st-A
bookmark23Will EVANS (exp)photo_library 2nd-A
bookmark310Charlie CURRIEphoto_library 3rd-A
 44Davi ROBERTSphoto_library 4th-A
 542Tom BELL (4x)photo_library 1st-B
 627Tristan EASTERBROOKphoto_library 2nd-B
 726Alex METCALFEphoto_library 3rd-B
 892Ben JONES (4x)photo_library 4th-B
 912Daniel WAGSTAFFphoto_library
 1070Connor HUDSONphoto_library Chicksands Race Team
 11999Marti PEARCEphoto_library
 1244Jack HUDSONphoto_library Chicksands Race Team

13-14 boys

7 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinalAge category
bookmark11JUVBen TYASphoto_library 1st-A
bookmark2317Reuben MILLSphoto_library 2nd-A
bookmark3295Luke WHITTONphoto_library 3rd-A
 4361Fin HUDSONphoto_library 4th-A
 5280Owen WINSTON °photo_library 1st-B10-12
 6235Oscar STELLphoto_library 2nd-B
 7446Lucas DEWSNAP °photo_library 3rd-B10-12

° Riders racing out of category

17-18 boys

7 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinalAge category
bookmark1204Will MILLSphoto_library Dialled Bikes1st-A
bookmark2248Ben HOLIFIELDphoto_library 2nd-A
bookmark3371Finn CLARK °photo_library 3rd-A15-16
 4210Ruben MASIphoto_library 4th-A
 51YZac HUDSON °photo_library 1st-B15-16
 6111Will HARRISphoto_library 2nd-B
 7212Sam EADSFORTH °photo_library 15-16

° Riders racing out of category

19-29 men

8 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinalAge category
bookmark124Lewis ASHEphoto_library 1st-A
bookmark233Frederick DEVEREUXphoto_library 2nd-A
bookmark317Jacob STELLphoto_library 3rd-A
 499Angus CHILDphoto_library 4th-A
 5281George LADLEY °photo_library 1st-BBig Fun: 17+
 6100Martin CHILDphoto_library 2nd-B
 775Ryan FAULTLESSphoto_library 3rd-B
 893James FERRANDphoto_library Royal Racing Roots4th-B

° Rider racing out of category

30-39 men

11 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinalAge category
bookmark11VMichael DEWSNAP °photo_library 1st-A40+
bookmark2427Robert BLAKE (vet2) °photo_library 2nd-A40+
bookmark3368Mop HEADphoto_library 3rd-A
 4422Richard DOBSONphoto_library 4th-A
 5441Alastair KEENphoto_library Cycle Route Downend1st-B
 6300Simon RICKETT °photo_library 2nd-B40+
 7251Mike HAYWARDphoto_library 3rd-B
 8286Shane KLUCKOWphoto_library Chicksands Race Team4th-B
 9373Chris WALKER (vet2) °photo_library 40+
 10710Ash RICHARDSONphoto_library
 11283Rob BENSONphoto_library

° Riders racing out of category



Open women

4 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinalAge category
bookmark11WMegan WHERRYphoto_library 1
bookmark22WCourtney ABBISSphoto_library 2
bookmark35WHannah ESCOTTphoto_library 3
 437Abi WHERRYphoto_library 4
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