Sky DH Chainless at Queenstown Bike Park

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Pro men  dialpad Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosName Race Diff
emoji_events1stEddie MASTERS 1:51.281-
emoji_events2ndMateo VERDIER 1:51.3820.10s
emoji_events3rdMatthew WALKER 1:52.8831.60s
 4thHamish MCLEOD 1:53.1841.90s
 5thMatt LAWTON 1:53.8552.57s
 6thDaniel DAVIES 1:54.1562.87s
 7thFabien COUSINIE 1:56.3975.11s
 8thJamie LYALL 1:58.1886.90s
 9thJake NEWELL 1:58.2196.93s
 10thReece POTTER 2:00.04108.76s
 11thJacinta DAVIS 2:00.07118.79s
 12thRyan HOWARD 2:04.151212.87s
 13thGarret MAC 2:04.761313.48s
 14thDavid MCMILLAN 2:04.921413.64s
 15thJimi RAMSAY 2:08.261516.98s
 16thK.C. TILL 2:11.221619.94s
 17thUnknown RIDER (M) 2:11.721720.44s
 18thWill HART 2:14.651823.37s

U13 boys  dialpad Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosName Race Diff
emoji_events1stTavi RASNOVEANI 2:09.341-
emoji_events2ndRory MEEK 2:11.1221.78s
emoji_events3rdMalik BOATWRIGHTphoto 2:11.2031.86s
 4thTaaroa MALMEZAC 2:11.3742.03s
 5thReon FERNANDEZ 2:13.3554.01s
 6thTheo RIDDLE 2:14.9265.58s
 7thTane MORALES 2:15.1275.78s
 8thJames BURNELL 2:15.5986.25s
 9thNoah WHITE 2:15.7396.39s
 10thLuke PANKHURST 2:17.69108.35s
 11thWill SPEAKMAN 2:18.12118.78s
 12thRyley TOPLIFF 2:19.851210.51s
 13thFletcher MCCARTHY 2:20.461311.12s
 14thTed CECI 2:37.681428.34s
 15thOlivia HEIN 2:52.161542.82s

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosName Race Diff
emoji_events1stHarperr SOUNESS 2:05.501-
emoji_events2ndEthan HAZELL 2:07.0821.58s
emoji_events3rdJamie GABODA 2:08.1432.64s
 4thTyler MUIRHEAD 2:08.9443.44s
 5thJake PANKHURST 2:09.4553.95s
 5thSam LITTLE 2:09.4553.95s
 7thThomas BENSON 2:10.9475.44s
 8thDylan FOOTE 2:11.7086.20s
 9thConnor RAVENWOOD 2:13.4197.91s
 10thDylan HAZEL 2:18.351012.85s
 11thMarley KING SMITH 2:19.981114.48s
 12thMax O'DONOGHUE-PRICE 2:25.541220.04s

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosName Race Diff
emoji_events1stRiley ADLAM 1:56.501-
emoji_events2ndJosh CULLING 2:02.3625.86s
emoji_events3rdMax CAULTON 2:06.78310.28s
 4thWill ADAMSON 2:07.56411.06s
 5thBen BLEWITT 2:08.64512.14s
 6thJaxon BRIAN 2:11.33614.83s

U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosName Race Diff
emoji_events1stSam GALE 1:56.511-
emoji_events2ndJack DEAN 2:12.99216.48s

19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosName Race Diff
emoji_events1stOscar MONKphoto 1:57.011-
emoji_events2ndLuca DRANSMANN 1:57.2020.19s
emoji_events3rdFriedrich SCHMIDT 1:57.2230.21s
 4thBradley SLOANE 1:58.7341.72s
 5thJake MONK 1:58.9751.96s
 6thPatrick STEWART 2:00.9963.98s
 7thLoic FERRY 2:01.3074.29s
 8thAndy ??? 2:01.5784.56s
 9thDemis THEMELIS 2:01.8594.84s
 10thNehuen DE LA MANO 2:02.14105.13s
 11thThomas NORTON 2:03.85116.84s
 12thFlorian GROHENS 2:03.98126.97s
 13thEuan PATTERSON 2:04.90137.89s
 14thEdward PEALINGphoto_library 2:06.35149.34s
 15thJordan DICKINSON 2:07.101510.09s
 16thJack REYNOLDS (sen) 2:09.261612.25s
 17thDaniel FERRARO 2:09.581712.57s
 18thPat CROSSING 2:10.331813.32s
 19thLevi SCHREIBER 2:10.451913.44s
 20thAshley LITTLE 2:10.532013.52s
 21stAgustin RIESCO 2:14.792117.78s

30+ men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosName Race Diff
emoji_events1stPaul ANGUS 1:59.371-
emoji_events2ndBen DEAKIN (OiOi) 2:01.9522.58s
emoji_events3rdEmmerson WILKEN 2:01.9632.59s
 4thMatthew ROBERTS 2:05.1345.76s
 5thAlex HEDH 2:09.1559.78s
 6thBen HILDRED 2:16.06616.69s
 7thHenry DEVEREUX 2:18.43719.06s

40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosName Race Diff
emoji_events1stBevan ADLAM 2:00.591-
emoji_events2ndLuke LEAF 2:07.8927.30s
emoji_events3rdAaron FERNANDEZ 2:08.5938.00s
 4thTim CHECHDOG 2:09.3648.77s



Open women  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosName Race Diff
emoji_events1stMorgane JONNIER 2:05.271-
emoji_events2ndBob LATCHEM 2:05.6820.41s
emoji_events3rdAbigail HOGIE 2:08.9533.68s
 4thKathy MORRISphoto_library 2:09.4644.19s
 5thShania RAWSON 2:09.6054.33s
 6thChloe TAYLOR 2:12.8667.59s
 7thVinny ARMSTRONG 2:15.1779.90s

U19 women

1 competitor found

PosName Race Diff
emoji_events1stJess BLEWITT 2:09.801-
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