Canadian Open DH '19 at Whistler, BC

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

73 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st1Troy BROSNANphoto_library Canyon Factory Team2:38.981-
emoji_events2nd22Bruce KLEINphoto 100% / Commencal2:40.5021.52s
emoji_events3rd13Kirk MCDOWALLphoto_library / Devinci Factory Racing / Unior Tools2:41.7632.78s
 4th15Magnus MANSONphoto_library Canyon Factory Team2:42.2743.29s
 5th7Dakotah NORTONphoto_library / Devinci Factory Racing / Unior Tools2:42.5253.54s
 6th6001Sam BLENKINSOP Norco2:42.9763.99s
 7th4Mark WALLACEphoto_library Canyon Factory Team2:43.5874.60s
 8th2Brook MACDONALDphoto_library MS Mondraker2:44.2085.22s
 9th25Austin WARRENphoto_library Bell Helmets / Deity / Evil Bikes / Fast house / HT Components / Kenda / Maxima Racing Oil / Oakley / ODI / Onyx / PNG (Pinnacle Nutrition Group) / Push Suspension / Stans2:46.7697.78s
 10th34Elliot JACKSONphoto Giant2:46.77107.79s
 11th171Brendan FAIRCLOUGH Scott DH Factory2:47.53118.55s
 12th11Mick HANNAHphoto_library Polygon UR2:47.63128.65s
 13th8Eddie MASTERSphoto_library Pivot Factory Racing2:47.97138.99s
 14th31Kendall MCLEANphoto_library Cowichan Cycle2:48.33149.35s
 15th10Marcelo GUTIÉRREZ VILLEGASphoto_library Giant2:48.69159.71s
 16th65Cole PICCHIOTTINOphoto_library 2:49.391610.41s
 17th23Henry FITZGERALDphoto_library Norco2:49.721710.74s
 18th5Gee ATHERTONphoto_library Atherton Bikes2:50.871811.89s
 19th16Matthew WALKERphoto_library 100% / Pivot Factory Racing2:51.431912.45s
 20th28Max MORGAN (pro)photo_library Santa Cruz2:51.672012.69s
 21st26Kaos SEAGRAVEphoto_library Muc-Off Factory Racing / Transition Bikes2:52.002113.02s
 22nd36Jake NEWELLphoto_library Bicycle Tech Bar / Fist / Norco Australia / Unit2:52.682213.70s
 23rd170Theo ERLANGSENphoto_library Monster2:53.552314.57s
 24th32Charles FRYDENDALphoto_library My Buddy's Bike Shop2:54.212415.23s
 25th52Boaz HEBBLETHWAITEphoto_library 2:54.432515.45s
 26th30Adam WOODHOUSEphoto_library C4 Norco Racing2:54.672615.69s
 27th18Mario JARRIN Cube / Troylee Ecuador2:55.252716.27s
 28th66Devin KJAERphoto Deity / Fox / Shimano / Specialized2:55.962816.98s
 29th56Wiley KAUPASphoto_library Rooted MTB / Specialized2:56.272917.29s
 30th27Philippe RICARDphoto_library Devinci / Giro / OGC2:56.923017.94s
 31st39Trevor BOLDIphoto_library Cranked Naturals / MDW Sports / Pyga2:56.953117.97s
 32nd14Sheng Shan CHIANGphoto Giant2:57.543218.56s
 33rd79Raymundo FOURNIERphoto_library Enduro Jalisco MTB2:57.683318.70s
 34th42Trevor ATTRIDGEphoto_library Saxx underwear / Westshore Bikes2:57.863418.88s
 35th37David JONEAUphoto_library 2:58.703519.72s
 36th54Bas VAN STEENBERGENphoto_library Fox / Hyper Bikes / Maxxis2:59.133620.15s
 37th53Gautier JUNGphoto_library Joliat cycles / OneSuspension.ch2:59.543720.56s
 38th50Anthony POULSONphoto_library Kona Factory2:59.683820.70s
 39th60Brandan BOHLphoto_library 2:59.863920.88s
 40th58Sky DUNN-SARVISphoto_library Dragonfly Earth Medicine3:00.154021.17s
 41st17Gaetan RUFFINphoto_library Commencal Vallnord / SRAM3:00.254121.27s
 42nd21Mitch ROPELATOphoto Santa Cruz / SRAM3:00.574221.59s
 43rd40Simon TELLIERphoto_library 3:01.444322.46s
 44th55Harrison ORYphoto_library Rooted MTB / Specialized3:01.804422.82s
 45th35Brandon DOUGLASphoto_library 3:02.084523.10s
 46th77Oliver HAGGREN 226'ers / / / Trek Bikes Denmark3:03.664624.68s
 47th81Ricardo PEREDOphoto_library Monster Energy Trek Racing3:04.094725.11s
 48th61Sean O'DONNELLphoto 7idp / Afton Shoes / Commencal / Peatys / Royal3:04.564825.58s
 49th49Wilson THOMPSONphoto_library 3:04.774925.79s
 50th59Christian GONZALEZphoto_library Trek3:04.835025.85s
 51st47Levi HARAPNUIKphoto_library 3:07.045128.06s
 52nd68Jason BOHLphoto_library 1 SHOT RACING3:07.525228.54s
 53rd76Nikolai KILIKphoto 3:09.205330.22s
 54th44Brandon JOHNSONphoto_library Big Chief Beef / Ender Apparel / graviti driven / Intense / Kali / Ryno Power / Swagman3:09.635430.65s
 55th74Conrad CULLENEYphoto_library 1 SHOT RACING3:10.245531.26s
 56th82Aaron DOBIEphoto_library Wil Mozzell @ Dunbar Cycles3:11.235632.25s
 57th45Rylan DYCKphoto DRIFT RACING / Leatt3:11.765732.78s
 58th43Spencer COLETTIphoto_library Prince George Cycling Club3:12.825833.84s
 59th80Danny MANNINGphoto_library Bike Smith - Spronx3:14.675935.69s
 60th46Yusuke YAMAMOTOphoto_library Dunbar Cycles3:14.956035.97s
 61st75Mitch CHUBEYphoto_library Maxxis / Morpheus3:16.416137.43s
 62nd48Mark ALLISONphoto_library Rippers Lounge Racing3:20.256241.27s
 63rd67Esteban Abraham CASTRO PIÑAphoto Leatt / Sccycles / Transition Bikes3:28.826349.84s
 64th51Allan COOKEphoto_library Santa Cruz5:37.67642:58.69
 65th9Charlie HATTONphoto_library Atherton Bikes8:19.17655:40.19
 64Calum BOOTHphoto_library
 69Jorge MURCIA
 83Ryan MENTAKISphoto_library
 19Robert CASTILLO VAUGHANphoto_library Ciclon Bike Shop / Monster
 41Remy METAILLER CAMELBAK / Cube / DVO Suspension / Ethirteen / Hayes / Hutchinson / ROTOR / Time / Topeak
 70Jose PENA REVELOphoto_library Dunbar Cycles / Santa Cruz
 20Keegan WRIGHTphoto_library / Devinci Factory Racing / Unior Tools

Expert: 17-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st403Lucas CRUZphoto_library SRAM TLD racing2:45.721-
emoji_events2nd401Kye A'HERNphoto_library Canyon Factory Team2:47.6421.92s
emoji_events3rd402Luke MEIER-SMITHphoto_library 2:48.0032.28s
 4th405Seth SHERLOCKphoto_library Chromag / CushCore / Evolution Whistler / FiveTen / Fox / Fox Racing Shox / Intense / Kovarik Racing / Schwalbe / Shimano / Smith2:50.3444.62s
 5th406Blake ROSSphoto_library Nz performance hub2:51.8856.16s
 6th415Austin DOOLEYphoto_library 100% / Fox Factory / Joystick / Maxxis / MonsterArmy / Muc-Off / Ryno Power2:55.3269.60s
 7th419Ian MILLEYphoto_library Blueprint Athlete Development / Maxxis / Ryders eyewear2:55.4379.71s
 8th407Joshua ARCUSphoto_library 2:56.94811.22s
 9th420Tyler ERVINphoto_library Commencal USA / Revgrips / RockShox / SRAM2:57.60911.88s
 10th426Tobias VAN OEVERENphoto_library Pushys Online2:59.041013.32s
 11th410Facundo DESCALZOphoto_library PIVOT CYCLES ARGENTINA3:01.251115.53s
 12th414Justin CLEMENTSphoto_library 3:02.111216.39s
 13th421Finn PARSONSphoto_library Mondraker NZ3:03.521317.80s
 14th411Pablo AGUILAR OMODEOphoto_library 3:06.471420.75s
 15th417Dylan FYSHphoto_library 3:12.341526.62s
 16th422Spencer ERVINphoto_library B-line racing3:16.101630.38s
 17th416Logan MERRINGERphoto_library Seven Summit Gravity Racing team3:25.991740.27s
 18th409Mathew STERLINGphoto_library Afton Shoes / Chris King / Fly / Fox Factory / Maxxis / Pivot / Revgrips / SRAM / Stans5:05.49182:19.77
 424Daniel MCMASTERphoto_library 1 SHOT RACING / Deity / Fly / Fox / Maxxis / Smith
 418Milton MCCONVILLE Blueprint / Kinetik Cycles
 412Emmett HANCOCKphoto_library 100% / Commencal / WTB
 404Elliot JAMIESON Norco
 423Ethan LIEBphoto_library Deity / DT Swiss / Fanatik Bike Co. / FiveTen / Fox / Leatt / Maxxis / Norco / Shimano / Smith
 413Stephan FICOVIC Deity / Pushys Fyshwick / Ride Wrap

13-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st2002Tegan CRUZphoto_library Cruzboyz Racing3:04.521-
emoji_events2nd2005Ryan GRIFFITHphoto_library 3:13.0728.55s
emoji_events3rd2008Jon MOZELLphoto_library Dunbar Cycles3:13.8239.30s
 4th2006Ryan PINKERTONphoto_library Crank Brothers / e*thirteen / Maxxis / Oakley / ODI / RocknRoad / TLD3:14.61410.09s
 5th2028Lewis ALLBONphoto_library 3:18.76514.24s
 6th2009Max HALCHUKphoto_library FRESH AIR / Trek3:18.97614.45s
 7th2003Daniel CASTELLANOSphoto_library PLANET MTB3:23.26718.74s
 8th2010Guillermo TOVARphoto_library Monster Energy Trek Racing3:27.18822.66s
 9th2023Spencer WEIphoto_library 3:27.67923.15s
 10th2011Sami TEITZELphoto_library 3:29.051024.53s
 11th2025Aiden BAYLIFFEphoto_library 3:29.781125.26s
 12th2022Jack MACLEODphoto_library 3:35.501230.98s
 13th2027Titus CARDONA PEARTphoto_library DHaRCO / Next Level Mountain Bike3:35.511330.99s
 14th2015Nolan FIELDINGphoto_library 3:36.581432.06s
 15th2016Coen WOLFEphoto_library 3:40.931536.41s
 16th2020Finley KIRSCHENMANNphoto_library Commencal USA / Deity / Fox / Kenda / Magura / Outlaw Bike Team / Tannus3:52.881648.36s
 17th2007Etan BRAVARDphoto_library CushCore / CyclePath Gravity3:53.121748.60s
 18th2018Drake PARKERphoto_library Outlaw MTB Team4:00.841856.32s
 2012Liam CAMPBELL
 2026Ethan BOOTH
 2019Preston NISHKIAN Kinney Kamp
 2021Mikey DELESALLE Fox MTB / Kinney Kamp / Norco
 2017Vann POLLARD Outlaw
 2004Taylor DUNNphoto_library EVO / Fluidride / Full Speed Racing / TLD

15-16 boys  dialpad Finish spread

38 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st3007Tristan LEMIREphoto_library Kona Factory2:48.601-
emoji_events2nd3006Jackson GOLDSTONEphoto_library Fox / Maxxis / Trek2:50.5721.97s
emoji_events3rd3001Jakob JEWETTphoto_library Dissent Labs / Marzocchi / Maxxis / POC / Race Face / Rocky Mountain Cycles / Shimano2:50.9832.38s
 4th3002Coen SKRYPNEKphoto_library FountainTire / Kona / Summit / Tantalus / TLD2:54.5945.99s
 5th3003Drew MOZELLphoto_library Dunbar Cycles2:55.5256.92s
 6th3014Chris GRICEphoto_library GRICE FINANCIAL GROUP / Specialized2:56.5667.96s
 7th3009Ike KLAASSENphoto_library 100% / Monster / Santa Cruz2:57.2378.63s
 8th3017Wei Tien HOphoto_library TaG Youth Gravity Team2:59.28810.68s
 9th3010Jack LINNELLphoto_library Summit Sport / TLD2:59.38910.78s
 10th3016Tom GUILLOphoto_library Commencal Cartel3:00.131011.53s
 11th3012Dean LINDSEYphoto_library 1 SHOT RACING / Commencal / Fly / Fox3:04.631116.03s
 12th3020Samuell ENGLISHphoto_library Summit Sports3:06.431217.83s
 13th3025Jackson CONNELLYphoto_library Ion Australia / Norco Australia / Thredbo MTB3:07.421318.82s
 14th3013Nate THALHAMERphoto_library DTR / Ergon / Flat Tire Defender / Fox / Santa Cruz / Shimano / The Bike Peddler3:10.451421.85s
 15th3011Marcus ROSSphoto_library Mondraker NZ3:10.931522.33s
 16th3033Parker NISHKIANphoto_library Kinney Kamp3:11.471622.87s
 17th3035Connor WHITEphoto_library DRIFT RACING3:15.351726.75s
 18th3018Oscar WINGphoto Maydena Bike Park3:16.881828.28s
 19th3027Hadrien LACKNERphoto_library 100% / Bell Helmets / Commencal / Fasthouse / Race Face3:19.581930.98s
 20th3030Mateo NEGRIphoto Holy Trails Peru3:20.842032.24s
 21st3028Riley PLUMMERphoto_library Daddy3:23.782135.18s
 22nd3029Toby MEEKphoto_library MEEKBOYZ3:24.682236.08s
 23rd3022Kian MERRINGERphoto_library 3:25.502336.90s
 24th3023Kyle MITCHELLphoto_library 3:25.932437.33s
 25th3032Jonah BRINKERHOFFphoto_library Fanatik Bike Co. / Smith / TLD3:26.132537.53s
 26th3031Riley DAYphoto_library 100% / AB Mechanical Services / Crown Kiwi / Surfhighway M3:26.422637.82s
 27th3042Andrew PICKARDphoto_library 3:31.072742.47s
 28th3040Rohan BOYCHUKphoto_library 4:14.38281:25.78
 29th3036Alex BIDDLECOMBEphoto_library 4:28.06291:39.46
 3005Mason GAUTREYphoto_library
 3024Nelson FISH
 3038Sheaffer CRANE C4
 3008Marcus GOGUENphoto_library Dissent Labs
 3021Aiden GREANYA DRIFT RACING / E13 / Leatt / Polygonbikes / Schwalbe / SR Suntour
 3039Tristan CURRAN Evolution Whistler
 3004Connor NETTLETONphoto Gravity MTB
 3019Santo BABORE Ouenghi Sport Aventures
 3041Po-Hang CHENGphoto_library Team Taiwan

17-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st1004Austin JEWETTphoto 3:27.101-
emoji_events2nd1003Evan GRIMMphoto_library C4 Norco Racing4:05.15238.05s

19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

46 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st602James THOMPSON (sen)photo_library 2:59.991-
emoji_events2nd614Daniel LEONphoto_library 3:00.5720.58s
emoji_events3rd603Max GRAYSTONphoto_library Chromag / Fox / graviti driven / Intense / Magura / Needs Factory / We Are One3:03.0633.07s
 4th601Vincent PIERROTphoto_library Rouz'Racing3:03.3743.38s
 5th612Michael ANDERSSONphoto_library Mx-Outlet.se3:07.5957.60s
 6th606Kolt HOYLEphoto_library Chromag / Cube / Schwalbe3:07.9667.97s
 7th623Nathaniel GERRISHphoto_library 3:08.9478.95s
 8th616Gabriel SANCHEZphoto_library bikecheck endurojalisco3:10.11810.12s
 9th626Lachie MORSEphoto_library TNT3:10.55910.56s
 10th647Yelco CONCHA ORELLANAphoto_library Union Vichuquen3:10.581010.59s
 11th629John Bryan PLAZA PINOphoto_library mas bici teviajes3:11.041111.05s
 12th622Brian DEMARESTphoto_library 3:11.061211.07s
 13th605Matthew TONGUEphoto_library Fasthouse / Summit Sport3:13.851313.86s
 14th621Matt LAWTONphoto_library 3:15.011415.02s
 15th608James CARLEYphoto_library Action Moto / Crownkiwi Enterprises / Fruitparty / Sevenee / SPECIALIZED NZ3:16.281516.29s
 16th613Sam FRASERphoto_library 3:18.431618.44s
 17th625Ryan HUNTphoto_library Fruit Party3:18.751718.76s
 18th643Jorge ACEVEDOphoto_library 3:19.651819.66s
 19th610Carson RAYNERphoto_library 3:20.771920.78s
 20th627Tyson ROEphoto_library 3:21.682021.69s
 21st630Vaughan COLLINSphoto_library 3:21.832121.84s
 22nd618Trevor BERGphoto_library Mini Horns Racing3:22.442222.45s
 23rd633Alexandre HELFERphoto_library EC Colmar / France3:24.752324.76s
 24th638Nicholas BARREAUphoto_library OTC Racing / Squamish Nation DH Team3:25.832425.84s
 25th615Jakub MICAKphoto_library 3:26.322526.33s
 26th637Alex WEARNEphoto_library 3:28.122628.13s
 27th619Matteo SCHULTMANNphoto_library 3:29.362729.37s
 28th611Alexander MELLESphoto_library 3:31.142831.15s
 29th624Adam FAULKNERphoto_library 3:31.922931.93s
 30th642Jiri KLABANphoto_library 3:33.783033.79s
 31st646Brad HADDOWphoto_library 3:40.553140.56s
 32nd628Abdellaziz ZOUAOUIphoto_library Dunbar Cycles3:46.763246.77s
 33rd617Mitch TOBINphoto_library 3:48.583348.59s
 34th631Dom GAULERphoto_library 3:49.283449.29s
 35th620Kyam BUCKTONphoto_library Coffs downhill4:36.18351:36.19
 36th604Chad BOXALLphoto_library 4:43.40361:43.41
 607William THOMPSON
 609Jackson ZECHNICH
 632Brendan KEILAR
 634Mick SVAJGR (sen)
 635James CARRINGTONphoto_library
 640Peter WALKER
 636Alfonso GAMBOA Bikeplanet Chile
 639Jakob GAUBATZ EselPower
 645Miguel Angel HERNANDEZ RODRIGUEZphoto_library Monster Energy Trek Racing
 641Toledo JAVIER vichuquen

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st802Walace MIRANDAphoto_library chaoyang tires / Wallace miranda racing2:54.781-
emoji_events2nd806Jelle HEMELSOENphoto_library Looseriders3:00.8326.05s
emoji_events3rd801Olivier NICOLEphoto_library Medwin / Riding Addiction / X1 racing3:01.5436.76s
 4th821Gonzalo SERENELLIphoto_library 3:05.92411.14s
 5th804Daniel Hernan TORTTIphoto_library 3:12.51517.73s
 6th820Martin RAFFOphoto_library PIVOT CYCLES ARGENTINA3:13.33618.55s
 7th813Volkmar Gustav BERCHTOLD FILHOphoto_library Scott Brasil3:14.31719.53s
 8th814Tyson HENRIEphoto_library Commencal USA / Outlaw Bike Team3:16.75821.97s
 9th810Graeme MUMFORD (mas)photo_library Show up blow up3:18.74923.96s
 10th803Jacob COLESphoto_library 3:18.941024.16s
 11th819Ondrej VANAphoto_library 3:30.581135.80s
 12th822Juan Carlos MILLALONCOphoto_library Argentina3:33.291238.51s
 13th805Joseph BARBOURphoto_library 3:41.061346.28s
 14th818Tom ALLEYphoto_library 4:06.45141:11.67
 15th816Braulio ALVAREZphoto_library 4:47.29151:52.51
 16th811Jakub POTOCEKphoto_library Naplavka HK / Snowpunx8:22.15165:27.37
 812Christopher Lee BUDGE
 808Justin SPAGNOLI
 817Tobias BETHGE
 815Victor PORTUGALphoto_library Dhcampos
 807Rafael WEBBER Spring / Team @pererucho

40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st301Tracey HANNAHphoto_library Polygon UR3:10.391-
emoji_events2nd501Valentina HÖLLphoto_library GoPro / Red Bull / RockShox / SRAM / SRAM TLD racing / TLD / YT3:10.9920.60s
emoji_events3rd303Myriam NICOLEphoto_library Commencal Vallnord / GoPro / iXS / SRAM3:11.0230.63s
 4th316Casey BROWNphoto_library Bell Helmets / C3 project / Clif / Dakine / SRAM3:14.0643.67s
 5th309Vaea VERBEECKphoto_library Deity / FiveTen / Maxxis / Rocky Mountain Cycles / Shimano / TLD3:15.8955.50s
 6th302Emilie SIEGENTHALERphoto_library 100% / Pivot Factory Racing3:17.3366.94s
 7th343Sian A'HERNphoto_library Deity / Maxxis / Norco / Oakley / RockShox / SRAM / TLD3:19.9279.53s
 8th306Camila NOGUEIRAphoto_library Box / Commencal USA / e-thirteen / Fox3:20.66810.27s
 9th305Miranda MILLERphoto_library 100% / Kona Factory3:22.90912.51s
 10th313Georgia ASTLEphoto_library Devinci / Race Face / Shimano3:25.111014.72s
 11th310Caroline WASHAMphoto_library Flat Tire Defender / Industry Nine / Liv Racing / Schwalbe / SRAM / TLD3:29.671119.28s
 12th311Vinny ARMSTRONGphoto_library Leatt / Renthal / smith optics nz3:31.271220.88s
 13th307Samantha SORIANOphoto Commencal USA / Industry 93:31.871321.48s
 14th314Kialani HINESphoto_library Maxxis / Pivot / TLD3:42.041431.65s
 15th319Riley WEIDMAN Fast Line / Fly / Santa Cruz4:10.011559.62s
 16th323Ella MCANDREWphoto_library Fox / POC / Race Face / Transition Bikes4:14.39161:04.00
 17th317Sophie TYASphoto Hunt Wheels4:29.29171:18.90
 315Ellie SMITH Boost Mobile / DHARCO Clothing
 312Danielle BEECROFTphoto_library DHaRCO / Evil Bikes / Schwalbe / Shimano
 351Anneke BEERTEN Alpinestars / DT Swiss / Specialized

Expert: 13-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

13-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

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