Sea Otter Canada Air Dual Slalom at Blue Mountain, Collingwood, ON

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Pro men

17 competitors found
Pos BibNameAreaSponsors
bookmark1333Jack MENZIESphoto_library Canmore, AB
bookmark2248Riley JONESphoto_library Paris, ON
bookmark3359Justin BROWNphoto_library Collingwood, ON
 4330James FROSTphoto_library Singhampton, ON
 5290Sidney SLOTEGRAAFphoto_library Listowel, ON
 6298Jacob TOOKEphoto_library Vernon, BC
 7336Kyle BAKELAARphoto_library Kitchener, ON
 8224Erik DOWNINGphoto_library Durham, ON
 9240Jeremy HELLYphoto_library Kamloops, BC
 10235Keith GRANTphoto_library The Blue Mountains, ON
 11246Brayden JONESphoto_library Paris, ON
 12273Michael POPEphoto_library Kingston, ON
 13368Simon SCHOLTEphoto_library Wasaga Beach, ON
 14358Tyler PRATTphoto_library The Blue Mountains, ON
 15280Alex ROSEphoto_library Welland, ON
 15331Justin SKINNERphoto_library Stouffville, ON
 17201James ATTRIDGEphoto_library Collingwood, ON

Open men

9 competitors found
Pos BibNameAreaSponsors
bookmark1351Radney PRITCHARDphoto_library Kitchener, ON
bookmark2237Forrest GROVESphoto_library Collingwood, ON
bookmark3211Dyson CHAMBERSphoto Pickering, ON
 4282Colin RYANphoto Toronto, ON
 5275Chris RAICphoto Kitchener, ON
 6287Craig SHANNON Waterdown, ON
 7221Christopher DESRIVIERESphoto Ottawa, ON
 DNS202Jason BAYENS Meaford, ON
 DNS241Justin HERN Lambton Shores, ON

U21 men

9 competitors found
Pos BibNameAreaSponsors
bookmark1353Jacob NAULTphoto_library St-Sauveur, QC
bookmark2244Tyler HUTSONphoto_library West Montrose, ON
bookmark3215Liam CUSHINGphoto_library Rusagonis, NB
 4293Charlie SMITHphoto_library Courtright, ON
 5232Dillon GOODLIFFphoto_library Toronto, ON
 6307Graham WELSH Toronto, ON
 DNS363Cameron BYERSphoto Guelph, ON
 DNS364Riley BRODERICK Guelph, ON
 DNS365Owen WILLSIEphoto_library Guelph, ON

U23 men

1 competitor found
Pos BibNameAreaSponsors
bookmark1350Graham MCDOUGALLphoto_library Kitchener, ON

24-29 men

4 competitors found
Pos BibNameAreaSponsors
bookmark1210Kyle CAPITANOphoto_library Waterloo, ON
bookmark2317Spencer BALLphoto_library Georgetown, ON
bookmark3303Shane VOTTEROphoto Erin, ON
 4309Andrew WRIGHTphoto_library Toronto, ON

30-39 men

10 competitors found
Pos BibNameAreaSponsors
bookmark1262Jason MOSERphoto_library Kichener, ON
bookmark2310Greg ZAFFARANOphoto_library East York, ON
bookmark3342Derek THERRIENphoto_library Collingwood, ON
 4328Nick OUTRAMphoto_library Kitchener, ON
 5362Tyler DEVENYIphoto_library Toronto, ON
 6306Peter-John WEGRYNOWSKI Mississauga, ON
 7263Cody MURRAYphoto_library Guelph, ON
 8335Justin SPARKSphoto_library North Bay, ON
 9222Bart DEVRIESphoto_library Cambridge, ON
 DNS354Guillaume CARON St-Sauveur, QC

40-49 men

1 competitor found
Pos BibNameAreaSponsors
bookmark1325Nate SMITHphoto Courtright, ON

50-54 men

2 competitors found
Pos BibNameAreaSponsors
bookmark1297Dave SUMMERHAYESphoto_library Angus, ON
 DNS257Mike MCKELVEY Paisley, ON



Pro women

4 competitors found
Pos BibNameAreaSponsors
bookmark1252Jacqueline LEGERE Paris, ON
bookmark2361Christi DEVENYIphoto_library Toronto, ON
bookmark3338Shannon MATHIESONphoto_library Collingwood, ON
 4360Andrea INGHAMphoto_library Ottawa, ON

Open women

1 competitor found
Pos BibNameAreaSponsors
bookmark1272Chloe POITEVINphoto_library Ottawa, ON

U21 women

1 competitor found
Pos BibNameAreaSponsors
bookmark1258Chloe MCKENZIEphoto_library Ottawa, ON

24-29 women

1 competitor found
Pos BibNameAreaSponsors
bookmark1340Heather MCGEEphoto_library Meaford, ON

40-49 women

1 competitor found
Pos BibNameAreaSponsors
bookmark1243Lisa HUTSON West Montrose, ON
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