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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Note Race Diff
emoji_events1st1Harry DONALD 2:19.51-
emoji_events2nd2Ben FORBES 2:19.920.4s
emoji_events3rd152Jeremy ARMSTRONG 2:20.931.4s
 4th150Ryan LEUTTON 2:24.645.1s
 5th3Harrison REIBELT 2:25.255.7s
 6th4Cody WHITE 2:25.365.8s
 7th21Corentin OVLAQUE 2:26.276.7s
 8th6Brock NEWLING 2:26.386.8s
 9th16Hayden BRISTOW 2:26.386.8s
 10th22Sam RUBERY 2:28.0108.5s
 11th5Sean CAMPBELL 2:28.2118.7s
 12th151Loic FERRY 2:29.1129.6s
 13th19Jayme DAWSON 2:30.31310.8s
 14th20Stuart CALI 2:31.01411.5s
 15th8Lachlan DE LAINE 2:33.51514.0s
 16th13Kaein PATTERSON Top 30 Adjustment2:39.42119.9s
 17th15Brad PLAYNE SANDO Top 30 Adjustment4:31.6242:12.1
 18th17Joshua HOWES Top 30 AdjustmentDNF
 19th18Ehren KEIDEL 2:34.81615.3s
 20th14Jules FULLER-FONTAINE 2:37.01717.5s
 21st7Daniel THOMASSON 2:37.01717.5s
 22nd10Bodie BACON 2:37.21917.7s
 23rd12Brock MATHIE 2:37.32017.8s
 24th9Jake EVANS 2:42.52223.0s
 25th11Jackson BELL 2:45.32325.8s

Expert men  dialpad Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Note Race Diff
emoji_events1st148Sam SHILLINGFORD 2:38.11-
emoji_events2nd25Caleb MCNEILL ROBERTSON 2:40.122.0s
emoji_events3rd23Matt DONNELLY 2:41.032.9s
 4th37Kasper JAEGER 2:43.745.6s
 5th35Shane WILSON 2:43.855.7s
 6th146Cody BENNION 2:47.269.1s
 7th38Harrison LOHMANN 2:47.679.5s
 8th30Brayden BALLIN 2:49.5811.4s
 9th40Nick SWINBOURNE 2:49.9911.8s
 10th27Sam MOHR 2:52.71014.6s
 11th24Andrew DEAN 2:53.71115.6s
 12th31Scott JAMIESON 3:00.71222.6s
 13th32Daniel CLOAKE 3:00.81322.7s
 14th29Ryan WILLIAMS 3:03.01424.9s
 15th26Matt LEAMAN 3:07.91529.8s
 16th39Glenn SKINNER 3:21.51643.4s
 17th34Dane WHISSON 3:23.11745.0s
 18th33Jakeb DUGDELL 3:28.81850.7s
 19th28Jesse LAWRENCE 3:43.3191:05.2

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

23 competitors found

PosBib Name Note Race Diff
emoji_events1st116Mitchell PRATT 2:41.91-
emoji_events2nd115Kaydin BATH 2:44.722.8s
emoji_events3rd128Toby FOXALL 2:52.0310.1s
 4th118Bailey MILLS 2:54.9413.0s
 5th117Rhys WELLINGS 2:58.0516.1s
 6th127Nicholas NELSON 3:00.4618.5s
 7th136Riley MANNION 3:01.0719.1s
 8th119Sebastian COMBRINCK 3:11.4829.5s
 9th133Jack HALL 3:11.7929.8s
 10th145Kai FLOWER 3:12.21030.3s
 11th132Jakob TOPOVSEK 3:16.81134.9s
 12th123Dylan FITZGERALD 3:17.01235.1s
 13th126Luke CARR 3:17.21335.3s
 14th137Harry STEEN 3:17.41435.5s
 15th120Max HUGHES 3:20.51538.6s
 16th134Tobias GRAHAM 3:22.11640.2s
 17th129Carter SLOAN 3:33.71751.8s
 18th131Tom MITCHELL 3:33.91852.0s
 19th124Dane WHITMORE 3:39.11957.2s
 20th125Tim BURNETT 3:44.2201:02.3
 21st122Cedric BENNION 4:01.8211:19.9
 22nd121Josh HODSON 4:06.1221:24.2
 23rd130Coby DRAIN 4:33.8231:51.9

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

23 competitors found

PosBib Name Note Race Diff
emoji_events1st91Lee WITZERMAN 2:24.91-
emoji_events2nd98Jacob FRASER (u17) 2:30.225.3s
emoji_events3rd106Jake KOWAL 2:35.2310.3s
 4th147Will HYNES 2:35.6410.7s
 5th92Jack TAYLOR 2:39.1514.2s
 6th108Cooper RUFUS 2:39.7614.8s
 7th101Lachlan DAVIES 2:41.7716.8s
 8th107Michael JOHNSTON (u17) 2:42.2817.3s
 9th100Riley GALVIN 2:42.4917.5s
 10th94Bergen O'NEILL 2:43.11018.2s
 11th95Phoenix KEATING 2:47.51122.6s
 12th111Spencer RHODES 2:50.11225.2s
 13th113Alex SHERLOCK 2:57.61332.7s
 14th97Archie HAFFENDEN 2:57.81432.9s
 15th93Isaac ROBARDS 3:00.31535.4s
 16th112Cade BARRIENTOS 3:11.01646.1s
 17th99Liam CARTER 3:19.91755.0s
 18th110Luca MORSE 3:23.41858.5s
 19th104Max HUMBLE 3:43.3191:18.4
 20th96Morne COMBRINCK 3:46.9201:22.0
 21st109Lochlan GALE 4:01.1211:36.2
 22nd105Ethan WILSON 4:16.8221:51.9
 DNF102Lachlan FRENEY

U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Note Race Diff
emoji_events1st60Tobias VAN OEVEREN 2:24.01-
emoji_events2nd43Caleb REES 2:26.722.7s
emoji_events3rd61Jordan HOLZWORTH 2:28.434.4s
 4th44Zane STRATTON 2:30.746.7s
 5th45Connor AVES 2:31.557.5s
 6th50Joshua WEATHERSTONE Top 30 Adjustment2:39.1715.1s
 7th56Alex SHADBOLT Top 30 Adjustment2:41.91117.9s
 8th46Rohan ALLSOPP 2:35.0611.0s
 9th153Caleb MALLYON 2:39.3815.3s
 10th58Noah DAVIDSON 2:39.6915.6s
 11th48Max BARNES 2:39.91015.9s
 12th53Bowen WHITMORE 2:42.51218.5s
 13th49Henry WHITE 2:43.21319.2s
 14th59Jordan PACE 2:43.81419.8s
 15th54Oscar HATCHER 2:55.71531.7s
 16th62Samuel OLSEN 2:57.31633.3s
 17th52Jordan BENNION 2:58.11734.1s
 18th47Sacha LOUW 3:03.71839.7s
 19th57Jake BARRIENTOS 3:04.61940.6s
 20th55Sam HODSON 3:15.72051.7s

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Note Race Diff
emoji_events1st64Bobby BLINCO 2:30.01-
emoji_events2nd68Damien BOGATEK 2:30.820.8s
emoji_events3rd63Brendan KOVARIK Top 30 Adjustment2:35.245.2s
 4th72Stuart WOOD 2:35.035.0s
 5th36Matt GROVES 2:36.556.5s
 6th66Luke COUGHRAN 2:38.268.2s
 7th74Timothy KELLY 2:41.4711.4s
 8th65Luke BEECHEY 2:42.9812.9s
 9th73Sam DAVISON-WALL 2:45.5915.5s
 10th69Travis CARTER 2:51.61021.6s
 11th71Reece CARTER 2:59.91129.9s
 12th70John DOLLISSON 3:00.51230.5s
 13th67Ashley JURKIEWICZ 3:07.81337.8s
 14th75Michael BRANCH 3:21.41451.4s
 15th76Toby WELLS 3:29.21559.2s
 16th77Steve BLACKABY 3:50.7161:20.7

40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Note Race Diff
emoji_events1st80Michael HAYHOE 2:38.41-
emoji_events2nd79Rory WHITELAW 2:40.021.6s
emoji_events3rd81Darren GROSE 2:41.032.6s
 4th84Kane LOWE 2:45.947.5s
 5th82Trevor BATH 2:48.9510.5s
 6th86Antonio BOROVIEC 2:56.8618.4s
 7th144Ken BATT 3:03.6725.2s
 8th88Jason RUFUS 3:05.6827.2s
 9th87Wesley MANNION 3:09.3930.9s
 10th85Nick FOXALL 3:46.5101:08.1

50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Note Race Diff
emoji_events1st138Armand DE VRIES 2:56.81-
emoji_events2nd140Peter ORCHARD 3:19.0222.2s
emoji_events3rd139Robert DAVIS 4:26.331:29.5
 4th141Mark SCOTT 4:39.541:42.7
 5th142Peter LANDSBERG 4:57.552:00.7
 6th143Shane DAY 5:08.062:11.2



Elite women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Note Race Diff
emoji_events1st149Sarah GAMBLE 3:32.21-

U15 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Note Race Diff
emoji_events1st114Sacha MILLS 3:19.21-

U17 girls  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Note Race Diff
emoji_events1st90Elle DE NOOYER 3:11.51-
emoji_events2nd89Tarni BENNION 4:44.021:32.5

U19 women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Note Race Diff
emoji_events1st41Bridie WHITE 4:07.81-
emoji_events2nd42Abbey COX 5:40.021:32.2
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