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R&R is my entire income, and as you might have guessed, at the moment things are looking pretty bleak.

If you'd like to support R&R and help ensure that it'll still be around when this is all over, please make a donation. Any amount is appreciated!

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

70 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st12Tomas MISSER Kona / VOLVO4:28.071-
emoji_events2nd4Jürgen BENEKE SCHWINN TOYOTA4:28.9620.89s
emoji_events3rd16Myles ROCKWELL Cannondale / VOLVO4:29.8131.74s
 4th17Cédric GRACIA SUNN-NIKE4:29.9041.83s
 5th34Nicolas VOUILLOZ SUNN-NIKE4:30.4252.35s
 6th15Scott SHARPLES Trek / VOLKSWAGEN4:30.8962.82s
 7th23Alexandre BALAUD SCOTT INTL4:32.0874.01s
 8th19Michael RONNING Gary Fisher4:34.0085.93s
 9th11Gianluca BONANOMI BIANCHI MARTINI4:34.5496.47s
 10th44Stephane JANY GT FRANCE4:35.56107.49s
 11th1Corrado HERIN SINTESI VERLICCH4:35.60117.53s
 12th104Derin STOCKTON Maxxis4:36.09128.02s
 13th14Oscar SAIZ VOLVO CANNONDALE4:36.75138.68s
 14th22Michel JOSEPH KÄSTLE BENETTON4:37.84149.77s
 15th10Johan ENGSTRÖM SCOTT INTL4:38.411510.34s
 16th36Stefano MIGLIORINI TURRO RACING TEA4:39.231611.16s
 17th13Pau MISSER Kona / VOLVO4:39.271711.20s
 18th71Ivan OULEGO MORENO SINTESI MARZOCCH4:40.881812.81s
 19th26Christian TAILLEFER PEUGEOT PALAISEA4:41.661913.59s
 20th7Marcus KLAUSMANN SINTESI VERLICCH4:42.102014.03s
 20th9David VAZQUEZ LOPEZ CORONAS REEBOK4:42.102014.03s
 22nd105Carlos BARCONS GONZALEZ LEFREA / SUNN-NIKE4:42.322214.25s
 23rd82Joe LAWWILL SCHWINN TOYOTA4:42.782314.71s
 25th98David WATSON Rocky Mountain Cycles4:43.612515.54s
 26th54Jeremy PURDY Fox / Turner4:44.092616.02s
 27th18Guillaume KOCH SCOTT INTL4:44.352716.28s
 28th24Florent POUSSIN SUNN-NIKE4:44.362816.29s
 29th6Shaun PALMER MT DEW / Specialized4:45.002916.93s
 30th31Mike KING (pro) GT Bikes4:45.293017.22s
 31st45Pascal YEN PON RUN BIKE / Vario Bikes4:45.773117.70s
 32nd88Antti-Pekka LAIHO GT FINLAND4:45.803217.73s
 33rd70Jimmy DEATON JIMMY WHO4:46.153318.08s
 34th56Andreas STEFFEN Cycle Craft4:46.433418.36s
 35th140Colin BAILEY Yeti4:46.643518.57s
 36th141Shaums MARCH STRATOS4:46.843618.77s
 37th96Mark MCDOUGALL GT Bikes / Hutchinson4:46.933718.86s
 38th61Stefan HERRMANN ROOX-ROTWILD4:47.363819.29s
 39th48Chris O'DRISCOLL Rocky Mountain Cycles4:47.893919.82s
 40th73Sean MCCARROLL GIANT EUROPE4:49.074021.00s
 41st41Tim PONTING GIAN / TEAM ANIMAL4:50.134122.06s
 42nd62Randy LAWRENCE Yeti4:50.224222.15s
 43rd89Rob SEARS Santa Cruz4:50.544322.47s
 44th114Robin KITCHIN GIAN / TEAM ANIMAL4:51.014422.94s
 45th28Andy BÜELER SCOTT INTL4:51.054522.98s
 46th110Nick FEID MASTERCA / PROFLEX4:51.614623.54s
 47th142Antoine NATALI Balfa / MONT-VELO4:51.834723.76s
 48th65Mickael PASCAL SUNN-NIKE4:52.204824.13s
 49th112Kurt STOCKTON Maxxis / OUTLAND4:52.244924.17s
 50th21Maxime GARDELLA SINTESI VERLICCH4:52.395024.32s
 51st35Jaime QUINA LEFREA / SUNN-NIKE4:52.495124.42s
 52nd72Richard PALL HEAVY TOOLS4:53.455225.38s
 53rd125Bengt JÖNSSON 4:53.565325.49s
 54th103Toby HENDERSON Iron Horse4:56.145428.07s
 55th102Paul PLUNKETT 4:57.005528.93s
 56th123Sebastian Matias VASQUEZ CID CHILE NATIONAL4:57.315629.24s
 57th78Frederic POULIN 4:58.305730.23s
 59th108Geoff SCOFIELD Rotec Cycles / WHI5:03.485935.41s
 60th126Steve KITCHEN GIAN / TEAM ANIMAL5:06.476038.40s
 61st37Will LONGDEN MBUK / Nike5:09.616141.54s
 62nd30Bruno ZANCHI BIANCHI MARTINI5:10.986242.91s
 63rd83Patrick BOISVILLIERS RUN BIKE / Vario Bikes5:15.936347.86s
 64th136Michael GÖLLES KTM FACTORY RACI6:23.26641:55.19
 65th68Nicolas PREMONT RUN BIKE / Vario Bikes6:53.06652:24.99
 66th38Dave CULLINAN KHS Bicycles Inc9:26.42664:58.35
 67th27Gerwin PETERS VSB BATAVUS10:07.41675:39.34
 68th39Andrew SHANDRO Manitou10:48.92686:20.85



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st7Leigh DONOVAN Mongoose5:03.011-
emoji_events2nd1Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON SUNN-NIKE5:03.6220.61s
emoji_events3rd2Missy GIOVE Cannondale / VOLVO5:07.2034.19s
 4th3Elke BRUTSAERT SCHWINN TOYOTA5:12.3149.30s
 5th4Giovanna BONAZZI SINTESI VERLICCH5:15.10512.09s
 6th13Sari JÖRGENSEN MTB CYCLETECH5:15.57612.56s
 7th5Mercedes GONZALEZ GT Bikes5:16.42713.41s
 8th9Kim SONIER VOLVO CANNONDALE5:17.23814.22s
 9th8Marla STREB Marin5:18.24915.23s
 10th12Katja REPO TUNTURI FINLAND5:20.251017.24s
 11th15Lisa SHER BARACUD / NAUTILUS5:20.301117.29s
 12th10Carole GRANGE Scott5:22.561219.55s
 13th35Malin LINDGREN CYCLEPRO5:27.981324.97s
 14th11Marielle SANER SCOTT INTL5:29.161426.15s
 15th33Karen VAN MEERBEECK TEAM GIANT UK5:36.601533.59s
 16th29Elladee BROWN Rocky Mountain Cycles5:39.321636.31s
 17th55Melissa MILLER ROCK SHOX DEVO5:40.061737.05s
 18th14Helen MORTIMER TEAM SINTESI5:42.781839.77s
 19th49Emma GUY GIAN / TEAM ANIMAL5:45.491942.48s
 20th45Kerry BASON TEAM SINTESI5:51.982048.97s
 21st53Heather SCHMITZ Mountain Cycle5:52.312149.30s
 22nd58Dawn BOURQUE MR DIRT / Turner5:53.762250.75s
 24th47Kathryn WALLACE 6:01.572458.56s
 25th19Nicole GRANT PRO-DYNAMIX8:24.61253:21.60
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