Australian National Champs '11 at Eagle MTB Park, SA

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

72 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st6Mick HANNAH GT Factory / Nema2:03.1212:02.361-
emoji_events2nd7Joshua BUTTON Alpinestars / Intense / SRAM / Suspension Centre2:08.2062:04.2721.91s
emoji_events3rd14Bryn ATKINSON 2:08.3582:04.3331.97s
 4th8Rhys WILLEMSE For the Riders / Fox Racing Shox / Giant / tekin / Unit clothing2:08.0142:04.4142.05s
 5th27Ben CORY Fox / Giant / Onya Bike Belconnen and Civic2:08.98112:05.6653.30s
 6th73Aden WYBER 2:14.06282:06.5064.14s
 7th4Mitchell DELFS Globe / Kona Factory / Smith2:08.2672:07.0574.69s
 8th2Rhys ATKINSON 2:07.3832:07.1084.74s
 9th3Shaun O'CONNOR 2:10.55142:07.1594.79s
 10th1Chris KOVARIK 2:03.6922:07.91105.55s
 11th9Kaine CANNAN Bike Ride / gary cannan electrical / Track X Clothing2:11.81182:08.53116.17s
 12th69Ben BELL 2:23.14522:08.94126.58s
 13th33Jared GRAVES 2:08.0142:08.95136.59s
 14th23Ryan ANDREWS 2:11.64172:09.36147.00s
 15th12Cillian KENNEDY 2:11.53162:09.45157.09s
 16th55Will RISCHBIETH Aldgate Bike Shop / Drizabone / Giant2:09.23122:09.50167.14s
 17th21Ezra BARTHOLDT Bicycle Centre Cairns2:12.99222:09.65177.29s
 18th10Tim EATON AtomLab / Marzocchi / Onya Bike Belconnen2:08.9692:09.72187.36s
 19th24Deon BAKER 2:11.47152:10.22197.86s
 20th66Sean MCCARROLL 2:12.87212:10.56208.20s
 21st17Marcus FAIRBANKS 2:10.53132:10.82218.46s
 22nd20Aaron OATES 4Shaw Agencies / Cyclingo / RockShox / Santa Cruz / SRAM2:13.45242:11.22228.86s
 23rd19Cody EICHHORN 2:13.58262:11.52239.16s
 24th59Brodie STURGESS 2:13.33232:11.97249.61s
 25th48Stuart MACDONALD 2:08.9692:12.16259.80s
 26th58Bryce STIRLING 2:12.13202:12.34269.98s
 27th11Craig YATES 2:11.96192:12.432710.07s
 28th42Miikael KINNUNEN Midland cycles2:13.56252:12.452810.09s
 29th26Simon BUZACOTT JT Cycles Brighton2:17.59362:13.522911.16s
 30th63Ben GOFF 2:36.40642:13.863011.50s
 31st70Jacob REEVES pedal power plus2:14.79302:13.943111.58s
 32nd15Aaron BASHFORD Onyabike Belconnen & Civic2:14.82312:14.113211.75s
 32nd25Luke BALL 2:18.55392:14.113211.75s
 34th72Liam PAIARO go to site / Santa Cruz2:18.47382:14.333411.97s
 35th43Lindsay KLEIN 2:14.62292:14.363512.00s
 36th36Ryan HUNT 2:18.24372:14.693612.33s
 37th30Matthew DODD 2:22.04472:15.043712.68s
 38th49Michael MANNING 2:17.13342:15.093812.73s
 39th5Nathan RENNIE eyewear / GT Factory / Nema2:20.91462:15.123912.76s
 40th39Ngari JENKINS 2:15.944013.58s
 41st40Rhys JONES Hostile Riding Sytems2:24.96532:16.524114.16s
 42nd50Clint MERRIN 2:20.64442:16.874214.51s
 43rd51Ben MORRISON 2:19.58432:16.884314.52s
 44th31Charlton DURIE go to site / Phantom Cycles2:22.41502:16.894414.53s
 45th32Steven GEBERT Australia ZONE health and fitness / Kona Factory2:29.04572:16.954514.59s
 46th53Tyson OBST Bicycle Xpress2:14.04272:17.984615.62s
 47th37Michael ILLING Cycle Now2:19.05412:18.144715.78s
 48th71Jared RANDO 3:34.87652:18.764816.40s
 49th57Jed SIMONS 2:15.89332:19.344916.98s
 50th61Michael WATT I-Train / Mallard Cycles / MC*Racing2:22.54512:19.675017.31s
 51st67Matt BELL (mas) 2:17.45352:20.415118.05s
 52nd77Brad MCDONNELL 2:19.33422:20.605218.24s
 53rd76Isaac HEPPELL 2:25.25542:20.655318.29s
 54th29Murray DICKSON 2:18.99402:20.855418.49s
 55th41Ian JONES Edge cycleworks Cairns2:22.23482:21.085518.72s
 56th75Brett SLATER 2:30.66592:22.065619.70s
 57th52Nathan NEWELL Axo / Craftworks Cycles / EKS Brand / Wurth Australia2:22.36492:22.275719.91s
 58th22Luke ADAMS Epic Action Cams Standish / SMX Optics / Zumbi2:27.03552:22.575820.21s
 59th62Nathan WICKER 2:27.23562:23.615921.25s
 60th28Matt CURRIE 2:34.03632:24.716022.35s
 61st64Blake NIELSEN 2:20.83452:25.906123.54s
 62nd45Jamie LE FEUVRE 2:33.03622:27.396225.03s
 63rd34Rhys HEARD Standish Cycles Unley2:32.34612:36.616334.25s
 64th68Andrew LAIRD 2:32.22602:37.066434.70s
 65th47Alex LEECH 2:48.926546.56s
 44Daniel LAVIS Giant / Maxxis / Spearmans Cycles / SRAM2:15.3232
 35Kye HORE 2:29.9158
 46Richard LEE Fox / Monza Imports / SRAM / TurnerDNS
 38Kieran JENKINS Cycle WorxDNS
 74Jeffery PURVES DNS

Expert men  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st312Tim WINDSHUTTLE 2:21.791-
emoji_events2nd311Shaun THOMLINSON 2:23.6821.89s
emoji_events3rd304Kieran REINBOTH 2:25.2933.50s
 4th307Shaun AMBROSE 2:29.9248.13s
 5th306Grant VINEY 2:34.87513.08s
 6th309Aaron KANTERS Speedlite Cycles2:36.60614.81s
 7th313Samuel BROWNLIE 2:37.37715.58s
 8th308Rex DUBOIS 2:38.74816.95s
 310Lewis KERR DNS

Sport men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st811Will GILES 2:36.611-
emoji_events2nd810Tom MASLIN 2:43.6127.00s
emoji_events3rd809Brock DYWER 2:50.91314.30s
 4th806Hayden MENEY 2:53.99417.38s
 5th805Joel BRADY 2:59.43522.82s
 6th808Shannon TASEFF 3:01.82625.21s
 7th807Roy PAULL 3:06.51729.90s

Hardtail: Senior men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st901Matt WEST 2:29.811-
emoji_events2nd903Tom GILFEDDER 2:35.5925.78s
emoji_events3rd906Matt PEARCE Standish Cycles / Tea Tree Plaza2:38.6738.86s
 4th907Michael YORK 3:12.83443.02s

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st741Andrew CRIMMINS Morewood Bikes / Rouler Imports / The Sacred Ride Jindabyne2:16.361-
emoji_events2nd742Joel WILLIS Insane Cycles2:16.8620.50s
emoji_events3rd751Remy MORTON 2:22.5736.21s
 4th745Max WARSHAWSKY 2:24.0647.70s
 5th743Callum MORRISON 2:28.21511.85s
 6th752Matthew TAYLOR 2:30.41614.05s
 7th744Jackson FREW Commencal / high roller energy / Lennock Motors2:37.36721.00s
 8th750Matt KELLY (u19) 2:42.77826.41s
 9th749Trent ELLISON Cycle Zone Darwin / edl2:50.29933.93s
 10th753Drew GARTERY 3:10.611054.25s
 11th748Matt ELLISON 3:23.89111:07.53
 12th746Tynan COX 3:27.86121:11.50

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st514Jacob PARKER Anthonys panel and paint / Midland cycles2:11.291-
emoji_events2nd512Peter KNOTT 2:11.4520.16s
emoji_events3rd506Lachlan MCLAREN Banshee / Edge Cycles2:13.0531.76s
 4th525Dean LUCAS 2:15.0143.72s
 5th507Luke ELLISON 2:15.6754.38s
 6th503Brent SMITH endeavour cycles / Knolly Bikes / TWE Wheelsets2:16.0464.75s
 7th505Liam TOWERS Giant / Spearman Cycles / Utopia Optics2:16.6775.38s
 8th526Oliver ZWAR 2:18.2987.00s
 9th511Jackson DAVIS BikeForce Midland2:18.6297.33s
 10th508Matthew MCCORKELL CYCLE CITY - LYNEHAM / SCV Imports / SOUTH EAST MTB2:20.70109.41s
 11th518Cameron SCHMIDT 2:21.381110.09s
 12th520Bryce WING 2:23.561212.27s
 13th517Cameron RYAN (elt) 2:23.591312.30s
 14th504Brent CAPEL ulverstone bikes2:24.041412.75s
 15th513Jack LYNCH 2:30.201518.91s
 16th510Daniel CAMPBELL Palm Beach SuperCycles2:31.141619.85s
 17th523David MAGGS 2:32.251720.96s
 18th516Conner READ 2:35.601824.31s
 19th521Jesse WUNDENBERG 2:36.111924.82s
 20th515Simon PIGOT 2:40.612029.32s
 21st524Liam MOTHERWELL 2:42.982131.69s
 22nd509Jake BYRNE Carine / Cottesloe Cycles6:57.60224:46.31
 522Bradley THORNTON DNF
 501Thomas CRIMMINS (elt) Morewood Bikes / Rouler Imports / The Sacred Ride JindabyneDNS

U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

44 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st203Connor FEARON Adidas / Kona Factory2:04.2112:02.571-
emoji_events2nd201Troy BROSNAN Monster / RockShox / Specialized / SRAM / truvativ2:08.7132:05.2822.71s
emoji_events3rd202Brandon YRTTIAHO For the Riders / Fox suspension / Schwalbe / Shimano / Yeti2:06.7722:05.3332.76s
 4th205Ben POWER Banshee / go to site / go to site2:11.9642:11.0748.50s
 5th217Sam FRASER 2:17.2292:12.0359.46s
 6th240James KELLY 2:16.3472:12.5569.98s
 7th238Joey VEJVODA 2:17.27102:13.73711.16s
 8th208David MCMILLAN Onya Bike Civic2:13.5662:13.87811.30s
 9th212Mitchell BRYANT 2:17.54112:15.33912.76s
 10th204Phillip PIAZZA Fox / Onya Bike Civic / Schwalbe / Tekin Suspension2:19.40142:15.531012.96s
 11th223Graeme MUDD 2:18.82132:15.571113.00s
 12th213Zac BUCKLEY 2:16.7482:16.131213.56s
 13th237Trent PIRIBAUER 2:17.57122:16.141313.57s
 14th221Ben MATTHEWS 2:19.45152:16.511413.94s
 15th243Jai MOTHERWELL 2:21.12172:16.541513.97s
 16th206Daniel BENDER Insane Cycles / SMX Optics2:57.65392:18.571616.00s
 17th211Henry BLAKE Mitcham Cycles / Norco2:12.0252:18.681716.11s
 18th216Ben FORBES 2:26.00252:19.951817.38s
 19th241Mac WEST-MOORE 2:24.54222:20.491917.92s
 20th232Adam FLOWER 2:24.26192:21.102018.53s
 21st231Nicholas BOHLE The Bike Shed Mortdale2:24.93232:21.392118.82s
 22nd222Andrew MEAGHER Croydon Cycleworks2:24.10182:22.542219.97s
 23rd214Ben DIPPEL 2:24.30202:23.912321.34s
 24th215Bradley DRAGE 2:31.53342:24.452421.88s
 25th236Jackson CROWE 2:32.14352:24.932522.36s
 26th229Bradley TREMBATH 2:29.81322:25.372622.80s
 27th210Jackson BELL 2:27.99282:25.852723.28s
 28th230Grant WOMERSLEY 2:20.97162:25.972823.40s
 29th219Nelson KREILIS 2:28.62292:26.292923.72s
 30th209Jake ADAMS Epic Action Cams Standish / SMX Optics / Zumbi2:25.24242:26.953024.38s
 31st234Angus JACKSON 2:24.42212:27.943125.37s
 32nd235Max NIELSEN 2:27.16272:28.103225.53s
 33rd218Nicholas JOHNSON 2:28.70302:28.153325.58s
 34th242Angus MADDERN 2:30.58332:28.473425.90s
 35th227Jarrod SAVILLE ulverstone bikes3:00.81402:28.683526.11s
 36th220Stephen MATTHEWS 2:29.68312:29.143626.57s
 37th224Tom NORTON-LAHENEY Mitcham Cycle Center2:36.10362:34.083731.51s
 38th207Angus MCCARTHY Onyabike Belconnen & Civic2:35.253832.68s
 39th244Josh MITCHELL 2:42.813940.24s
 40th233Geoffrey BATTLE 2:51.08382:46.534043.96s
 41st228Ned SIMES 2:49.83372:52.344149.77s
 239Aaron PELTTARI 2:26.1226
 226Jordan PROCHYRA 3:21.1241

Master men  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st602Dean DAVIES Santa Cruz2:16.251-
emoji_events2nd608Shane DOBSON 2:29.73213.48s
emoji_events3rd609Shayne HADLEY 2:36.82320.57s
 4th606Shane CURRIE 2:52.68436.43s
 605Dean BYRNE DNF

Veteran men  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st407Jason BENNETT 2:18.871-
emoji_events2nd414Daniel TALIANA 2:25.0226.15s
emoji_events3rd412Scott ROBERTS Craftworks Cycles2:26.7937.92s
 4th409David LEACH EVO Cycles2:27.2148.34s
 5th415Jarrod ZDRZALKA 2:30.82511.95s
 6th410Matthew O'CONNOR 2:37.01618.14s
 7th408Paul DE KLERK Malaga cycles / Mavic / MRP / RockShox / SRAM2:37.12718.25s
 8th413Raymond ROSS 2:39.13820.26s
 9th406Andrew PANNAM 2:40.01921.14s
 10th411Steve REEVES 2:59.621040.75s

Super Master men  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st664Christopher SUMNER 2:51.121-
emoji_events2nd663Roger CAMPBELL Palm Beach SuperCycles3:03.97212.85s



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st2Leonie PICTON Kona / SRAM / Yarra Valley Cycles2:40.3132:31.271-
emoji_events2nd1Claire BUCHAR 2:26.5612:33.3822.11s
emoji_events3rd9Julia BOER Intense / Onya Bike Tuggeranong2:47.8282:37.2435.97s
 4th7Holly BAARSPUL avid / Kona Factory / Mavic / RockShox / SRAM2:38.7222:38.7747.50s
 5th6Genevieve MCKEW 2:44.9952:39.1357.86s
 6th11Alyssa LYONS 2:47.3672:44.17612.90s
 7th5Shelly FLOOD 3:06.1492:48.38717.11s
 8th8Sarah BOOTH avid / Kona Factory / Mavic / RockShox / SRAM2:45.0562:48.62817.35s
 9th13Jolene KNIGHT 2:43.1742:54.97923.70s
 10th14Simmone LYONS 3:18.19103:05.551034.28s
 11th15Tash BONNEY spokes NT3:41.22113:33.42111:02.15
 10Julie BERRY bikeology / Bushwacker Fitness / Corsair BikesDNS

U17 girls  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st501Tegan MOLLOY Kona / SERAS / south east mtb co / Thredbo2:38.411-
emoji_events2nd502Danielle BEECROFT BOSS FITNESS2:41.3722.96s
emoji_events3rd503Molly PAYNE Aldgate Bike Shop2:57.79319.38s

U19 women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st201Emily HOCKEY 3:02.9312:59.341-

Veteran women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st401Philippa ROSTAN 3:07.391-
emoji_events2nd403Jacinta NELSSON Mallard Cycles4:05.45258.06s

Super Master women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st661Jillian BRADY 4:49.531-
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