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Andrew WRIGHT (gvet)
Andrew WRIGHT (exp)

gbAndrew WRIGHT (sen)

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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
9th Oct 2016Northern Downhill - Trail Bike Champs of the UniverseHamsterley19-291/22100%2:23.46
14th Aug 20162016 Pearce Cycles #5BucknellSeniorLoose Riders England38/8757%2:09.32
12th Jun 20162016 Pearce Cycles #3Rhyd y FelinSeniorLoose Riders England23/9075%3:54.96
1st May 20162016 Static DH Series #2Farmer John's, Stockport19-297/4285%1:37.24
24th Apr 20162016 Pearce Cycles #2KinshamSeniorLoose Riders England27/6861%1:57.99
20th Mar 20162016 Pearce Cycles #1BringewoodSenior44/8247%2:42.65
6th Mar 20162016 Static DH Series #1Farmer John's, StockportSenior11/3571%1:44.56
14th Feb 20162016 Start Cycles ND(H)uro #1Hamsterley19-2927/6257%11:08.98
27th Sep 20152015 Pearce Cycles #6HoptonSeniorWide Open Downhill43/10861%2:31.08
20th Sep 2015Northern Downhill - Trail Bike Champs of the UniverseHamsterley19-295/2180%2:30.81
16th Aug 20152015 Pearce Cycles #5KinshamSeniorWide Open Downhill46/6833%2:04.56
5th Jul 20152015 Pearce Cycles #4BucknellSeniorWide Open Downhill18/8580%2:24.85
14th Jun 20152015 Pearce Cycles #3Rhyd y FelinSeniorWide Open Downhill71/10029%3:34.49
2nd May 2015Steel City - Steel City DHGreno WoodsSeniorWideopen DH30/5849%1:29.34
26th Apr 20152015 Pearce Cycles #2KinshamSeniorWide Open Downhill89/934%2:28.49
28th Sep 20142014 Pearce Cycles #6BucknellSeniorTeam WFO Downhill50/7836%2:28.97
10th Aug 20142014 Pearce Cycles #5KinshamSeniorTeam WFO Downhill25/7467%2:30.06
6th Jul 20142014 Pearce Cycles #4BringewoodSeniorTeam WFO Downhill51/8339%2:45.80
15th Jun 20142014 Pearce Cycles #3Rhyd y FelinSeniorTeam WFO Downhill61/9335%3:29.26
4th May 20142014 Pearce Cycles #2Rhyd y FelinSeniorTeam WFO Downhill51/9848%4:13.52
13th Apr 20142014 Pearce Cycles #1HoptonSeniorTeam WFO Downhill98/11112%2:43.02
15th Sep 20132013 Pearce Cycles #4HoptonSeniorTeam ETC32/7659%2:58.00
7th Jul 20132013 Pearce Cycles #3BucknellSeniorTeam ETC38/7449%2:14.14
5th May 20132013 Pearce Cycles #2Rhyd y FelinSeniorTeam ETC46/9251%3:40.10
28th Apr 20132013 Pearce Cycles #1BringewoodSeniorTeam ETC53/8135%2:30.74
28th Aug 20112011 North Wales Series #3 & Welsh ChampsCaerswsSeniorhu-i design corp clothing43/5725%2:48.00
7th Aug 20112011 MIJ #3Taff BuggySeniorHui-Design Corp6/3786%2:21.68
10th Jul 2011Singletrack - Singletrack Classic WeekenderLee QuarrySenior/Master90/988%3:36.29
22nd May 20112011 MIJ #2Taff BuggySeniorHui-Design Corp28/4336%2:19.23
27th Mar 20112011 WDMBA #1RheolaSeniorHui-Design Corp26/4543%3:37.99
13th Mar 20112011 MIJ #1Taff BuggySeniorHui-Design Corp25/4950%2:17.13
5th Mar 2011Steel City - Steel City DHGreno WoodsSenior6/4087%1:55.02
22nd Aug 20102010 Caersws Cup #4 & English ChampsCaerswsSeniorHui-Design Corp21/6267%1:51.99
20th Jun 20102010 MIJ #3MoelfreSeniorHui-Design Corp17/2636%2:34.86
25th Oct 2009Descend Hamsterley - Fast and FuriousHamsterleySenior15/6678%2:04.14
10th May 20092009 Caersws Cup #2CaerswsSenior28/9571%1:50.28
8th Mar 20092009 Caersws Cup #1CaerswsSenior30/6957%3:13.77
4th Oct 2008Naked Racing - Fat Face Night RideScarboroughSenior33/8361%1:25.90
16th Mar 20082008 Caersws Cup #1CaerswsSeniorHui-Design Corp28/6558%3:04.88