David LEWIS (vet)

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Riders detailed below are regularly within 3% of David LEWIS (vet) *

Note: these stats ONLY refer to the races where you were within 3% of each other, otherwise the table would list many many more riders. As such, it ignores races with bigger gaps, and the statistics shown refer only to the close results.

To keep matches relevant, only races from 2019/2020 are considered

7 nemeses found

Name Close results Beat LostBeat% Lost%
Wayne BARR3123466compare »
Ross MCCULLOCH3123466compare »
Ronnie BATEY2020100compare »
John WOODROW2020100compare »
Neil GLENDINNING3216733compare »
Simon JOHNSTON2115050compare »
Chris ANNABLE2115050compare »

*3% = 4 seconds on a 2 minute track, 10 seconds on a 5 minute track.

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