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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
23rd Mar 20142014 SDA #1InnerleithenSenior84/9714%4:19.89
30th Nov 2013Innerleithen MTB Racing - Alpine Bikes Day/NightInnerleithenSenior53/7025%42:39.00
11th Aug 20132013 SDA #4Ae ForestSenior67/8925%2:32.82
5th May 20132013 Northern Downhill #2KidlandSenior16/2742%2:03.71
21st Apr 20132013 SDA go to site71/9828%4:32.03
17th Feb 2013Northern Downhill - Trailbike DHHamsterley19+90/10817%4:14.59
23rd Oct 20112011 Northern Downhill #6 & Northeast ChampsHamsterleySenior11/4979%1:29.70
3rd Jul 20112011 Northern Downhill #3Scratchmere ScarSenior18/180%1:53.13
17th Apr 20112011 SDA #1Ae go to site95/10510%2:57.93
24th Oct 20102010 Northern Downhill #6 & Northern ChampsKielder ForestSenior29/3722%2:14.25
2nd May 20102010 Northern Downhill #2HamsterleySenior27/3421%2:21.52
25th Oct 2009Descend Hamsterley - Fast and FuriousHamsterleyJunior23/2715%2:34.41
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