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DateEvent Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
2020 Midlands XC #1Dudmaston60+608Cotswold Cycles RT8 / 1022%1h16:06.001h01:40.0023.4%1h25:36.00-11.1%
2019 Midlands XC #5Dudmaston50-59526Cotswold Cycles-TREK19 / 2110%1h37:35.001h16:55.0026.9%1h22:55.0017.7%
2019 Midlands XC #3Kirton Off-road Centre50-59527Cotswold Cycles-TREK22 / 3538%1h36:57.001h23:15.0016.5%1h38:15.00-1.3%
2019 Midlands XC #2Cannock Chase50-59533Cotswold Cycles-TREK34 / 3811%1h49:08.001h22:27.0032.4%1h34:27.0015.6%
2019 Midlands XC #1Parkwood Springs50-59909114540Cotswold Cycles-TREK30 / 3515%n/an/a1h24:40.00n/a
2018 Midlands XC #6Dudmaston50-5950Cotswold Cycles-TREK14 / 2032%1h40:48.001h22:35.0022.1%1h27:15.0015.5%
2018 Midlands XC #4Rother Valley Country Park50-5969Cotswold Cycles-TREK20 / 3747%1h34:07.001h15:00.0025.5%1h24:27.0011.5%
2018 Midlands XC #3Cannock Chase50-59158Cotswold Cycles-TREK21 / 4352%1h25:55.001h11:08.0020.8%1h23:30.002.9%
2018 Midlands XC #2Parkwood Springs50-5976Cotswold Cycles-TREK19 / 3038%1h30:14.001h14:45.0020.7%1h16:08.0018.5%
2018 Midlands XC #1Swynnerton Old Park50-5976Cotswold Cycles-TREK22 / 3130%1h34:15.001h13:02.0029.1%1h27:34.007.6%
2017 Midlands XC #7Eckington Woods50-5959Cotswold Cycles-TREK18 / 2219%1h41:30.001h16:46.0032.2%1h17:50.0030.4%
2017 Midlands XC #6Rother Valley Country Park50-59140Cotswold Cycles-TREK12 / 1627%1h39:30.001h21:45.0021.7%1h51:50.00-11%
2017 Midlands XC #5Parkwood Springs50-5944Cotswold Cycles-TREK10 / 100%n/a1h14:57.00n/a1h16:38.00n/a
2017 Midlands XC #4Dudmaston50-5968Cotswold Cycles-TREK19 / 3242%1h34:50.001h22:03.0015.6%1h43:12.00-8.1%
2017 Midlands XC #3Cannock Chase50-5999Cotswold Cycles-TREK28 / 4234%1h28:42.001h12:19.0022.7%1h16:43.0015.6%
2017 Midlands XC #1Sherwood Pines50-59122North Cotswold CC26 / 4138%1h13:59.001h05:13.0013.4%1h51:53.00-33.9%
2016/17 Merida Brass Monkeys XC #2Minley Manor3hr: 50+3948Cotswold Cycles RT23 / 5761%n/a2h55:26.00n/a3h48:14.00n/a
2016/17 Merida Brass Monkeys XC #1Windmill Hill3hr: 50+3916Cotswold Cycles RT25 / 5253%n/a2h28:29.00n/a3h31:51.00n/a
2016 Midlands XC #6Dudmaston50-59158NCCC12 / 2042%1h25:55.001h11:44.0019.8%1h19:27.008.1%
2016 Friday Night XC Summer Series #7Mallory Park50+815North Cotswolds CC16 / 3657%n/a51:00.00n/a49:56.00n/a
2016 Friday Night XC Summer Series #6Hicks Lodge, Ashby de la Zouch50+815North Cotswolds CC14 / 2546%55:12.0050:47.008.7%48:56.0012.8%
2016 Friday Night XC Summer Series #5East Carlton Countryside Park50+815North Cotswolds CC21 / 3338%n/a51:43.00n/a47:25.00n/a
2016 Friday Night XC Summer Series #4Kilworth Springs50+815North Cotswolds CC19 / 4054%n/a1h04:21.00n/a58:26.00n/a
2016 Friday Night XC Summer Series #2Desborough Leisure Centre50+815North Cotswolds CC21 / 3643%n/a59:50.00n/a56:32.00n/a
2016 Friday Night XC Summer Series #1Borough Hill, Daventry50+815North Cotswolds CC19 / 3547%n/a1h06:56.00n/a59:18.00n/a
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