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DateEvent Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
 2019 Welsh Enduro #5photo_libraryGwydir Mawr30-39100Sixth Element12 / 5078%11:14.0410:40.185.3%9:59.4212.5%
 2019 Hope PMBA Enduro #5photo_libraryKirroughtree Forest30-39271Sixth Element10 / 6586%12:44.9111:23.1312%11:01.8315.6%
 2019 Hope PMBA Enduro #3photo_libraryLee Quarry30-3952Sixth Element10 / 9190%11:06.909:41.4614.7%9:41.4614.7%
 Boltby Bash - Boltby Bash Endurophoto_libraryBoltbySportive1026Team Banana110 / 15228%3h43:19.001h54:30.0095%n/an/a
 2019 BEMBA National Enduro Series #2 (EWS Qualifier)photo_libraryGraythwaite30-3972Sixth Element TEAM: 6802RS FUCKERS55 / 18170%18:07.1914:18.9726.6%14:18.9726.6%
 2019 Hope PMBA Enduro #1photo_libraryGisburn Forest30-3946Team Banana15 / 9585%11:23.079:50.1315.8%9:50.1315.8%
 2018 Hope PMBA Enduro #5photo_libraryLee Quarry30-39249Team Banana13 / 4774%12:32.1410:55.1314.8%10:55.1314.8%
 Ard Events - Ard Rock Endurophoto_librarySwaledaleSport: 30-394165Team Banana18 / 47796%23:39.3721:02.2812.4%19:25.7721.8%
 2018 Hope PMBA Enduro #2photo_libraryGrizedale Forest30-3931630 / 8465%11:59.3310:02.5619.4%9:29.2826.4%
 Ard Events - Ard Rock Endurophoto_librarySwaledaleEnduro: 30-39302Team Banana90 / 44180%20:50.1317:49.5316.9%17:10.7821.3%
 Ard Events - Ard Rock Endurophoto_librarySwaledaleSport: 30-394215Team Xtream161 / 46666%23:33.0017:35.2033.9%n/an/a
Misspent Summers: DH & Enduro yearbooks
Misspent Summers: DH & Enduro yearbooks
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