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gbCraig BARLEY

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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
20th Oct 2012Pearce Events - Charity DH & Midland ChampsHoptonSenior27/3626%3:07.48
26th Feb 20122011/12 661 Mini DH #3Forest of DeanSenior84/840%6:00.31
29th Jan 20122011/12 661 Mini DH #2Forest of DeanSenior45/7641%1:08.28
21st Jan 20072007 Pearce Cycles winter #1HoptonYouth27/4338%4:09.29
23rd Jul 20062006 Midlands Series #4CaerswsYouth38/4821%3:05.58
30th Apr 20062006 Midlands Series #2Pen-Y-Bont-FawrYouth50/5814%3:37.62
2nd Apr 20062006 Midlands Series #1 & Midland ChampsHoptonYouth28/6457%4:22.02
19th Feb 20062006 Specialized winter #2BringewoodYouth24/4447%3:21.16
22nd Jan 20062006 Specialized winter #1HoptonYouth33/5338%3:57.64
1st May 20052005 Midlands Super Series #2CaerswsJuvenile8/1446%4:00.00
17th Apr 20052005 Midlands Super Series #1HoptonJuvenile8/2063%3:57.09
13th Mar 20052005 Specialized winter #3BringewoodJuvenile8/2368%3:29.55
16th Jan 20052005 Specialized winter #1HoptonJuvenile9/1853%4:47.68