Jonathan BROWN (mas2)

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Date RaceVenueCategoryLicence/ageBibSponsorPositionBeat %Best/totalFTC% > FTCFTD% > FTD
 2nd Dec 2018Mini DH - Onza Mini DHphoto_libraryForest of Dean30-39162RIP raceing39 / 403%1:42.261:11.0843.9%1:02.9762.4%
 7th Oct 20182018 Racers Guild Summer #4photo_libraryStile Cop30-394589 / 90%1:00.3743.87s37.6%41.93s44%
 2nd Sep 20182018 Forest of Dean Summer #4photo_libraryForest of Dean30-3912124 / 240%2:09.801:29.1045.7%1:26.4850.1%
 19th Aug 20182018 Racers Guild Summer #3photo_libraryStile Cop30-393446 / 60%1:20.8157.63s40.2%51.12s58.1%
 8th Jul 20182018 Forest of Dean Summer #3photo_libraryForest of Dean30-3913418 / 196%1:15.8554.49s39.2%48.93s55%
 10th Jun 20182018 Forest of Dean Summer #2photo_libraryForest of Dean30-3913917 / 170%1:32.171:08.7734%1:04.4643%
 20th May 20182018 Racers Guild Summer #1photo_libraryStile Cop30-395712 / 120%1:10.6246.45s52%45.21s56.2%
 22nd Apr 2018Racers Guild Racing - Winter Classicphoto_libraryStile Cop30-3927617 / 186%1:14.3048.54s53.1%47.37s56.8%
 25th Mar 20182018 Onza Tyres Mini DH #3photo_libraryForest of Dean30-3911939 / 403%1:21.5756.11s45.4%55.39s47.3%
 25th Feb 20182018 Onza Tyres Mini DH #2photo_libraryForest of Dean30-3918344 / 464%1:41.131:06.8051.4%1:04.6056.6%
 18th Feb 2018Racers Guild Racing - Winter Classicphoto_libraryStile Cop30-397523 / 258%1:39.721:15.2632.5%1:15.2632.5%
 28th Jan 20182018 Onza Tyres Mini DH #1photo_libraryForest of Dean30-3917753 / 542%2:49.971:44.4562.7%1:36.7075.8%
 22nd Oct 20172017 Racers Guild Works Components Summer #5photo_libraryStile Cop30-3956117 / 2016%1:29.5559.58s50.3%59.39s50.8%
 6th Dec 20152015/16 Racers Guild Winter Series #2photo_libraryStile Cop19-2916730 / 300%1:22.1652.23s57.3%51.18s60.5%
 1st Nov 20152015/16 Racers Guild Winter Series #1photo_libraryStile Cop19-2916729 / 303%1:43.6353.76s92.8%52.87s96%
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