Oliver YATES

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DateRace Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
emoji_events2020 South West XC #1Woodbury Common40-49106Southfork go to site1 / 20100%1h57:06.701h57:06.700%1h37:40.9019.9%
emoji_events2020 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #2Area 5140+ Plus3183 / 3794%1h13:37.001h10:49.004%1h25:31.00-13.9%
emoji_events2019 South West XC #6photoMount Edgcumbe40-49649Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA1 / 22100%1h30:09.001h30:09.000%1h41:25.00-11.1%
emoji_events2019 South West XC #5Ashcombe40-4994Royal Navy1 / 21100%1h38:13.001h38:13.000%1h27:35.0012.1%
emoji_events2019 South West XC #4Bratton40-49585Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA1 / 22100%1h36:12.001h36:12.000%1h43:23.00-7%
 2019 British Cycling MTB XC #3photo_libraryCannock Chase40-49410Royal Navy&Royal Marines12 / 5379%1h32:58.001h22:35.0012.6%1h29:55.003.4%
 2019 British Cycling MTB XC #2Hadleigh Park40-49313Royal NavyRoyal Marines CA10 / 4680%1h13:13.001h05:18.0012.1%1h24:30.00-13.4%
 2019 British Cycling MTB XC #1Sherwood Pines40-49452Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA21 / 8476%1h38:03.001h30:31.008.3%1h41:14.00-3.1%
emoji_events2019 South West XC #1Woodbury Common40-49106Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA1 / 30100%1h39:22.001h39:22.000%1h30:56.009.3%
 2018/19 Merida Brass Monkeys XC #1Minley Manor4hr: 40+4198RNRMCA6 / 39n/an/a3h47:03.00n/a3h47:03.00n/a
 Inter-Services - Inter-Services Champs 2018Hopton30-39100ROYAL NAVY DEVELOPMENTDNS / 49n/an/a2:31.48n/a2:31.48n/a
emoji_events2018 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #1photo_libraryNewnham Park40-49663RM3 / 3093%1h54:37.001h49:14.004.9%2h01:04.00-5.3%
emoji_events2017 Soggy Bottom Summer Series XC #1Newnham Park19-39296Royal Marines1 / 17100%1h01:22.001h01:22.000%1h00:49.000.9%
emoji_events2017 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #2Newnham ParkSenior252Royal Marines2 / 2295%1h39:29.001h30:41.009.7%1h30:41.009.7%
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