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R&R is my entire income, and as you might have guessed, at the moment things are looking pretty bleak.

If you'd like to support R&R and help ensure that it'll still be around when this is all over, please make a donation. Any amount is appreciated!

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23 races found

DateRace Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
emoji_events2019 Racers Guild Summer #5photo_libraryStile Cop13-145311 / 21100%1:21.411:21.410%1:18.054.3%
emoji_events2019 Racers Guild Summer #4photo_libraryStile Cop13-144201 / 16100%1:00.341:00.340%56.76s6.3%
 2019 Pearce Cycles #4photo_libraryBucknell13-14131219 / 2731%2:18.542:00.1615.3%1:50.8625%
emoji_events2019 Racers Guild Summer #3photo_libraryStile Cop13-143122 / 988%1:00.7756.79s7%51.43s18.2%
 Borderline Events - UK DH National Champs '19photo_libraryRevolution Bike Park, Llangynog13-1430825 / 278%3:33.222:49.0626.1%2:25.7646.3%
 2019 Pearce Cycles #3photo_libraryHopton13-14131215 / 2746%2:47.282:26.3614.3%2:14.9624%
emoji_events2019 Racers Guild Summer #2photo_libraryStile Cop13-142043 / 2190%57.99s55.57s4.4%44.33s30.8%
emoji_events2019 Racers Guild Summer #1photo_libraryStile Cop13-14132 / 1291%59.61s57.53s3.6%50.93s17.1%
 2019 Pearce Cycles #2photo_libraryKinsham13-14131227 / 297%2:47.202:01.6437.5%1:55.9444.2%
 2019 Pearce Cycles #1photo_libraryBringewood13-14131222 / 249%3:06.862:30.3424.3%2:13.3440.1%
emoji_eventsRacers Guild Racing - Works Components Winter Classicphoto_libraryStile Cop13-147192 / 1392%47.07s46.35s1.6%43.47s8.3%
 Mini DH - Onza Mini DHphoto_libraryForest of Dean10-12257Chase cycle centre36 / 385%1:56.591:13.2159.3%1:02.9785.2%
emoji_events2018 Racers Guild Summer #5photo_libraryStile Cop10-1220065102 / 1994%1:23.241:23.150.1%1:12.9814.1%
emoji_events2018 Racers Guild Summer #4photo_libraryStile Cop10-124071 / 13100%49.69s49.69s0%41.93s18.5%
emoji_events2018 Racers Guild Summer #2photo_libraryStile Cop10-122052 / 1089%1:08.251:05.314.5%53.43s27.7%
emoji_events2018 Racers Guild Summer #1photo_libraryStile Cop10-1273 / 1078%58.72s56.36s4.2%45.21s29.9%
emoji_eventsRacers Guild Racing - Winter Classicphoto_libraryStile Cop10-121432 / 886%59.48s58.38s1.9%47.37s25.6%
emoji_eventsRacers Guild Racing - Winter Classicphoto_libraryStile Cop10-121212 / 886%1:33.481:31.362.3%1:15.2624.2%
 2017 Racers Guild Works Components Summer #5photo_libraryStile Cop10-125045 / 1160%1:18.531:10.9710.7%59.39s32.2%
 2017 Racers Guild Works Components Summer #4photo_libraryStile Cop10-121075 / 1056%1:07.1058.99s13.8%47.81s40.4%
 2017 Racers Guild Works Components Summer #3photo_libraryStile Cop10-1230710 / 1218%1:12.4049.51s46.2%39.55s83%
 2017 Racers Guild Works Components Summer #1photo_libraryStile Cop10-121110 / 1431%1:23.751:00.2139.1%48.57s72.4%
 Racers Guild Racing - Works Components Winter Classic - A & EphotoStile Cop10-1210510 / 100%1:49.041:12.4950.4%51.85s110.3%
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