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R&R is my entire income, and as you might have guessed, at the moment things are looking pretty bleak.

If you'd like to support R&R and help ensure that it'll still be around when this is all over, please make a donation. Any amount is appreciated!

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22 events found

DateEvent Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
 2020 Vitus Irish Gravity Enduro #4photo_libraryCarrick, Co. Wicklow14-1617Galway MTB19 / 2833%10:40.308:51.3120.5%8:02.2932.8%
 Glencullen Adventure Park - The GAP Team EnduroGlencullen Adventure Park20+/U2070Galway MTB TEAM: Cian Bichard & Hugh O'Reilly9 / 2668%8:55.217:02.6426.6%6:57.6028.2%
 2019 Mondraker Grassroots Enduro Series #5photo_librarySligoU1956Galway MTB8 / 2571%8:06.006:18.0028.6%5:55.0036.9%
 2019 Vitus Irish Gravity Enduro #5 (EWS Qualifier)photo_libraryCarrick, Co. Wicklow14-1631Galway MTB23 / 2612%21:21.4115:39.0936.5%13:38.7056.5%
 2019 Mondraker Grassroots Enduro Series #4Shronaboy, Killarney, Co. KerryU186716 / 3150%10:01.006:36.0051.8%6:07.0063.8%
 2019 Vitus Irish Gravity Enduro #2photo_libraryKillaloe, Co. Clare14-1626Galway MTB16 / 1812%17:24.9812:03.8544.4%10:58.8158.6%
 2019 Vitus Irish Gravity Enduro #1photo_libraryBallinastoe Woods, Co. Wicklow14-1629Galway MTB17 / 2224%32:30.7423:49.6536.5%20:11.8961%
 2019 Mondraker Grassroots Enduro Series #1The Nagles, Co. CorkU1951Galway MTB28 / 3316%15:40.009:47.0060.1%9:30.0064.9%
 2018 Polygon Grassroots Enduro Series #5Cahir, Co. TipperaryU192Galway MTB22 / 3742%13:02.008:39.0050.7%8:37.0051.3%
 2018 IDMS #6photoBP Ireland, Fairymount Farm, Co. Tipperary10-14547 / 925%1:44.201:24.9722.6%1:11.6545.4%
 2018 Irish Gravity Enduro #4photo_libraryCarrick, Co. Wicklow12-1314Galway MTB13 / 1829%12:17.4410:37.7115.6%n/an/a
 2018 Irish Gravity Enduro #3Ballyhoura Woods, Co. Limerick12-131505 / 733%10:14.679:29.088%n/an/a
 IDMS - Irish National Champs '18BP Ireland, Fairymount Farm, Co. Tipperary13-141707 / 70%1:52.061:30.0524.5%1:11.8156.1%
emoji_eventsGravity Enduro Ireland - Gravity Enduro Ireland Series Champsphoto_libraryThree Rock Mountain, Dublin12-1320Galway MTB3 / 1078%8:30.497:49.508.7%n/an/a
 2018 Polygon Grassroots Enduro Series #3photo_librarySliabh Bhui, Co. WexfordU1912Galway MTB11 / 1423%16:49.0010:25.0061.4%9:36.0075.2%
 2018 Polygon Grassroots Enduro Series #2photo_libraryBP Ireland, Fairymount Farm, Co. TipperaryU1992Galway MTB20 / 2624%6:03.004:19.0040.2%4:14.0042.9%
 2018 Polygon Grassroots Enduro Series #1The Nagles, Co. CorkU199Galway- / 25n/an/a11:50.00n/a11:34.00n/a
 2017 Polygon Grassroots Enduro Series #5Cahir, Co. Tipperary0-1890Galway MTB15 / 1713%18:06.0011:18.0060.2%10:01.0080.7%
 Gravity Enduro Ireland - Irish Gravity Enduro National Champs '17Carrick, Co. WicklowU1415Galway MTB5 / 843%14:32.369:21.1455.5%n/an/a
 2017 Irish Gravity Enduro #2photoThree Rock Mountain, DublinU1413Galway MTB5 / 620%9:58.536:57.2443.5%n/an/a
 2017 Polygon Grassroots Enduro Series #4Ballyhoura Woods, Co. Limerick0-1861Galway MTB10 / 1218%30:27.008:50.00244.7%7:43.00294.6%
 2017 Irish Gravity Enduro #1photoBallinastoe Woods, Co. WicklowU1418Galway MTB5 / 620%21:08.5215:48.1933.8%n/an/a
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