Paul COOPER (xc)

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Date Race VenueCategory Licence/age Bib Sponsor(s) Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
 28th Oct 20182018 HSBC UK Cyclo-Cross National Trophy Series #2Beach Park, Irvine40-4915Carnoustie Cycling Club +TEAMDNS / 84n/an/a37:34.60n/a1h01:11.00n/a
 6th Jul 2019High Fell Events - Breamish BehemothBreamish ValleyOpen24Army CSR +TEAM4 / 5394%5h37:14.005h10:31.308.6%5h10:31.308.6%
 22nd Mar 20152015 Scottish XC #1photo_libraryCathkin Braes Country ParkSport114 +TEAM13 / 3363%1h30:54.131h19:31.2214.3%1h28:52.362.3%
 !!!!!22nd Mar 20152015 Scottish XC #1photo_libraryCathkin Braes Country Park40-49224 +TEAM4 / 3290%1h21:37.321h19:58.522.1%1h28:52.36-8.2%
 17th Jul 2016British Cycling - UK XC National Champs '16Cathkin Braes Country Park40-49226Velocity 44 Stirling +TEAM16 / 3150%1h35:56.001h19:04.0021.3%1h43:10.00-7%
 26th Apr 20152015 Scottish XC #2DalbeattieSport113 +TEAM8 / 1446%1h32:03.601h21:25.3013.1%1h39:38.80-7.6%
 14th Sep 20142014 Scottish XC #5Dalbeattie30-39201 +TEAM9 / 1011%2h06:49.441h41:55.8324.4%1h58:54.426.7%
bookmark1st May 20162016 Scottish XC #2Dunoon40-49225 +TEAM3 / 2190%1h31:00.001h29:10.002.1%1h51:06.00-18.1%
 27th Apr 2019No Fuss Events - 10 under the Benphoto_libraryFort WilliamSolo: 40-4935Army CSR / Mountain Fuel +TEAM17 / 48n/an/a10h15:59.00n/a10h17:35.00n/a
 10th Apr 20162016 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #3Frimley GreenOpen170Spokes n Spanners +TEAM22 / 2822%1h21:58.001h00:18.0035.9%1h33:30.00-12.3%
 13th Dec 20152015/16 Merida Brass Monkeys XC #2photoFrith Hill2hr: 40-492233spokes and spanners +TEAM44 / 74n/an/a2h21:14.00n/a4h26:53.00n/a
 21st Feb 20162015/16 G8 Events Winter Series #5photo_libraryHadleigh Park2hr: 40-491975287Basildon Timber +TEAM11 / 24n/an/a2h07:50.20n/a3h46:02.00n/a
bookmark24th May 20152015 Scottish XC #3Laggan Wolftrax40-49243M3 Tri Club +TEAM2 / 2295%1h16:33.001h15:55.000.8%1h36:07.00-20.4%
 !!!!!24th May 20152015 Scottish XC #3Laggan WolftraxSport115Gamma Racing Team +TEAM11 / 2252%1h25:41.001h13:49.0016.1%1h36:07.00-10.9%
 25th Sep 20162016 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #9Langdon Hills40-49810Basildon Timber +TEAM19 / 3547%2h00:20.001h40:55.0019.2%1h31:18.0031.8%
 7th Apr 2019Muckmedden - 6hourphoto_libraryPitmedden40-4992 +TEAM8 / 41n/an/a6h37:58.00n/a6h02:09.00n/a
 2nd Nov 20142014/15 Thetford Winter XC #1Thetford Forest2hr344 +TEAM53 / 87n/an/a2h10:43.00n/a4h00:31.00n/a
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