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R&R is my entire income, and as you might have guessed, at the moment things are looking pretty bleak.

If you'd like to support R&R and help ensure that it'll still be around when this is all over, please make a donation. Any amount is appreciated!

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15 events found

DateEvent Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
 2020 Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup #2photo_libraryBigwood, Co. Down14-16165East Coast MTB13 / 3261%10:15.158:50.2716%8:16.4623.9%
 2020 Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup #1Bigwood, Co. Down14-16165East Coast MTB28 / 3521%12:49.689:28.3635.4%9:11.4539.6%
 2019 The GAP DH League #3Glencullen Adventure Park12-1513912 / 2656%1:30.521:19.5613.8%1:12.2125.4%
 2019 IDMS #5Shronaboy, Killarney, Co. Kerry15-16269Rostrevor Mountain Bike Club5 / 950%2:40.602:19.2115.4%2:03.8929.6%
 IDMS - Irish National Champs '19Rostrevor, Co. Down15-1616510 / 100%11:43.362:08.66446.7%2:04.84463.4%
 2019 IDMS #2Bree, Co. Wexford15-16269Rostrevor Mountain Bike Club5 / 1264%1:56.691:41.8214.6%1:32.4026.3%
 2019 IDMS #1photoCarrick, Co. Wicklow15-16269Rostrevor Mountain Bike Club11 / 1317%2:32.102:03.2023.5%1:54.6032.7%
emoji_events2018 IDMS #6photo_libraryBP Ireland, Fairymount Farm, Co. Tipperary10-143493 / 975%1:30.931:24.977%1:11.6526.9%
emoji_events2018 IDMS #5Rostrevor, Co. Down13-143493 / 660%2:54.602:35.6512.2%2:01.4243.8%
emoji_eventsIDMS - Irish National Champs '18photoBP Ireland, Fairymount Farm, Co. Tipperary13-141743 / 767%1:40.151:30.0511.2%1:11.8139.5%
 2018 Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup #3Rostrevor, Co. Down14-16225Rostrevor Mountain Bike Club16 / 2229%16:19.7912:27.7131%11:02.1648%
emoji_events2018 IDMS #3photoBree, Co. Wexford13-14349Rostrevor Mountain Bike Club2 / 680%2:20.802:10.907.6%1:44.5034.7%
 2018 Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup #1Castlewellan, Co. Down14-1638Rostrevor Mountain Bike Club25 / 3017%20:37.9014:04.9746.5%12:03.8771%
 2017 IDMS #4Carrick, Co. Wicklow13-14283DNS / 11n/an/a2:59.30n/a2:24.01n/a
 IDMS - Irish National Champs '17Rostrevor, Co. Down13-141726 / 938%3:53.982:51.5036.4%2:33.8252.1%
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