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gbChristian HATCHER

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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
20th Nov 20112011/12 Mr Bling winter #1PenshurstMaster8/2672%58.16s
12th Dec 20102010/11 Mr Bling winter #2PenshurstMaster3/1282%44.05s
25th Jul 2010Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHPenshurstMaster1/12100%48.96s
18th Jul 20102010 Mr Bling #2PenshurstMaster1/9100%42.84s
9th Aug 2009Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHPenshurstMaster3/2190%48.29s
4th Oct 2008Naked Racing - Fat Face Night go to site12/8387%1:21.50
21st Oct 2007Sirrah D - Tredz go to site6/8094%1:26.56
20th May 2007By Riders 4 Riders - Bull TrackCrowborough (The Bull Track)Senior10/4178%42.31s
19th Mar 2006Aston Hill - Black RunAston HillSeniorLoser Industries11/5581%1:44.25
18th Sep 20052005 Aston Hill #6 - DH3Aston HillSeniorLoser Industries8/5286%1:38.00
9th Jul 20052005 Aston Hill #3 - 4x into DH3Aston HillSeniorLoser Industries5/3689%1:33.26
24th Apr 20052005 NPS #2CwmcarnSenior39/6541%4:17.90
20th Mar 20052005 Aston Hill #2 - Red RunAston HillSeniorFuel Clothing / Lose / Vandal Clothing16/3556%2:01.28
Marin Attack Trail
Marin Attack Trail