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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
14th Aug 20162016 Pearce Cycles #5BucknellSeniorBanjo Cycles Newbury61/8730%2:20.55
12th Jun 20162016 Pearce Cycles #3Rhyd y FelinSeniorBanjo Cycles Newbury60/9034%5:50.75
24th Apr 20162016 Pearce Cycles #2KinshamSeniorBanjo Cycles Newbury54/6821%2:05.77
20th Mar 20162016 Pearce Cycles #1BringewoodSeniorBanjo Cycles Newbury64/8222%2:50.36
6th Mar 20162016 Downhill Freeriders Championship #1PenshurstSeniorBanjo Cycles Newbury16/4263%52.25s
5th Jul 20152015 Pearce Cycles #4BucknellSeniorBanjo Cycles Newbury68/8520%2:41.09
14th Jun 20152015 Pearce Cycles #3Rhyd y FelinSeniorBanjo Cycles Newbury51/10049%3:27.24
26th Apr 20152015 Pearce Cycles #2KinshamSeniorBanjo Cycles Newbury60/9336%2:08.19
22nd Mar 20152014/15 661 Mini DH #4Forest of DeanSeniorBanjo Cycles Newbury28/4741%1:17.91
2nd Mar 20142014 GP Honey #1RogateSenior35/5031%1:07.61
1st Sep 20132013 Aston Hill #3Aston HillJunior8/1446%1:19.94
30th Sep 20122012 BR4R Drift #4Crowborough (The Bull Track)Junior10/1218%53.37s
9th Sep 20122012 Aston Hill #2Aston HillJunior29/3313%1:25.57
10th Jun 20122012 Mr Bling #2Riverhill, KentJunior8/1022%58.86s
4th Sep 20112011 Aston Hill #2 & Eastern & Central ChampsAston HillYouth15/2439%1:30.17
25th Jul 2010Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHPenshurstYouth11/110%1:03.98
28th Feb 20102009/10 661 Mini DH #3Forest of DeanYouthMdhr51/522%2:11.72
27th Sep 20092009 UKBP #5Okeford HillHardtail9/90%2:39.62
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Leatt 3DF 5.0 knee & elbow guards