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gbRichard PARSONS

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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
23rd Aug 2015Tweedlove - King & Queen of the hillGlentressSenior#Boozeduro39/5327%28:31.00
24th Aug 2014Tweedlove - King & Queen of the hillGlentressMenSoild Racing, RG Squadron & USCC.47/5413%33:48.00
4th Apr 2010Borderline Events - Descent Gear Clipped InMoelfreSeniorsoiled racing51/10954%2:42.37
11th Oct 2009Borderline Events - Descent Gear UnclippedMoelfreSeniorsoiled racing59/12352%2:41.77
1st Mar 2009Simply Downhill - Wentwood TrophyWentwoodSeniorsoiled racing51/7432%2:30.70