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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
1st Mar 20152014/15 661 Mini DH #3Forest of DeanSenior43/8651%1:03.25
5th Dec 2010Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanJunior17/2636%1:26.88
25th Jul 20102010 Pearce Cycles #5HoptonJunior37/408%3:05.44
13th Jun 20102010 Pearce Cycles #4BalaJunior31/3717%3:37.96
16th May 20102010 Pearce Cycles #3 & Midland ChampsBringewoodJunior35/350%3:13.17
25th Apr 20102010 Pearce Cycles #2HoptonJunior28/3725%2:45.64
4th Apr 2010Borderline Events - Descent Gear Clipped InMoelfreJunior41/5120%3:00.19
28th Mar 20102010 Pearce Cycles #1BringewoodJunior33/3711%3:07.09
31st Jan 2010Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanJunior20/2727%1:22.97
6th Dec 2009Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanYouth16/5170%1:44.79
13th Sep 2009Aston Hill - 423 Southern ChampsAston HillJunior29/290%1:29.08
22nd Feb 2009Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanYouth63/653%1:10.05
7th Dec 2008Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanYouth35/388%1:15.77
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