Guglielmo GAZZOLA

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10 events found

DateEvent Venue Category Licence/age Bib Sponsors Position Beat % Best/total FTC % > FTC FTD % > FTD
 Federazione Ciclistica Italiana - Italian DH National Champs '20Viola St Gréé15-16200485TEAM KONA BIKE CENTER6 / 3083%4:37.634:13.939.3%4:01.4815%
 2020 Coupe de France VTT #4Les Orres15-16305team kona bike center cimone16 / 4767%4:08.383:43.7811%3:24.1921.6%
 2020 Coupe de France VTT #3Metabief15-16409ITALIE29 / 5447%4:57.314:12.2317.9%3:35.1938.2%
 2020 Coupe de France VTT #2Les Deux Alpes15-16296team kona bike center cimone21 / 4757%3:35.093:17.738.8%3:05.3216.1%
 2020 Coupe de France VTT #1Alpe d'Huez15-1628522 / 4350%4:09.123:40.4813%3:27.9819.8%
 2019 iXS European Cup #4PilaPro: U1710052951573 & 2004242A.S.Priero Bike Busters17 / 4664%4:35.814:03.7713.1%3:50.6819.6%
 2019 iXS European Cup #3photoAbetone, TuscanyPro: U1710052951573 & 2004188A.S.Priero Bike Busters12 / 2145%5:43.025:00.8914%4:45.2920.2%
 Federazione Ciclistica Italiana - Italian DH National Champs '19Sestola15-1610052951573 & 2004120A.S. PRIERO - BIKE B11 / 2964%2:46.542:24.7915%2:11.8326.3%
 Federazione Ciclistica Italiana - Italian DH National Champs '18Pila13-1410052951573 & 2004818BREAK BIKE SESTRI4 / 1680%4:50.564:18.9812.2%3:48.3727.2%
 Federazione Ciclistica Italiana - Italian DH National Champs '17Bormio13-1410052951573 & 2004169TEAM VVF8 / 1653%6:18.525:33.1713.6%4:38.8135.8%
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