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gbNeil TYLER

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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
28th Sep 20142014 Pearce Cycles #6BucknellMasterRPST40/5832%2:28.46
10th Aug 20142014 Pearce Cycles #5KinshamMasterRPST16/3758%2:37.38
1st Dec 2013Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanSenior18/8880%1:09.76
6th Oct 2013MIJ - Welsh ChampsBike Park WalesSenior30/5344%3:26.96
1st Sep 20132013 Borderline Events UK DH #5LlangollenSenior26/5150%2:09.26
18th Aug 20132013 UK Gravity Enduro #4Dyfi ForestSeniorDNS/880%
24th Mar 20132013 UK Gravity Enduro #1AfanSenior39/6440%33:59.50
17th Mar 20132013 Borderline Events UK DH #2CaerswsSenior29/5346%2:08.96
16th Sep 20122012 Pearce Cycles #5BucknellSeniorRPST49/9046%2:14.28
9th Sep 20122012 Fetish Bike Gravity Enduro Series #5Dyfi ForestSenior32/6350%21:03.09
18th Mar 20122012 Pearce Cycles #1BringewoodSeniorRPST41/10963%2:32.81
29th Jan 2012Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanSeniorRPST31/7660%1:05.75
30th Oct 20112011 Caersws Cup #2 & Midland ChampsCaerswsSenior28/5449%1:56.07
16th Oct 20112011 WDMBA #5 & English ChampsMoelfreSeniorRPST50/9347%2:51.89
18th Sep 20112011 Pearce Cycles #5BucknellSenior25/7467%2:26.59
31st Jul 20112011 Pearce Cycles #4BalaSenior33/9466%3:24.26
12th Jun 20112011 Pearce Cycles #3HoptonSenior35/7655%2:59.25
8th May 20112011 Pearce Cycles #2BringewoodSenior28/9371%2:27.54
3rd Apr 20112011 Pearce Cycles #1HoptonSenior35/10969%2:50.16
20th Feb 2011Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanSenior22/7270%1:20.27
23rd Jan 2011Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanSenior35/7453%1:05.77
5th Dec 2010Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanSenior14/6881%1:16.21
11th Oct 2009Borderline Events - Descent Gear UnclippedMoelfreSenior71/12343%2:44.87
5th Jul 20092009 Pearce Cycles #3BalaSenior36/7049%3:51.93
17th May 20092009 Pearce Cycles #2 & Midland ChampsHoptonSenior20/8577%2:53.11
10th May 20092009 Caersws Cup #2CaerswsSenior31/9568%1:50.68
5th Apr 20092009 Pearce Cycles #1BringewoodSenior43/9053%2:36.09
8th Mar 20092009 Caersws Cup #1CaerswsSenior37/6947%3:20.50
22nd Feb 2009Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanSenior27/9071%53.89s
7th Dec 2008Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanSenior39/8454%57.72s
19th Oct 2008Borderline Events - Diamondback Decision DHMoelfreSenior48/9449%2:58.41
28th Sep 20082008 Pearce Cycles #6HoptonSenior32/6249%2:43.34
3rd Aug 20082008 Pearce Cycles #5 & English ChampsHoptonSenior47/6123%3:15.54
29th Jun 20082008 Caersws Cup #3 & Midland ChampsCaerswsSenior34/6044%2:41.34
15th Jun 20082008 Pearce Cycles #4BalaSenior61/8529%3:29.83
4th May 20082008 Caersws Cup #2CaerswsSenior56/6818%3:08.44
16th Mar 20082008 Caersws Cup #1CaerswsSenior50/6523%3:31.60
Pulse - Nukeproof
Pulse - Nukeproof