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Date  RaceVenueCategoryLicence/ageBibSponsorPositionBeat %Best/totalFTC% > FTCFTD% > FTD
bookmark23rd Jun 20182018 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #4photo_libraryAfanElite44Chicksands Race Team7 / 1350%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark17th Jun 2018BDS - The Malverns MTB Festival - downhillphoto_libraryEastnor Deer Park19-291313 / 1687%1:36.541:33.223.6%1:27.2610.6%
bookmark16th Jun 2018BDS - The Malverns MTB Festival - quad eliminatorEastnor Deer ParkOpen28Chicksands Race Team15 / 9184%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark15th Jun 2018BDS - The Malverns MTB Festival - dual slalomphoto_libraryEastnor Deer ParkOpen72223741Chicksands Race Team7 / 13095%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark2nd Jun 20182018 4x Pro Tour #3photoFort WilliamElite10009572365 & 199223Chicksands Race Team21 / 5160%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark19th May 20182018 4x Pro Tour #2Szczawno-ZdrójElite10009572365 & 199230Chicksands Race Team30 / 4128%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark13th May 20182018 4x Pro Tour #1WinterbergElite1000957236513Chicksands BikePark34 / 5741%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark22nd Apr 20182018 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #2photo_libraryHarthillElite44Chicksands Race Team13 / 1620%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark11th Mar 20182018 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #1photo_libraryChicksandsElite722237445 / 1673%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark3rd Sep 20172017 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #7photo_library417 ProjectElite4411 / 129%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark20th Aug 20172017 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #6photo_libraryFalmouth 4xElite4412 / 1415%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark30th Jul 20172017 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #5photo_libraryMoelfreElite4410 / 1218%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark29th Jul 2017British 4x - 4x National ChampsphotoMoelfreElite44- / 180%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark25th Jun 20172017 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #4photo_libraryRedhillElite4413 / 130%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark3rd Jun 20172017 4x Pro Tour #3Fort WilliamElite10009572365 & 199232Kore components23 / 4954%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark12th Mar 20172017 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #1photo_libraryChicksandsElite444 / 2286%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark5th Feb 2017Chicksands - Chicksands Dualphoto_libraryChicksandsSenior444 / 3090%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark24th Jul 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #6photo_libraryFalmouth 4xElite4444 Racing Rockstar3 / 1078%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark23rd Jul 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #5photo_libraryFalmouth 4xElite4444 Racing Rockstar7 / 1033%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark2nd Jul 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #4417 ProjectElite4444 Racing Rockstar1 / 13100%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark25th Jun 2016British 4x - 4x National ChampsMoelfreElite4411 / 2457%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark19th Jun 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #3photoRedhillElite4444 Racing Rockstar8 / 1130%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark4th Jun 20162016 4x Pro Tour #3Fort WilliamEliteGBR199212122544 Racing Rockstar27 / 3216%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark15th May 20162016 4x Pro Tour #2WinterbergEliteGBR199212124244 Racing / Rockstar57 / 7221%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark30th Apr 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #2photo_libraryAfanElite4444 Racing Rockstar12 / 1415%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark13th Mar 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #1ChicksandsElite4444 Racing Rockstar7 / 1454%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark28th Feb 2016Chicksands - Chicksands 4xphoto_libraryChicksandsPro442 / 680%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark6th Dec 20152015/16 661 Mini DH #1photo_libraryForest of Dean19-296564 / 8323%1:25.061:08.7223.8%1:05.0930.7%
bookmark6th Sep 20152015 4x Pro Tour #5MalmedyEliteGBR199212122544 Racing Rockstar23 / 3637%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark9th Aug 20152015 Schwalbe British 4x #5Falmouth 4xElite448 / 1342%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark8th Aug 20152015 Schwalbe British 4x #4Falmouth 4xElite4413 / 130%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark14th Jun 20152015 Schwalbe British 4x #3RedhillElite449 / 1750%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark6th Jun 20152015 4x Pro Tour #2Fort WilliamEliteGBR199212122244 Racing / Rockstar26 / 4138%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark31st May 20152015 Enduro World Series #3GlentressE125944 Racing Rockstar- / 2690%32:23.830%32:23.830%
bookmark24th May 20152015 4x Pro Tour #1WinterbergEliteGBR199212124744 Racing / Rockstar- / 710%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark17th May 20152015 Schwalbe British 4x #2AfanElite?8 / 1446%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark7th Feb 2015Mini Enduro - Enduro Night RacephotoForest of DeanPro-Am106 / 717%15:39.3211:13.0339.6%11:02.6241.8%
bookmark2nd Nov 20142014 One Industries Mini Enduro #5photo_libraryForest of DeanPro-Am54 / 525%10:46.607:53.1036.7%7:53.1036.7%
bookmark10th Aug 20142014 Schwalbe British 4x #6Falmouth 4xElite4411 / 129%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark9th Aug 2014Naked Racing - 4x UK National Champs '14Falmouth 4xProGBR19921212447 / 2777%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark20th Jul 20142014 Schwalbe British 4x #5BridgnorthElite4444 Racing10 / 100%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark19th Jul 20142014 Schwalbe British 4x #4BridgnorthElite449 / 1011%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark6th Jul 20142014 Schwalbe British 4x #3photo_libraryRedhillElite447 / 1557%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark7th Jun 20142014 4x Pro Tour #3Fort WilliamProGBR199212128944 Racing / Rockstar9 / 3476%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark4th May 20142014 Schwalbe British 4x #2photo_libraryAfanElite445 / 1571%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark6th Apr 20142014 Schwalbe British 4x #1photo_libraryHarthillElite4414 / 140%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark1st Sep 20132013 Schwalbe British 4x #6photoLeamington SpaSenior4444 Racing – Rockstar9 / 1853%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark13th Jul 20132013 Schwalbe British 4x #5BridgnorthSenior4444 Racing / Rockstar3 / 2491%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark23rd Jun 20132013 Schwalbe British 4x #4photo_libraryRedhillSenior442 / 2496%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark8th Jun 20132013 4x Pro Tour #2Fort WilliamEliteGBR199212123744 Racing24 / 5154%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark2nd Jun 20132013 Euro 4x #2HarthillEliteGBR199212123421 / 4049%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark1st Jun 20132013 Schwalbe British 4x #3photo_libraryHarthillSenior4444 Racing – Rockstar3 / 2391%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark21st Apr 20132013 Schwalbe British 4x #2Falmouth 4xSenior4444 Racing / Rockstar4 / 2084%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark31st Mar 20132013 Schwalbe British 4x #1photo_libraryAfanSenior4444 Racing – Rockstar2 / 2596%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark16th Sep 20122012 Euro 4x #3photo_libraryAfanSenior2367 / 1557%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark9th Sep 20122012 Aston Hill #2photo_libraryAston HillHardtail722237744 Racing7 / 1245%1:22.451:04.8827.1%1:01.8733.3%
bookmark11th Aug 20122012 British 4x #5South West Extreme19-29?6 / 1667%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark15th Jul 2012Naked Racing - National 4x ChampionshipsHarthillEliteGBR1992121223625 / 3427%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark14th Jul 20122012 British 4x #4HarthillSenior23614 / 1824%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark8th Jul 2012Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHChicksands19-2929344 Racing1 / 9100%32.41s32.41s0%32.11s0.9%
bookmark1st Jul 20122012 British 4x #3RedhillSenior23614 / 2135%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark9th Jun 20122012 4x Pro Tour #4Fort WilliamEliteGBR199212129244-Racing52 / 579%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark1st Apr 20122012 British 4x #1photo_libraryLeamington SpaSenior23626 / 260%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark14th Aug 20112011 British 4x #6South West ExtremeSenior22916 / 2021%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark13th Aug 20112011 British 4x #5South West ExtremeSenior22913 / 2037%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark16th Jul 20112011 British 4x #4HarthillSenior22914 / 2954%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark28th May 20112011 British 4x #3AfanSenior22944 Racing32 / 320%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark17th Oct 20102010 Mr Bling #5PenshurstHardtail1135 / 733%53.83s45.24s19%42.52s26.6%
bookmark12th Sep 20102010 NPS 4x #6Chicksands17-184644 Racing5 / 1469%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark14th Aug 20102010 NPS 4x #5South West Extreme17-184644 Racing9 / 1227%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark25th Jul 20102010 NPS 4x #4Penshurst17-184644 Racing14 / 140%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark27th Jun 20102010 NPS 4x #3Redhill17-184644 Racing Talent Team16 / 176%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark29th May 20102010 NPS 4x #2Harthill17-184644 Racing Talent Team15 / 1922%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark4th Apr 20102010 NPS 4x #1UK Bike Park17-184644 Racing Talent Team16 / 1812%n/a (4x)0%0%
bookmark6th Dec 20092009/10 661 Mini DH #1Forest of Dean15-1624441 / 5120%2:10.371:30.4644.1%1:24.9953.4%
NS Fuzz DH bike
NS Fuzz DH bike