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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
17th Apr 20112010-11 Mr Bling winter #6PenshurstSeniorDNF/230%
25th Jul 2010Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHPenshurstSenior4/1680%49.56s
6th Dec 2009Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanSenior12/7385%1:33.51
13th Sep 2009Aston Hill - 423 Southern ChampsAston go to site11/10590%1:12.99
9th Aug 2009Naked Racing - 661 Mini go to site4/2788%47.54s
29th Mar 2009Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHChicksandsSenior1/40100%30.62s
15th Mar 2009Aston Hill - Black RunAston HillSenior12/6282%1:45.08
1st Jun 2008By Riders 4 Riders - Bull TrackCrowborough (The Bull Track)Senior1/9100%40.94s
30th Mar 2008Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHChicksandsSenior3/4996%33.29s
19th Aug 2007By Riders 4 Riders - Bull TrackCrowborough (The Bull Track)Senior4/1579%53.87s
18th Aug 2007By Riders 4 Riders - Bull TrackCrowborough (The Bull Track)Senior4/1170%45.10s
17th Jun 2007By Riders 4 Riders - Bull TrackCrowborough (The Bull Track)Senior5/1978%41.59s
20th May 2007By Riders 4 Riders - Bull TrackCrowborough (The Bull Track)Senior6/4188%41.77s
15th Apr 2007By Riders 4 Riders - Bull TrackCrowborough (The Bull Track)Senior7/2777%41.40s
18th Feb 20072007 Pearce Cycles winter #2BringewoodSenior32/6854%2:55.67
22nd Oct 2006NACC Events - English ChampsBrattonSenior8/3076%2:17.36
17th Sep 2006Aston Hill - DH3Aston go to site4/7496%1:31.91
18th Jun 20062006 Midlands Series go to site32/8161%3:18.07
19th Mar 2006Aston Hill - Black RunAston go to site8/5587%1:41.40
22nd Jan 20062006 Specialized winter go to site28/6658%3:47.01
18th Sep 20052005 Aston Hill #6 - DH3Aston go to site4/5294%1:35.69
28th Aug 20052005 NPS #5RheolaSenior28/4944%3:53.38
31st Jul 20052005 NPS #4MoelfreSenior18/3753%3:09.60
17th Jul 2005Pearce Cycles - UK National Champs '05BringewoodSenior go to site46/6125%2:25.96
10th Jul 20052005 Aston Hill #4 - Black RunAston go to site7/4486%1:41.38
9th Jul 20052005 Aston Hill #3 - 4x into DH3Aston go to site3/3694%1:31.16
18th Jun 20052005 Dragon Downhill #5GethinSenior28/7764%3:29.39
22nd May 20052005 NPS #3Fort WilliamSenior40/5528%6:25.30
24th Apr 20052005 NPS #2CwmcarnSenior34/6548%4:09.50
9th Apr 20052005 Dragon Downhill #1Mountain AshSenior20/10181%4:05.66
20th Mar 20052005 Aston Hill #2 - Red RunAston go to site6/3585%1:51.99
19th Mar 20052005 Aston Hill #1 - DH3Aston go to site4/3691%1:38.11
27th Jan 20052005 NPS #1Ae ForestSenior30/6655%2:49.15
16th Jan 20052005 Specialized winter #1HoptonSenior21/7372%3:50.19
30th Oct 2004Aston Hill - In Decent ExposureAston go to site4/2487%2:03.28
19th Sep 20042004 Aston Hill #4 - DH3Aston go to site6/6392%1:37.78
29th Aug 20042004 NPS #4Combe SydenhamNovice 16+No hope46/472%5:41.77
25th Jul 20042004 NPS #3InnerleithenNovice 16+No hope11/3369%4:01.35
16th May 20042004 Aston Hill #3 - Black RunAston go to site22/5662%1:46.99
24th Apr 20042004 Dragon Downhill #3Taff BuggySenior49/6727%1:55.21
4th Apr 20042004 Aston Hill #2 - Ultimate PursuitsAston go to site18/4158%2:04.31
3rd Apr 20042004 Dragon Downhill #1Mountain AshSenior34/7052%4:54.29
14th Mar 20042004 Aston Hill #1 - Red RunAston go to site2/6098%2:16.53
14th Sep 20032003 Aston Hill #6 - Ultimate PursuitsAston HillSenior28/4944%1:53.72
13th Sep 20032003 Aston Hill #5 - DH3Aston HillSenior23/5761%1:45.98
23rd Mar 20032003 Aston Hill #1 - DH3Aston HillSeniorIn it for the money44/11061%1:45.89
15th Sep 20022002 NPS #4Fort go to site79/868%6:35.38
8th Sep 20022002 Dragon Downhill #11Mountain AshSeniorBCUC / Team SDR29/4638%5:02.44
7th Sep 20022002 Dragon Downhill #10Mountain AshSeniorBCUC / Team SDR42/5524%5:27.92
7th Apr 20022002 Dragon Downhill #2Taff BuggySeniorBCUC / Team SDR52/6419%2:01.33

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