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gbMartin BROWN

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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
28th Aug 20162016 Racers Guild Works Components Summer Series #3Stile CopSenior11/1529%1:03.40
24th Jul 20162016 Racers Guild Works Components Summer Series #2Stile CopSenior16/3150%54.71s
3rd Jul 20162016 Forest of Dean Summer #3Forest of DeanHardtail7/70%1:25.79
29th May 20162016 Racers Guild Works Components Summer Series #1Stile CopSenior7/2373%56.63s
17th Jan 20162015/16 Merida Brass Monkeys XC #3Frimley Green3hr: Grand Veteran7oaks tri club25/4748%
13th Dec 20152015/16 Merida Brass Monkeys XC #2Frith Hill3hr: Grand Veteran7oaks tri club27/4237%
6th Dec 20152015/16 Racers Guild Winter Series #2Stile CopSenior9/3072%55.70s
31st Oct 2015Naked Racing - Enduro Night RaceLlandeglaHardtail4/1170%7:28.91
6th Sep 20152015 Aston Hill #2Aston HillSenior27/5754%1:26.07
23rd Aug 2015Racers Guild - DH EventStile CopSenior7/2271%57.62s
28th Sep 20142014 Mud Sweat & Gears XC #8Langdon HillsGrand Veteran16/2229%
31st Aug 20142014 One Industries Mini Enduro #4EastridgeHardtail5/1673%11:14.30
27th Apr 20142014 One Industries Mini Enduro #2Forest of DeanSenior67/7915%11:37.80
12th Mar 2011BUCS - DH Student Champs '11MoelfreSeniorReadingDNS/3860%
29th Mar 2009Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHChicksandsYouth26/260%38.08s
22nd Feb 2009Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanYouth64/652%1:40.30
30th Mar 2008Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHChicksandsYouth49/5511%42.94s