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Chris DALE

gbChristopher DALE

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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
15th Sep 20132013 X-Fusion Enduro 1 #3Aston HillCompetitive28/12478%19:17.00
4th Apr 2010Borderline Events - Descent Gear Clipped InMoelfreMasterThe Bike Outlet13/3464%2:42.75
6th Dec 20092009/10 661 Mini DH #1Forest of DeanMaster14/5073%1:43.76
11th Oct 2009Borderline Events - Descent Gear UnclippedMoelfreMasterDrop Of Distribution / The Bike Outlet10/2968%2:41.92
9th Aug 20092009 Northern Downhill #4WeardaleMaster4/1273%1:59.51
5th Jul 20092009 Northern Downhill #3Scratchmere ScarMaster4/963%1:39.12
5th Apr 20092009 Northern Downhill #1KidlandMaster15/2746%3:14.66
1st Mar 2009Simply Downhill - Wentwood TrophyWentwoodMasterDrop Of Distribution / The Bike Outlet20/2521%2:44.06
4th Oct 2008Naked Racing - Fat Face Night RideScarboroughMasterThe Bike Outlet55/6313%1:49.50
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NS Bikes Snabb