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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
22nd Mar 20152015 Pearce Cycles #1BringewoodSeniorD&D Cycles42/10862%2:27.45
13th Jul 2014Megavalanche - Megavlanche '14Alpe d'HuezSeniorDD CYCLES139/1465%2h03:24.34
1st Dec 2013Naked Racing - 661 Mini DHForest of DeanSeniorD&D Cycles21/8877%1:11.12
3rd Nov 20132013 One Industries Mini Enduro #4Forest of DeanHardtail5/1876%7:51.80
2nd Jun 20132013 GP Honey #4Queen Elizabeth Country ParkHardtailD&D Cycles4/1680%1:32.34
25th Sep 20112011 WDMBA #4RheolaSenior29/5346%4:18.60
11th Sep 20112011 661 Gravity Enduro #5AfanSenior30/4636%24:24.00
4th Sep 2011Aston Hill - Eastern & Central ChampsAston HillSenior51/10351%1:48.23

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