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Date RaceVenueCategorySponsorPositionBeat %Best run
22nd Apr 20122012 Woodland Riders winter #4Tavi WoodlandsYouth3/1788%1:16.94
27th Mar 20112011 WDMBA #1RheolaYouthweasel racing9/1750%3:28.02
15th Aug 2010Woodland Riders - HSDGawtonYouthBig Peaks / go to site6/1769%2:47.73
11th Jul 2010Woodland Riders - EgyptGawtonYouthBig Peaks / go to site4/963%2:03.24
30th May 20102010 UKBP #2 & Southern ChampsUK Bike ParkYouth5/2785%1:28.01
4th Apr 2010Borderline Events - Descent Gear Clipped InMoelfreYouthBig Peaks12/3870%2:44.80
7th Mar 20102010 Woodland Riders winter #2Tavi WoodlandsYouth2/680%1:07.68
21st Feb 20102009/10 Kustom Bikes winter #3Combe SydenhamYouth3/1282%3:19.61
7th Feb 20102010 Woodland Riders winter #1Tavi WoodlandsYouth3/660%1:52.12
13th Dec 20092009/10 Kustom Bikes winter #2BrattonYouthBikus Evolve Race Team6/1150%2:03.19
1st Nov 20092009/10 Kustom Bikes winter #1Avil BallJuvenileBikus Evolve Race Team4/640%1:36.04
27th Sep 20092009 UKBP #5UK Bike ParkJuvenile7/1865%1:45.66
21st Jun 20092009 UKBP #4UK Bike ParkJuvenile4/1375%1:35.40
24th May 20092009 UKBP #3UK Bike ParkJuvenile4/1579%2:12.39
3rd May 20092009 UKBP #2UK Bike ParkJuvenile5/1571%1:52.15
19th Apr 20092009 UKBP #1UK Bike ParkJuvenile6/1769%1:58.01
13th Jul 20082008 UKBP #4UK Bike ParkJuvenile14/157%2:27.96
Marin Attack Trail
Marin Attack Trail